Saturday, 13 October 2012

Corruption, Jack Greene

 Another fun, sexy read by Jack Greene.

- Review by Kazza K

Twenty four hours ago I had not heard of Jack Greene. Now I've read two of Jack Greene's books and liked them both.

Tom ends up at a goth club in a mix-up over which night is which at the venue. There he sees what he thinks is a female cage dancer, who he finds sexy, but instead of being a female the cage dancer is a rather androgynous male cage dancer, Cameron. Tom gets the hots, freaks out, leaves. He's never been with a guy before, never thought about it. However, 'the hots' won't go away. So he fronts up the following week thinking he'll see the sexy cage dancer, and it will all die down....doesn't work. Cameron takes Tom back to his place, and Tom has hot M/M lovin' with Cameron.

Cameron likes his looks, wears make-up, likes his 'straight boys,' coos over flowers sent by Tom, loves being invited out on a date, and acts feminine. After Tom invites Cameron out for dinner -

They said goodbye, and Cameron sat in the sunshine for another 10 minutes, wondering what he was going to wear.

Cameron reminds me of someone close to my heart :)

I am a believer in sexual fluidity, but I'm not always fond of the GFY storyline, for my own reasons. But I really enjoyed Corruption. It's a bit of sexy fun.

I do like a M/M story where at least one of the MC's isn't macho, uber alpha, straight-acting. There is diversity in the gay community I like to see it reflected or represented in books, too. I get that in Corruption.

Another fun, sexy romp with Jack Greene's characters. Corruption really is the ideal read if you're in the mood for a fun, sexy, entertaining, short read, with nice MC's.


Nice Cover.

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