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My Regelence Rake (Sci-regency Book # 3), J L Langley

Bloody hell and imploding planets I love this series!

 - Review by Kazza K

Here we are back on Regelence with the Townsends and another virginal son's turn at love and a HEA.

This time it’s Colton and Sebastian’s time in the sun. Colton has been in love with Sebastian, or Wentworth as he is mostly called, since he came to work at the Palace, when Colton was a boy. The problem is Wentworth seems to be all about ‘wantons,’ which Prince Colton certainly is not. At one of the many dreaded dances that they attend, Colton spies Sebastian in a compromising position with a paramour. It is then that he decides he will no longer moon over Sebastian, that he is not going to get the affection and attention he needs from him. He loves horses and will throw himself into setting up a horse racing and stud facility; this will be his career and he will no longer think about Sebastian as a love interest. Easier said than done, because Sebastian is now finding himself thrown more and more into Colton’s life in his role as head of security at the Palace. On top of it Steven, Colton’s father, is matchmaking in attempts to help Colton and Sebastian come together. However, Colton has started ignoring Sebastian, which makes Sebastian think more about Colton. And Sebastian also realises that Colton has grown up into a fine,  young man and they have a deep passion of horses and racing in common. There’s more, Sebastian has a reluctance to open up to Colton, he has previously been married, his partner died, he has secrets that Colton doesn’t know about that make Colton mistakenly assume that he's not sophisticated enough to keep Sebastian interested. He wants Sebastian to love him and he wants a marriage like his parents’ have. But can the previously Rakish Sebastian commit to that?

The IN's nefarious dealings are not really explored here but it’s slightly progressed, so I didn't mind. I loved seeing Nate and Aidan back in the thick of things in this book, they are such a wonderful couple. They are my favourite pairing to date.Aidan's intimate drawings are an...interesting part of the book. Steven and Raleigh are fabulous and there’s plenty of them here too as the heads of the household, with their great affection and love for one another.

I wait with bated breath on Trouble and Rexley’s book. Rexley was so fabulous in this book, he was less stuffy and showing more love and connection to his brothers, especially Colton. And Trouble, complete with his white bunny slippers and.…rapier, has always been a great character but continues to build. The scene where Steven talks to Rexley and Trouble was fabulous.

This series just does it for me in many ways. The love the Townsends all have for one another is terrific. There is no dysfunction in Regelence’s Royal Family, just love and some gorgeous and cheeky moments. Sometimes ‘nice characters’ are the kiss of death for me. Never with J L Langley. She writes ‘nice’ so that you just want to embrace them or laugh at/with them. No matter what, you can totally relate to them; whether they be shifters, ranchers or sci-regency gay men. I love this gay planet, and my non-alpha, hand quivering, stockinged feet,cravat/morning/frock coat/vest-wearing men. They ooze period sophistication, naiveté, and just love one another so generously.

Once again I loved the sex scenes. There’s always a build and it’s always smoking hot and yet sweet when it happens. It never overwhelms the storyline.

There are a lot of characters floating around these books, which makes me happy. Hopefully they  will get their own books. I want to see Rexley and Trouble, Rourke was so interesting to me, and of course there’s, romance book loving, Tarren. However, the frequency with which J L Langley writes these books actually makes this a problem, unless you have a good memory, or read the previous books in the lead up every time another is released. I do honestly worry that the series will just stop.

I loved My Regelence Rake for several reasons. I enjoy the characters so much. I love the world they live in. I love that it flies in the face of the conventional alpha male, or as I call it the ‘you-must-be-straight-acting-to-be-the-acceptably-gay-ideal' in a lot of M/M books. I'd wake up and think - “yes, I’m going to be reading MRR today.” If I love a book it has that effect on me. I couldn’t wait to pick it up and I didn’t want to put it down.  I found myself smiling the whole time I was reading. I get this dippy grin on my face. I dont know about you but for me that’s money well spent.

Galaxy, give me strength to wait for another in the series!

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