Saturday, 13 October 2012

Room At The Top, Jane Davitt, Alexa Snow

A great BDSM/menage story.
-Review by Cindi

I have to start out by saying that I absolutely loved this book.  I tend to steer clear of BDSM and menage books and this one had both.  While I have no qualms reading these types of stories, and I have actually enjoyed quite a few, they are just usually not my first preference.   Room At The Top was recommended highly so I decided to give it a shot.  I am so glad that I did.

This is not the traditional BDSM or menage story.  Jay and Austin are in a committed relationship and they love each other dearly.  They just need more.  That more being controlled, spanked, submissive to a dom... together.  They are a package deal.  They don't want another person in their bed.  They want the thrill of giving up total control... together... but not if it involves having sex with their dom.  While their relationship is perfect in every other way, this is needed by both Austin and Jay.  When their regular dom moves across the country, they seek out someone who will take his place.  After a bad experience with one person, their former dom recommends Liam.  Liam is straight but he has experience in his past of dominating men.  It seems like the perfect arrangement for all until feelings get involved.

The reason that I normally shy away from books including a third party is because I hate reading all the emotional b.s. that is involved in that type of relationship. There is always jealousy or insecurities that are played out during most of the story.  That was so not the case with this book.  Austin and Jay are very secure in their relationship and they both have the same wants and needs.  Liam, on the other hand, is an enigma.  Not only is he straight (having never had sex with a man before), he is divorced and the father of two children.  The arrangement works out well for the three in the beginning but then Liam starts having doubts because he's wanting more... much more.

Jay and Austin are absolutely perfect for each other.  They have normal couple disputes but the love between the two constantly shines through.  Liam is so serious.  It was a pleasure watching as his feelings for Austin and Jay became so much more... and watching as he battled himself over those feelings.

Austin's family takes up a small part of the story, mainly his psychotic and bitchy little sister.  Seriously, she is the type of character that makes you want to reach into the book and slap the hell out of her.  She's spoiled and the word bratty is too nice to describe her.  The entire world is supposed to bow down to her and do what she wants because she demands it.  There is no appreciation when someone bails her out of yet another jam.  It's like it is owed to her. I kept waiting for someone (Austin mainly) to stop giving in and either force her to take responsibility for her actions or to just walk away completely.  It would have been understood.  The way the sister thing was handled is my only real issue with this book.  Otherwise, it was perfect.

Overall, an excellent story about three men whose relationship starts out unconventional but ends up being a beautiful love story.  I would like to see what happens after "THE END" as there are still a couple of things left undone in my opinion.  Don't get me wrong, the HEA is there but I would have liked to have seen more.  The BDSM aspect was not what I expected.  By some recommendations and reviews I've read, I expected it to be much harsher than it actually was.  I actually enjoyed reading about it the way it is written in this story.  I didn't feel a lot of humiliation or overly done (violent) episodes.  Everything that happened happened because it was what the character (either Austin or Jay) wanted.  I never felt that it went too far.

I will definitely recommend this to anyone who reads this genre and I will be seeking out the back list of both authors. I only regret that I put this off for so long.

Room at the Top


  1. It must be good because I know your (kind of) aversion to BDSM AND menage. So Room At The Top must really be worth a read.



    1. It took a lot for me to start this one. I had a ton of people (authors included) pushing me. I'm glad I gave in or I would have missed out on one hell of a book. And then I find out from the author today that a sequel is in the works and should be out in December. I am doing my reading happy dance... LOL

  2. Ooh, this sounds interesting - one for my list, thank you! :))

    1. You're welcome, Anne. I highly recommend it.