Saturday, 29 September 2012

The Nourisher (Borders of Worlds #1), Mark Alders

What an imagination. What a sexy, interesting, sci-fab book. Written by a fellow Aussie.

- Review by Kazza K

For the record I like spiders....not as in mate with them....but I appreciate them. As a household we have a ‘no kill, safe spider removal’ policy. Or, we just live with them. After reading The Nourisher I’m so glad.
Drake Glauco is kidnapped, taken to another world, Priaxia, to be used as a nourisher; to help fertilise hatchlings for the repopulation of the planet. In doing all this he is thrust into the 8 arms of Vernon the incubator. That’s the basics of it. There is more. The species that have been nourishers on Priaxia have died off and humans can fill their role. Human nourishers take longer, but make good symbiotes. There are also political reasons behind what happens to Drake, and Drake and Vernon, as you discover upon reading the book. Much is to do with a treaty Drake has drawn up in his role as a lawyer on Earth. Certain alien races don't benefit as much as they would like and would prefer Drake was no that role. 
I liked -   
The humour – “Welcome home, Drake” the door chimed as I passed my ident card over the reader. “Thanks,” I replied. I know the door doesn’t give a toss whether or not I answered, but you know, it’s kind of a habit of mine to do so. Egads, don’t I relate. I’m always talking to inanimate objects.

Drake’s first person perspective – I couldn’t help but realise the simple yet painfully obvious truth about my predicament. A naked human in his late thirties was no match for any Priaxian.
Why was I here? What was an extraction ceremony? But more importantly, why did I need to keep my strength up?  Why indeed my dear Drake. Here's a hint - you'll like it :)  

Drake. I liked his transition to a more open outlook or way of seeing situations and relationships and image – I realised that my perfect life, my beautiful house and my fantastic job meant absolutely nothing unless it could be quantified by love. It didn’t matter who or what that love was, so long as it bought us joy, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Vernon did that for me. He completed me.
Vernon. He is beyond delightful -  I don’t make you happy?” His eyes flashed hurt. I kissed him, tasting my own salt, before adding.“ Quite the opposite. You make me feel important. You make me feel special.” He embraced me tighter. “You make me feel like that, too.”

The world building is excellent – including descriptions of the semi-arid, Priaxia with its two yellow suns and silk spun nests. Also event horizons, space docking stations, and organic alien spaceships.
The ‘extraction ceremonies’ = sexy

Annaz VI – just read the beautiful ‘extraction ceremonies’ on that planet, complete with starfish *sigh*  Vernon can change to aesthetically pleasing, sexually stimulating images for Drake -
I smiled. I realised once more he had changed to please me. He wasn’t smooth skinned anymore, thick black hair over his chest and stomach. Oh, fuck how I wanted to run my hands through that manly hair to discover the delight my actions would give him. “You like what you see, Drake, my saviour?”

                                                  Vernon on Annaz VI. Oh. Yeah.

I liked the message that beauty comes from the heart, the soul, the spirit; and Vernon, the arachnid alien, had that in spades.  

There were a few niggles, the editing was a bit loose, it was a tad frenetic at times. I would have loved more time in the beginning spent on Priaxia. However, it was such a delightful book, I guess I don’t really care. The likes far outweighed the ‘niggles.’

I read the blurb, thought it sounded interesting but put it off for months. Thank goodness I picked it up and read it. The Nourisher really is a feel good, warm, sweet, lovely story. I highly recommend this book for those loving their M/M (M/spider?), with their sci-fi, romance, and adventure. I will now move on to book two.

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