Monday, 15 October 2012

New Releases Late October 2012

New releases I'm excited about for October 2012

-by Kazza K

There are two new releases out this month that I am looking forward to. The first, on October
26th, is Siren Unleashed. This is a M/F/M menage by one of my favourites, Sophie Oak. I have read every single one of this series and loved them to bits. I pre-order the books. One of my favourite fictional male characters is in this series and if you've ever read any of my reviews for Texas Sirens Jack Barnes is ALWAYS mentioned. I border on stalkerish with him :) In the Texas Sirens series there is always a bit of BDSM kink and some alpha males. The theme is pretty much 2 gorgeous guys for every gal, sometimes the guys have some sexual fluidity, but mostly it's M/F/M, no complaints either way from me. I always have fun while reading, and it's a real pick-me-up, that doesn't mean there aren't tense moments. Sophie Oak knows how to write lovable, quirky, fun characters and books. Think about trying this series if you are up for some menage loving.

Update: this book is now read and the review is up on the blogspot.

Siren Unleashed (MFM)

The next release, which I believe is going to be October 30th, is Lucas, by D B Reynolds. This is one of my favourite paranormal series, Vampires in America. If you enjoy a paranormal and think you would like to add another one to your list, here is a beauty. It is a contemporary, sexy paranormal series. The first book, Raphael is a two parter, Jabril makes up the next part. Raphael and Cynthia Leighton are one of my favourite fictional couples, and it takes them two books to work it out as Cyn is a no-nonsense woman, and Raphael a powerful Vampire Lord.  Raphael is my favourite paranormal character, against stiff opposition. Raphael and Cyn pop up throughout the series and I believe they will play a fair part in Lucas. One can only hope :) If you would like a teaser then Look at Betrayed: A Cyn and Raphael Novella, as it is the prequel to Lucas. It will give you a good idea of D B Reynolds writing. My review is on this blogspot for Betrayed: A Cyn and Rapahel Novella.

Update: This book is now read and the review is up on the blogspot.

Lucas (Vampires In America #6)

Good reading!

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