Friday, 19 October 2012

An Unconventional Courtship, Scotty Cade

A sweet love story between a boss and employee.
-Review by Cindi

Tristan Moreau is the chief administrative officer and personal assistant to Webber Kincaid, the President, CEO and Chairman of Kincaid International, a company founded by Webber's father.  Tristan has held this position for two years and has been secretly in love with his boss the entire time.  Having experienced a harsh reality from a previous lover who was unavailable, Tristan never makes his feelings known.  Not to mention that it is a pretty good bet that Web is straight as Web has a very well-known and public 'friendship' with a beautiful female model. Even if Web did, in fact, care for Tristan that way, a relationship between the two of them could be disastrous to the company and to Web publicly.     

Web asks Tristan to go on a three week trip to the company's private Caribbean island in order to work through a string of hopeful acquisitions that the company wishes to obtain in the future. Tristan jumps at the chance to go even knowing that it will be difficult for him to keep his feelings for Web to himself.  Once they get to the island, that becomes imperative as Web's female 'friend' Deanna is on the ground awaiting their arrival.

There is a bit of going back and forth between Tristan and Web with a couple of major misunderstandings but they eventually find that they are feeling the same things for one another. Once this happens, the story takes a major turn.  The word sweet comes to mind to describe the new relationship, though sweet might be too mild of a word to describe it.  Once confessions are made, it is all about romance and well, sweetness.  :)   Perhaps it was a tad too sweet at times.  Tristan and Web are absolutely in love with each other and they make up for losing the past two years.  There is a lot of romance and a lot of nice gestures.  Some of the romance seems a little over the top but it was written well.

This is a very descriptive book.  You will learn every minute detail of every special event (including sex) that Web plans for his new lover.  The Caribbean islands are described so well that I could actually picture these places in my mind as the author described them.  I'm not saying the descriptions are too much.  Not at all.  It was all written well.

Back in the states, Tristan and Web must decide how to live together as a couple without hurting Web's professional reputation or the reputation of the company founded by his parents. When they get back to the office, they discover discrepancies in regards to one of the company's former and (perhaps) future acquisitions.  There is a horrible employee, Nathan, at the heart of it.  I was very pleased with how the Nathan thing was resolved even if it came across as not quite finished.  This is okay as I have read that there will be a sequel.

This is a very nice story with interesting characters.  Tristan is the consummate professional who just happens to be in love with his boss.  Webber is the perfect boss who has longed to share his life with his assistant.  Sure, some of the romance may have been over the top at times but it was still fun to read.

My first by this author.

An Unconventional Courtship

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  1. I might just read this. I need happy, happy, joy, joy at the moment :)