Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Tryst (An Erotic Short Story) Vol. 1

Short M/F light 'n' kinky read to rev you up.

Quick, steamy little ebook about a violinist and a cellist that were together 3 years before, have broken up, and are now presented with an opportunity to get back together for a hot, well, tryst. Nice writing in the first person of Ashley, the cellist.

Very light BDSM kink - tying up, spanking, nipple/clit piercings. It's a book concentrated on sex, not a HEA or HFN, which leads into the next one along in this series-style ebook. Nicely written, very descriptive. Because of it's style it does feel incomplete, but that's how these series-link ebooks go.

Nice, hot read for someone looking for a bit of a kinky, sexy, quicky. Also for those who don't mind sex with no attachments at the end; but with a distinct possibility of it happening down the track. You know there is more to the story by the lead-in writing. Nice read for partners, if you get my drift, or for a rainy afternoon with some hot chocolate and a 'friend' or, maybe, two :)

Tryst (A Short Erotic Romance Novella BDSM) Vol. 1

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