Monday, 8 October 2012

Remember Me? Lynn Lorenz

A story of old lovers who reconnect under unusual circumstances.
- Review by Cindi

This is a story about the one who got away.  Actually, the correct phrasing would be the one who ran away.

Jeff and Chad meet at summer camp when they are both in their teens.  A quick, secret relationship develops and they both fall hard as teens are prone to do.  They are each other's firsts in every sense of the word.  On the last day of camp, Chad makes promises to Jeff... promises that he doesn't keep.  Jeff's young heart gets broken and he vows, as a teenager, never to allow someone to hurt him like that again.  Chad never forgets Jeff nor does he forgive himself for walking away from the only person he could ever love.  His reasons for not contacting Jeff are justified in the beginning but the justifications do not ease the guilt or the fact that he walked away without a word.

Ten years later, Chad is an ER physician.  An attack victim has been rushed to the hospital and is not expected to survive the night.  Imagine Chad's shock when he realizes that the patient he is treating is Jeff.  Jeff remains in a coma for two months with Chad only leaving his side long enough to do his shift at the hospital and to rush home for a few hours of sleep each night.  He vows to make amends for walking away ten years earlier.  He hopes, during those long two months, that Jeff will wake up and not only forgive him for the pain he caused when they were teens but to love him back the way that Chad has never stopped loving him. First, Jeff has to survive.

When Jeff finally awakes, he's still bitter toward Chad.  He doesn't want him around or to be part of his life.  Slowly Jeff realizes that Chad not only helped him survive but he has been taking care of him in other ways as well.  It's a slow process but Jeff opens his heart again and allows Chad back inside.

This is a nice story about righting old wrongs and reconnecting with an old love.  The journey to forgiveness is not an easy one but it's worth it in the end.

A nice, quick read.  Roughly about 100 pages or so.  My only complaint is that I wish it would have been a bit longer and that certain aspects would have been fleshed out more.  Otherwise, a very nice story.

This is part of Where The Heart is, a series of shorts by various authors.

Remember Me?

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