Wednesday, 17 October 2012

One Small Thing, Piper Vaughn, M.J. O'Shea

Two total opposites.  A baby.  An amazing best friend.  A sweet love story.
-Review by Cindi

Rue, who is openly gay, decides when he's drunk one night to have sex with a girl.  She ends up pregnant and tells Rue that she will put the baby up for adoption unless he wants it.  He decides on the spot that he will raise his child. The child turns out to be Alice.  I love books with kids in them.  Granted, Alice is a baby and doesn't exactly contribute much (herself) to the story but it is because of her that Rue meets his reclusive neighbor, Erik.  Rue is in cosmetology school and he works at a gay bar.  His best friend (Dusty) can babysit Alice while Rue is working nights but can't during the day because he goes to school with Rue during that time.  Totally desperate, Rue asks Erik if he can take care of the baby while he is at school.  Erik (a writer) is prone to panic attacks and does not like any type of change.  He has never held a baby before much less babysat one.  Due to his financial situation, he (eventually) takes the babysitting job.  And this is where the story gets going.  I fell in love with Rue and Dusty right off.  It took a little while for me to warm up to Erik but when I did, I fell in love with his character as well.  Rue and Erik are total opposites.  I am a big fan of opposites attract stories.   Rue is so out going but yet he is so insecure when it comes to his feelings for Erik.  Erik, who has never had any type of relationship, is terrified of what he is feeling for Rue.  It was such a pleasure watching the two of them finally get it right.  And they definitely get it right.  No insta-love ...  a real story about real people who have real issues who have to work hard to get where they are going.  I totally loved it. 

I am happy to see that this is book one in a series.  I look forward to reconnecting with these guys (and Alice) and I can't wait to see Dusty have his HEA in One True Thing.

One Small Thing (One Thing, #1)

This is book one in the One Thing series.


  1. I remember seeing this one and thinking it sounded nice. Obviously it was :)

    1. I am literally counting down the days until Dusty's story comes out. He's one of my all-time faves in m/m.