Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Sweet Surrender, Jack Greene

More sexy fun with Jack Greene. It's become a habit!

Saints alive this little ebook is smoking hot!! There may not be many pages but they are alive with some action, plenty of  sexual build up, and equally sexy release.

This is like every kind of erotic fantasy/romance novella rolled into one. Young virginal, twinky sex-slave/pleasure-puppet/man-maiden (insert your own alliterations), is up for auction. Said virgin has been taught in the ways of pleasuring a man, without ever having had a hand on him, or having had a release. He's sweet but he's willing. He's turned 18 and tonight is auction night. Until the big bad mercenaries *snort* raid the auction house. Their gorgeous, and studly, leader, Rakurr, decides he likes the spoils of victory. Yep, our sexy, yet virginal twink, Siris. Thing is, a guard of young Siris's, Legar, also has the hots for our sexy virgin. So, there's a bit of a tussle, until Siris steps in and declares his interest in both hunky, virile men. Can't blame him there. Legar is out of a job, his place of employ has been raided after all, so Rakurr offers him a job with his band of mercenaries. They shake on it (they may be a man of fortune and a virgin's auction house guard, but they're men of honour:)) and decide they will take Siris back to Rakurr's well appointed villa, mercenary work pays good coin, and have their wicked way with Siris. Who is soooo in. I'm liking it so far.

The journey back to Rakurr's villa  is an interesting one. Siris gets to ride first with Legar, then with Rakurr, and when he is with each man he asks them to describe to him what they wish to do with him, how they will take him. Which makes a horseback journey much hotter, I'm here to tell you. Neither man is short of visions and Siris enjoys what he hears...demonstrably. All their engines are revved up.

By the time they get to Rakurrs's everyone is ready to blow....a gasket. It's menage time. And it's not disappointing. It's hot.

The dialogue is humorous, it's camped up, quite deliberately, it's fabulous, fantasy, fun. And, I kid you not, it's very sexy - I think it's 22 pages and, seriously, that's not easy to do in so few pages. I love Jack Greene for some quick, fun, sexy reading and Sweet Surrender did not disappoint.

The cover makes it look like a BDSM read, it's not. So I'm using another picture.

Siris is tired after a nice night of lovin' :)


  1. Oh now, this sounds like FUN!!!! :)

  2. The picture alone looks fun.. ;)

    Another one to add to my ever-growing TBR shelf.

    1. I liked the picture, too. Tried to get a menage picure on here but my stockpile is all too naughty to use :)