Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Don't Look Back, Josh Lanyon

A quick, suspenseful read.
- Review by Cindi

Peter Killian, curator of Constantine House, wakes up in the hospital with amnesia.  Apparently he was a victim of a brutal crime the night before.  He has slight flashbacks but no real memories of the attack or pretty much anything else.  He also has dreams.  Graphic, sexual dreams.  In his mind he assumes that his partner in these dreams is his best friend, Cole, who is on the Board of Trustees at the Constantine House.  Cole is also the man that Peter has been in love with most of his life.  Cole is also straight and very married.

After waking up in the hospital, Peter is accused of stealing a tenth century Chinese sculpture from the museum where he works.  He may not have memories of any of the events leading up to his hospitalization but he knows in his heart that he is not a thief.  Mike Griffin, the detective in charge of the case, strongly believes otherwise.  Mike does not believe the amnesia story and he does everything in his power to find evidence to prove Peter guilty.  He is also very cold and mean to Peter in what seems to Peter like a personal way.  While Peter can not quite grasp the situation, he knows there is more to the detective than he is seeing and that he and Mike must have known each other in the past.  If only Peter could remember.

This is a nice mystery/suspense story.  It is one of those where you pretty much figure out the who and why pretty quickly but that does not take away from the story because you are eager to watch how it all plays out.  

What happens when Peter gets his memory back?  Who is the real thief?  Who attacked Peter?  Who is Mike Griffin to Peter?  How will everything come together in the end?

All of these questions are answered satisfactorily and there's a little bit of romance thrown in as well.  As always with this author, I am left wanting more at the end.  This did not detract from my enjoyment of the story as a whole.

Nice story.  A quick read but a good one.  Another one with a hot cover.  :)

Don't Look Back

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