Sunday, 7 October 2012

A Hold on His Heart, Andi Anderson

Another sweet love story by Andi Anderson.
- Review by Cindi

There is just something about Andi Anderson's books.  I always know going into one that I will end it with a smile on my face. A Hold on His Heart is no exception.

Justin and Preston are complete opposites.  Preston is a straight-laced, self-described geek and Justin is a pretty party boy.  Preston is an engineer and Justin is a clerk in his office.  Justin is outgoing. Preston is shy.  They form a friendship at work that turns into much more.

This is a beautiful love story.  It's opposites attract and friends to lovers.  It was such a pleasure watching Preston go from being the shy man with a crush to confident and openly in love with Justin.

I fell in love with both Justin and Preston.  Both so different but absolutely perfect for each other.  As with the author's other books, there are not a lot of conflicts or misunderstandings.  Just two men finding their way to each other and to their HEA.

Another great story by Andi Anderson.  

(I love the cover!)

A Hold on His Heart


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    1. This author is my immediate go-to when I want something without a lot of drama. I really enjoyed this one.