Sunday, 7 October 2012

Memphis Heat, Kate Patrick

Another romantic, sexy, M/F read by Kate Patrick.

- Review by Kazza K
Memphis heat is a well written novella. I love a female who knows what she wants and isn't afraid of some good lovin'. I love a hot, strong, romantic man. I get both here.
Maeve meets a man at a Memphis Blues bar. A sexy man who asks her to dance -
"Dance with me," he repeated as he leaned closer but stopped short of invading her personal space. "Is that an invitation or a command?" she asked with an arched brow as she pressed even closer, definitely invading his personal space. "It's whatever will result in getting you to take my hand and follow me onto that dance floor..."
And, uncharacteristically for Maeve, who is the sensible type, she decides to let her hair down with him after they dance. Why not? He's sexy, charming and wants her. They have a night of unbridled passion. Maeve leaves the next morning only to find out her sexy man from the night before is her competitor on some commercial real estate. So, Maeve and Steele are both interested in the same property for different reasons, Maeve for a community development, Steele for another in his chain of bars. There is some VERY sexy writing in this book, and it helps that the characters are easy to like. And if you think the name Steele is OTT, that is addressed. Maeve didn't believe him when he told her his name.
The story progresses nicely, even though they're in competition, they are having some sexy fun. However, fun turns into more, even though there is an outcome on the property which doesn't favour one. Neither can forget the other as much as they feel they might be able to. Will they be able to get over their real estate rivalry? Will sex be the only thing that they leave on the menu? Have a read, it's a good novella sized book. Memphis Heat is not too long, not too short, it's just right in every way. This is my second Kate Patrick book and I'm impressed. Nice writing, no typos, great editing and great characters. Highly recommended, sexy reading.
This book does not appear to be listed on Goodreads. However it is on Siren Bookstrand.

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