Friday, 31 August 2012

Seithe, Poppet

Not your standard paranormal. For the open minded and those looking for a very interesting read.

- Review by Kazza K

Just a Few Thoughts -

Well, wasn’t this book a trip! First of all, just viewed as a paranormal alone, Seithe is very interesting, and quite unique in a number of ways. Yes, the word Vampyre is thrown out there - blood is a commodity, to be drunk, used as a medium for data transference. However, they are not stock standard Vampires. My thoughts the whole way through Seithe were of The Nephelim. Either way it’s doesn’t matter. Either way it’s a paranormal, but with so much more going on.

Seithe has an interesting and strong spiritual influence. Particular references are made to The Bible, including chapter and verse, and I enjoyed them. I must say that some people could definitely have a problem with the Biblical references/interpretations; personally I did not. I see the basic ideas of love, forgiveness, redemption, the body as a direct temple to the Creator, whoever/whatever you choose that to be, the importance of the individual’s Spirit, as genuinely sound principals. The idea of people having free will and free moral agency is correct. I liked the way the spiritual mixed with paranormal. I just tapped into it and thought it was worth noting and throwing out there. The religious aspects certainly felt more than something that was researched for a book.

The Characters -

Phoebe is an angry ant. Small, used to dating men that do not treat her well, she has a somewhat volcanic demeanor. Her latest disaster, Brian, is the reason her introduction to Seithe began; as she was looking for a few drinks, walked into Pravus, a club with bite, and ran into Seithe -

'I hate biological reactions. Just when you want to hate them all and rip out every male heartbeat inside a five mile radius, you have to get one that sets your pulse racing, dont you?'

'My taste in men is disgusting. I go from complete asshole, to a blood sucking vampire. How can I have a happy ending with something this fucked up?'

Phoebe works as a PA and lives in Cape Town, neither of which are vital to the storyline, however, the references to Table Mountain, Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, and the seals at Bertie’s Landing were all nice touches adding to the 'different' feel. Phoebe is not my favourite character, but I admired her resilience in the face of supernatural beings who were heavily into mind games that often turned physical. She held it together and she listened when I think I would have thrown my hands up and said “this is all too hard, I’m out of here.”

Seithe is hard to describe. He is nothing if not interesting, and keeps the reader off-kilter with his behaviours and actions -

"Seithe, are you crazy? Did you escape from a sanitarium of something?"
"If I was insane would I know it?"
"You didn't answer my question."
"I could lie."
"But you won't."
"Why not?"
"It's not your style. You like shocking people."

Yes he does!

He is secretive, but educational, loving, but cruel. Seithe alone can be confusing enough without even mentioning the tricks of his family. Something you do learn is Seithe is more than he appears and I like to be kept guessing. Although I found him forgiving, he bothered me too, so, I liked him without loving him.

There is a cast of interesting secondary characters. I’m sure they will get/have their own books. I had a love/hate relationship with Jowendrhan, which ended with love. I personally volunteer to make him my mission :)

The Writing -

First person present tense is always a ballsy move. If you get it wrong it’s woeful, if you get it right it’s very powerful. It worked a charm in Seithe. Being in Phoebe’s head was well and truly required, because without her POV I’m not sure how sympathetic a character she would have been. Also, with the amount of psychological games, depravation, and sensory overload thrown Phoebe's way, it would have had minimal impact written in any other tense or from any other character's POV. It really was spot on for the book.

The prose is incredibly adjective driven making the writing creative, almost poetic and bursting with life -

A smug grin charming an inscrutable face into delectable handsomeness.

Seductive, languid, rejuvenating and formidable.

I also found the writing interesting because it used cross-over vernacular - bollocks, arse, ass, don’t give a stuff, G'day Sport included.

I cannot say more about the book as it would spoil it; and Seithe keeps you guessing - who is good who is not? What’s going on here? Why does Phoebe pass out so much?! Hang in there, what is happening and why becomes apparent, plus there is quite a bit of explanation near the end, which I could have done without, but it will please others. Some things were uncomfortable for me, other things will be uncomfortable for others; but it makes you think and it makes you feel. I can’t ask for much more from a writer or book.

Basically, I see Seithe as a bit avant-garde; it’s like a Dali of the paranormal world. If you’re looking for something paranormal, but different, with an erotic current, some dark but interesting concepts, a little out there, then Seithe is a book I would definitely recommend to you.

This picture just appealed to me for the end of the review of Seithe. Cheers!

Monday, 27 August 2012

Garnetville: A Gay Novel, E M Mispiel

E M Mispiel - a name to remember. This book is a true gem. One of my favourites all year, perhaps just one of my favourites.

- Review by Kazza K

First of all, I do love a murder/mystery and if it’s a good one I’m positively delighted. I also love a good LGBT book as well. However, I’m not too fussed with books featuring university/college aged guys; I usually avoid them like the plague. But thanks to a knowledgeable friend I was pointed in Garnetville’s direction. I am so glad because without her sage advice I probably would not have bought this fantastic book, and I would have missed out on one of this year’s best books.

Apart from my love of murder/mystery and M/M, I also love clever, sharp, witty, dry, dialogue, observational writing, and interesting characters. So, lots of ticks happening for me. I also have a fascination with small towns, as much as I often don’t like the small towns in question. As a small town, Garnetville did not disappoint me.

I can’t fully review this book without giving away spoilers, which would just ruin everything, and I refuse to do that. So I just want to give the basic premise, with some, OK, lots of quotes, because I clipped the living daylights out of this book, believe me, everything seemed necessary at the time :)

Dave Novak finds out his from his mother, still a Garnetville local, that Dave’s teacher, Mr Shumaker has been murdered. Several months have passed and no-one has even been narrowed down as a suspect. Dave, a journalism student, decides to go back home and find out just what happened. His housemate, Quinn, decides to tag along. Mycroft Shumaker was sacked from his job as a teacher from the local school, basically for being gay, well, for having a melt-down where he also outed himself as gay. I’ll let Dave’s words to Quinn tell the story –

“It was after his father died that Shumaker came unglued. Rhonda had a crush on him, and she wasn’t subtle about it. Wouldn’t stop flirting so he had to swat her like a fly. Splat, with her guts oozing out and everything. He ripped into her. Told her to go fuck herself. I’ll be quoting this next part ‘I will never be interested in you Ms McNaney, for two reasons. One: you are a complete waste of human parts. Two: I like cock.’ I’ve heard versions of the rest, but let’s say he stopped just short of spitting on her. I’m not sure I would have.”

In a good (?) Christian town no-one wants a gay school teacher, and no-one cares one iota that the ‘gay guy’ is dead. Except Dave, Dave cares because he had an affinity with/affection for Mr Shumaker, but not as you may suspect – you need to read the book because the story is important and a good one.

There are two protagonists in Garnetville, Dave and Quinn, however, there is also a third, primary, voice, Mycroft Shumaker, beautifully bought to you by way of flashbacks. As literary devices go, flashbacks can be annoying. However, when used correctly, as they are in Garnetville, they can be illuminating, as was the case here. Without flashbacks Mycroft Shumaker would have just been a murder victim without meaning, just a dead, gay, ex teacher; and David’s cause, his desire to catch a murderer, and give someone a voice, including himself, would not have had true effect.

There is a camaraderie already between the two protagonists, Dave and Quinn, albeit an awkward one. They get closer as the book progresses in a funny, offbeat sort of way. It’s pretty typical of the real world, and young guy’s behaviour. These two are not the usual idealized ‘type’ that appears, more often than not, within the M/M genre. The writing from a young (gay) male’s perspective is bloody brilliant. Their characters are perfect. E M Mispiel nailed the characterizations of these two students. The other characters weren’t lacking either; every single character was multi-layered and real. I would dare a reader to say that they haven’t encountered at least a couple of these people in their life, or at the very least known of them. Everything and everyone was painted with such clarity and purpose as to make you feel like a fly on the wall of the town, the people within, and the MC’s lives.

And as for the mystery, it is so well done I could not, for the life of me, work out who did it until the reveal. I was so impressed!

Mystery is the number one component, along with the intolerance of small towns, the need to get out of these towns, or be swallowed, soul and all, by them. It also looked at Dave’s love of his mum, his empathy, understanding of what it’s like to have little to no joy, why people do what they do because of that, and his lack of judgement about them for it. Whereas Quinn doesn’t get that, that doesn’t make him a bad guy, just typical of a young guy from another place and family. For Quinn it was different he had been cloistered just a bit more than Dave, which coloured his understanding of why people would drink so much, and the fact that an adult is responsible for their own life.You can’t preach, you have to let people deal with their own lives, in their own way.

Observations on the town –

In a few hours Quinn would see this place called a small town – a quaint little nightmare for people like them.

The longer Quinn spent in Garnetville, the more the place seemed to shrink. He couldn’t imagine growing up here or living here. There was nowhere to go and nothing to do. No wonder Dave did whatever it took to get out.

“Any more legwork?” Quinn asked hoping for a no. Since the sheriff’s stepdaughter, it had all been downhill, just depressing and unattractive, poor people.

“Keep your eye out for a boy and a girl seven, eight, nine.” Quinn didn’t have to look hard. There wasn’t anybody around of any age.

This is what the town of Garnetville had to offer – beatings and masturbation

Observations on a few of the locals -

“Any of you go to Shumaker’s funeral? Dave asked. “Hah. Who would?” She asked genuinely perplexed. “Some,” Dave said.

“Tom or Willy say anything when it happened or after?” She thought for a minute. “Tom said it was a male hustler – you know a prostitute but a man – that did it so he could rob him. That’s how all homos get murdered.” Dave and Quinn just stared. Clearly someone had explained this to her and done a bang up job.

“You ever do jobs for Shumaker.” ‘‘Shut the fuck up!” Willy came toward Dave, with a screwdriver in hand. “Look out Davy, he wants to screw you,” Quinn said with a smile.

And Quinn’s reactions to them -

“Hey, fag!” Dave turned. “I don’t usually turn when people call out ‘fag’,” Quinn said, but he turned too.

“Hey, cocksuckers!” “He thinks that’s an insult but it’s just a job description,” Quinn said.

Dave and Quinn –

“You know I hate peas, don’t you?” Quinn accused. “Yeah, I keep a list of your likes and dislikes, Quinn. All written up neat-like in two columns,” Dave said before leaving.

“I didn’t say I was never in a fight. I said I wasn’t beaten up. I won every fight I’ve ever been in,” Quinn claimed. “Who against? Your sisters?” “Sometimes.”

“More churches. A churchy did it! I knew it! This was Quinn’s favourite theory after all.

“I’m only interested in secret boyfriends.” “So am I.” “That’s the only kind you’re going to get with your taste in guys,” Quinn predicted. “Like you’re knee deep in quality cock meat. You have any boyfriends you haven’t chased away?”

Quinn honestly didn’t understand Dave’s taste in men. Every one of them looked like he was at least a shoplifter if not worse. If they were stand-ins, then Dave was trying to fuck the whole town of Garnetville by proxy.

“Do you have to be so fucking fucked in the head? You can’t imagine anyone giving a shit without their dick being the leading cause.” “That’s because dicks are the leading cause of everything.” How did Dave not know this?

“I’m going to fuck the life out of you,’ Quinn announced. “I would appreciate it.” Dave arranged himself on his bed. “First time on here? On this bed? Yes?” “You like a virgin bed, do you?” “Yup.”

Mycroft Shumaker in dialogue with Dave –

“Read this. What’s wrong with it?” Davy stuck out a paper in front of him. It was an essay with a grade of D on it. Mr Shumaker looked at it, but would not take it. After examining it for a few seconds, he took his eyes from it. “First there is a big letter D. And see all these little, red markings? They might give you a clue.” He pointed to the paper without looking at it himself. “No, they don’t. I can’t be getting D’s. I need a scholarship.” “Rewrite it.” Davy took a moment to absorb what Mr Shumaker said. “And?” “Bring it back and I will grade it for you. Bring the original too.”

“ Every gay man should have pussy at least once so that he can silence those who would say that he should not renounce what he has not tried.” After thinking a moment, he added. “Unless you’ve already had it, then never mind.” “I can say I tried it without doing it,” Davy pointed out. “Ingenious. Why didn’t I think of that?” “The less I know about your sex life the more likely I’ll be to keep my food down.” “And deny you the benefit of my worldly experience?”

Interesting dialogue and thoughts -

“Nothing can hurt you like memory. Memory isn’t the truth. It’s truth poisoned with emotion. Like if you took a perfectly fine creature.” Mycroft held up his hand as if he was holding something small on the palm. “Let’s say a small lizard. And you bathed it in acid but let it live. That’s memory.”

Looking on, Dave had the distorted impression that this was that other crime. That Mycroft Shumaker just died, just then, not months before. The events of this night were still a nightmare grown unconvincing when considered by the waking mind. He couldn’t yet take in what had happened or what still might. 

This book is deeply touching, yet it is not sentimental. It shows what people can do when they think they’re helping...but aren't, and what people can do when they act as if they don't care...but do. It also shows what can happen when someone has some passion; quiet, sarcastic, witty, passion works just as well as the loud and proud kind. It only takes one to make a difference.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough to those who want to think, and like, or are comfortable with LGBT literature. And, make no mistake, this book is a fine piece of literature.:A Dangerous Man and The Cool Part of His Pillow were revelations to me in terms of LGBT writing. Garnetville: A Gay Novel is another revelation. Please, please write more books E M Mispiel, I implore you.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Hearts Under Fire (New Amsterdam #1), H.J Raine & Kelly Wyre

Hearts Under Fire is a terrific read on many levels - as a M/M romance, with some interesting BDSM components, and as a psychological, character driven book.

- Review by Kazza K

Hearts Under Fire's offical blurb spells a lot out, this is my take on the book.

First of all I liked the premise of the book. I liked both MC's. Clark and Daniel. I like a flawed character, and you have that well and truly here. I liked that there was no antagonist in this book, it was character driven. Both protagonists are interesting and sympathetically written, both had been through major life events, and survived - but not unscathed. Both men's parents are dead. Both men have a mask that hides who they really are, how they really feel. Both men keep their internal upheaval bottled up, both men are into BDSM, one is a partner in a BDSM club, the other makes money as a Dom. They also use BDSM to deal with their respective ordeals in attempts to control or release their bottled up feelings.... and breathe.

Maxwell Clark, or Clark, is a 32 year old ex special forces sergeant. He is quite the entrepeneur, with several business ventures, including, owner of Glow, a local, high profile bar; not to mention he's an undercover go-to man, if required. Clark outwardly displays a casual, easy going persona to people, other than those who know him. Those who know him know he has anxiety and OCD tendencies, but not to the extent of how problematic it is. When tending bar one night Clark spots a new customer, a very attractive, smart, interesting new customer, who seems immune to Clark's smooth lines. Clark is intrigued, more so when one of his employees mentions that he is an IT Professor at NAU. Clark's mission is to find out all he can about Professor Daniel Germain. In doing so he discovers that Daniel is a Dom who can help his friend, the Mayors son, Lucian Gray, in  BDSM club, Break. He's perfect for a Dom role, and Clark knows that Daniel can do with the money; as he's nothing if not thorough in his research. When Clark lets Daniel know about the opportunity to Dom at Break, Daniel sees it as a better set-up than his current one. Trouble is, Clark has developed feelings for the professor and is none too thrilled about the object of his desires servicing other clients. Clark has served in Iran, suffered injury, and loss, and as a result has PTSD with more than a few of it's characteristic features -

April thirteenth was the date Clark lost an eye, his first choice in career, and....Him. You lost him that day too.

Clark felt the familiar stages of red-alert panic begin to overtake him, and he sucked in a gulp of air, trying to stay calm and maybe avoid this. Maybe, if he could just breathe......
I must say the PTSD is handled well. I have a problem with the way PTSD is, at times, portrayed in books, this was well done. The symptoms were handled better than a lot of books I have read - anxiety, panic and the use of triggers and dreams, included - which pleased me immensely.

The dialogue between the 2 MC's was good - externally, quite mimimalist, at first, but developing into much needed, open dialogue as the characters developed trust. Much of the characters initial individual feelings were explored internally, allowing their individual issues to be seen by the reader. When they trusted one another, bit by bit, then they put their hearts out there for one another. I must say there were some poignant, quote-worthy lines in Hearts Under Fire -

Daniel sighed, half-hearted and forced. "They say scars are like tattoos but have better stories. I dunno these..." Daniel brushed his hand over the spray again, "...they just seem like one painful story."

I probably have a slightly different take on the D/s relationship in this book. I did not really see Clark as a Dom, rather a man who had total need for control in order to deal with his PTSD driven issues. Clark had to have towels at his bar in the right place, would analyse/strategise everything, count footsteps, and just generally try to control his environment. It would seem natural that a strong man, ex spec-forces, coming through war, injury, running a business, would show a certain facade to the world; would not wish to come off as a sub. However, behind closed doors, subconsciously, things are rarely what they seem. Clark is a strong, caring man dealing with difficult issues. I really did like Clark.

Daniel Germain, is 38, and, as stated previously, a Professor in computing. However, he also works as a Dom, originally to help pay off grad school loans, now to help other family members' with their education. Daniel has an outward facade of being quite cold, aloof, intimidating. As a Dom he is calm and collected, cares about his subs. Once again there has been a major life event for him, causing problems, which are exacerbated in the latter part of the book. I liked Daniel, he was fair with his students, was so caring with Clark, when others may not have been. Daniel felt that Clark was a Dom which, primarily, caused Daniel's inital withdrawal from Clarke's advances. Daniel knew himself well enough to know that he couldn't submit -

"When you were racked, clamped, filled, gagged, and hooded, what were you thinking about?" Looking into his masters eyes, Daniel said honestly, "How I could do it better."

This could be a big problem, having two Doms in a relationship. However, everything is not as it seems. Daniel starts putting things together about Clark's nonverbal cues and a way to, hopefully, fulfill his/their desires -

Clark was someone everyone liked. He dabbled in the toys, rooms and delights of the Scene; however, "dabbled" was the key word.

He wants me to dominate him, but he can't say it consciously to himself, much less to me. He's saying it in all the nonverbal ways I would have read if I weren't so damned nervous about this place....And I want to take him so badly, too. I'm responding to his need, even when he denies it with every tease. What the hell am I'm going to do? Daniel let out his breath. I'm going to do what I always do. Listen. Watch, See the way in. 

And, "see the way in" he did. The book shows a progression of their relationship, with a few curve balls thrown in, including the latter part of the book. I understand the last, maybe, quarter of the book had a shift, and was a bit more touchy feely, but I liked it, liked that two damaged men opened up to each other, found happiness in each others arms; could support one another as needed.

I liked the writing in the book, although I will admit to having to adjust to the new writers' style at first. However, that did not detract from the fact that this is technically a good piece of writing, that I very much enjoyed. I liked both Clark, OK, maybe loved Clark, and Daniel. Liked them together. I was happy for their HEA. I am certainly looking forward to Winter's Knight, book 2 in the New Amsterdam series. I recommended Hearts Under Fire for those interested in M/M, PTSD, psychological, BDSM, character driven, romantic, and sexy reads.

MY EPILOGUE: With the series being called New Amsterdam, all I could picture was the gorgeous Nicolaj Coster-Waldau, sorry I got distracted. So, here's two picures for you to get distratced as well :)

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Behind the Mask, Lisa Worrall

Another terrific read from Lisa Worrall.

- Review by Kazza K

Behind the Mask was, essentially, about what a difference 4 years can make in the lives of two men, Gabe and Tom. It's also about missing an opportunity, and gaining a second chance, as it were. All written very sweetly, very romantically, and very engagingly by Lisa Worrall. No real review, just some points.

What I liked -

The premise and execution of the story itself.

The recollections, the descriptions of Downe Hall, the clothing, and the period detail of the original Valentine's Day Masquerade Ball - home, costuming; Brocade jackets and all.

The protagonists, Gabe, his best friend Tom and Gabe's sister, Sarah, were all nice characters.

Mike's 2 letters to both MC's; they were really gorgeous and funny. I kept seeing/picturing Stephen Fry when Mike's notes were read, and when Mike was referred to by either Gabe or Tom.

While it does float between the Masquerade Ball of 2007 and the Masquerade Ball of 2011, it was
well done. If the idea of flashback's bother you in your reading ordinarily, don't let it be of concern here, because it does not detract from the read whatsoever, it just adds to the story's ambiance.

I'm also really rather into a character that is just passing though, finding love for a short while, and creating a conduit for others in doing so. I somehow always seem to find that beautiful, albeit sad at times.

Behind The Mask was a sweet, short read, with charming characters, delightful descriptions of the Masquerade Ball and plenty of British humour and vernacular - bollocks and pillock included. Plus, whilst the sex is minimalist, it's just right, as it's intended to be more romantic; HEA included. All in all, this is a lovely story that I would highly recommend to those looking for a nice M/M romance.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Falling (Hawkins Brothers/Quinten Montana #2), Cameron Dane

Cameron Dane is one of my absolute favourite authors. Just re-read this and fell in love with Cain and Luke all over again.

- Review by Kazza K

I just re-read Falling, and I'm so glad I did. I loved reading about Cain and Luke again. I liked the paranormal aspect. I liked Luke's feelings about what Cain was, too; from an experience when he was 15. It was sweet that they had (kind of) crossed paths before.

Loved -

Cain and Luke's love and passion for one another

Their mutual love of horses

That the events they both suffered didn't define them alone, it made their appreciation of life and love so much stronger

That family doesn't always have to be about biology. You can create your own, if you so choose

That justice was served for Luke

That Cain got his man when he truly didn't believe he ever would

I thoroughly enjoy Cameron Dane's work, and this book is definitely one of the reasons why. It's deeply romantic and erotic; and I enjoyed it even more the second time around. I really loved revisiting these sweet, caring, compassionate men. I believe Falling has just come out in paperback, so I will definitely be ordering a copy.

Haywire, A J Llewellyn and D J Manly


An interesting read that travels a haywire path indeed.

- Review by Kazza K

Briefly, Haywire is about Jack Connors, his husband Dex, and their son Nicky who are on vacation in LA. They are visiting Universal Studios, taking in the rides, when Dex and Nicky disappear, well, not really, as someone is claiming they are Dex and Nicky. Jack stresses out, gets tasered, ends up in hospital and, when he wakes up, his parents are relating to the "new" Dex and Nicky like they're actually them. Jack's family photos are also of the people he's claiming are imposters, so, WTF? Are they imposters? Is Jack crazy? Is Jack right?

Hmm, let me try to review this book. First of all the official blurb may have you thinking this book is darker than it is. If that worries you, don't let it. Despite the subject matter, and the cover, I honestly don't believe that Haywire is a dark book at all. I suspect people may see this book differently to me, though. The premise is good, somewhat like The Forgotten mixed in with Changeling and The Twilight Zone, one could think. It started out serious, got kind of funny, got a bit serious and bounced around. I don't know whether the authors took it uber seriously, I didn't. But I enjoyed myself.

Why did I like Haywire as much as I did? Well, after the inital feeling of "shit! I'd hate this to happen to me," I just kind of let go of reality, suspended disbelief, and went along for the ride I was taken on (pardon the pun); and enjoyed it. Look, there were some niggles - how did Jack's photo in his wallet, of his 'old family', become the 'new family' at Universal Studios?' National Clandestine Service? Really? Also, Jack took things pretty damn well, all things given, and the sex happens at freaky deaky times. Speaking of that, I found all the, don't laugh, I can't say that for all sex. There is not a lot of it, but it's always at the most inconceivable times - your husband and child are missing, a guy may be/is impersonating your partner, but fuck it, Jack always wanted to do a guy with a big cock, and this 'new Dex' has a big cock, plus, I must admit (I mean) Jack must admit, he's into good porn, Michael Lucas and Matthew Rush = good choice. Plus, 'new Dex' is into giving head, win! Once again I found it freakin' sexy, if not terribly believable. Maybe I have no moral compass, eh, it's fiction who cares! Also, when they were on the run, and pretty unsure of where they stood, they had a blowjob and a fuck, what the hey? Not likely to be on your mind, really, but, once again, yes, I found it (oddly) sexy. It's fiction, and from the first sexual encounter, I just went with the flow and had fun with it.

Also at the root of my like of Haywire was the fact that I found the book entertaining. It was a page turner for me, for a number of reasons; I wanted to know what was going to happen - why/how did Jack's husband and son disappear? Who were the imposters? Were they really imposters or was it Jack? Who/what was behind it all? There were other questions, but I don't want to give away spoilers. I liked Jack and 'new Dex' so that helped my enjoyment factor as well. Plus, there was some excitement, characters on the run, a sense of chaos and plenty of pop culture references thrown in, with some subtle digs at modern technology and our society, God, how can we go without Facebook!? I loved it when people were phoning into the radio station, I just kept thinking "how's your bug-out plan really going Doomsday Preppers!" I'm random. Also, I love(d) the Twilight Zone, and this kind of had that vibe going on.

I believe you can take this book 1 of 2 ways, more seriously than I did, or, like me, have a bit of fun with it. I think because of my age I got, and loved, the retro references to certain things - like quaint nods to an older generation - "bigger" (man) "than" (I) "Gunga Din," "swell," "have a kip," and reminders of Lucille Ball coming out and waving when Universal offered tours only; as opposed to Desperate Housewives sitings, pfft to them.

In wrapping up I may have totally misconstrued the way this book was intended to be taken :) but, what can I say? Other than it's how it read to me; and I liked it. Anyway, I recommend Haywire to those that like their M/M with a some mystery, some sci-fi, some interesting references, a bit of action, a bit of WTF?, and some entertainment.

Friday, 17 August 2012

My Father's Lover, D J Manly

Another fabulous read from D J Manly. I know it was released in 2008 but it is probably even more timely in 2012. D J Manly is one of my favourites.

- Review by Kazza K

Well, didn't I just love this book. For lots of reasons. I loved the fact that if you wanted to just have a good, sexy, character driven read you could. If you wanted something deeper, a statement about different lifestyles, social prejudices, and that people can grow and change for the better, well, that's here in spades, too.

First, I want to say that I grew up around a female impersonator, who eventually had gender reassignment surgery. That was quite some time ago, when it was pretty much unheard of. He, now she, loved to impersonate Shirley Bassey, Liza Minelli and Judy Garland, to name a few, and eveyone thought how "darling" it was; much in the same vein that people thought Liberace was not gay, just a "darling" entertainer oh, and, a good son to his mother. It was hard for my trans friend; life could be difficult, and inside - outside he needed to be a woman, in every sense of the word. My friend also needed dignity and respect as a person, not a "freak" or "darling." There was always a nice word for me, some humour, and help with this girls' wardrobe and make-up which was much appreciated. So, needless to say, the brutal death of Michael Fulton in My Father's Lover, and his biological son's attitude towards his father, really upset me. Immensely. I was attached. I cried. I was pissed off. So you know this is going to be a long review :)

Second, I loved looking into the lives of the men in My Father's Lover. They aren't all your straight-gay types. They aren't in it as much as I would like, but they are, and I enjoyed what I got to see. Yes, Anthony and Michael can both pass as straight, and they're the MC's, but there's plenty here who don't (want to), and one who is actually married to a woman but does drag. Much love to the Hollio's of the world. I love it when someone writes characters other than (what seems to be) the required fictional 'type' in M/M books. I love my flouncy types, I love older guys as well. It seems fiction has decreed that there's not many older, and definitely not many, if any, feminine gay guys about, or, if there are, then keep them off page as much as possible, pfft. I like a queen, a wrist flicker, and a make-up wearer. It's called diversity and being fucking real. However, I think I'm atypical, and I understand writers have to sell some books. By the way,  I really loved Juan, there wasn't enough of him. Every time he was doing something, saying something I kept thinking Alexis Mateo. When he went to pick Michael (jnr) up from the airport it was OTT camp, and I loved it! Juan did it to show Michael (jnr) a "fag freak," if that's what he thought.

OK, with that out of the way; I must say that the characters and plot of this book are hard to write about in a format that's easy to understand. It actually helps if you've already read the book, which doesn't help if you're deciding, but here goes.

Anthony has two adoptive fathers, Daniel, who found him living on the streets and bought him home when Anthony was 12, he died in a car crash two years ago; and Michael, Daniel's lover, who, at the beginning of this book, has been beaten to death by thugs outside his drag club, Impressions. Prior to this, Anthony came home, after Daniel's death, to make sure he helped out Michael, and grieve. Michael's biological son, also Michael, has shown no interest in his father whatsoever. Michael had reached out to his son over the years, but, unfortunately, a combination of his ex's disdain and his son's bitterness have cemented a null relationship in stone. Now Michael has died and Anthony has to look after the drag club, the staff, who mourn deeply, there's a few crying queens to contend with (xx),  his other 'brother', Jason, another adoptee of the two lovers; and deal with  Michael's biological son, Michael (jnr). Plus, his best friend, Sandy, wants Anthony to rejoin the band and, in D J Manly style :), plenty of people love Anthony. Having Jason and Sandy, in particular, in love with Anthony just adds to his emotional load at an already difficult time.

Anthony is a very responsible young man who loved both Daniel and Michael, and appreciated everything they did for him. The time he spent on the streets earlier had been unpleasant and abusive, including selling his body to survive. After Daniel and Michael originally brought him under their roof it took Anthony a while to believe they wouldn't beat him, as his father had done, and that they didn't want sex in return. They didn't, they gave him love and somewhere to call home. In return he was the son Daniel never had, and the one that Michael (jnr) couldn't/wouldn't be. Along with being responsible, Anthony is somewhat shut down emotionally, he keeps his emotions firmly in check at pretty much all times. However, he has become quite passionate about finding out who Michael's killers are. Anthony would like to be back in the band with Sandy, but love and respect for Michael, and keeping the club running, have kept him in LA. While many love Anthony, he does not feel like being with anyone, love is complicated in his mind - his mum died, his dad then beat him, john's violated him. He did have an affection for someone, which could never be, and complicated things. He also resents Michael (jnr) for not trying to reciprocate his father's love and being a part of his life; and previous experience has shown that Michael (jnr) can be...abrasive.

So, on to MC number 2, Michael (jnr), who, quite frankly, is a very hard character to like. He is a narrow-minded, rude, selfish, immature prick, with, self inflicted, daddy issues to boot; and that's being kind. He's also gay, but he's a gay homophobe. Yep, it's OK to be gay as long as you're a masculine, straight-acting gay; a sentiment that most definitely does exist (and pisses me off!). Michael (jnr) makes it very clear that he does not intend to come to his biological father's funeral. He does not approve of his father, thinks him a "fag freak,"- because he's a female impersonator. However, in typically greedy, and historically proven poor form, when he's informed he is mentioned in Michael's will, he changes his tune and decides to come to LA;  to dip his hand into the cookie jar for anything he can get hold of. So, we can add money grubber to the above list.

The reading of the will stipulates several things -  Anthony gets the house, which, apart from being beautiful, holds many memories for him. With his previous inheritance from Daniel, Anthony is well set up. Both Jason and Michael (jnr) can also stay in the house for as long as they choose. Jason and Michael (jnr) have been left trust accounts, that mature when they're 21. Michael (jnr) is 19 and royally pissed that Anthony gets to say how the money is allocated until he's of age. Most surpisingly Michael leaves Impressions to both Anthony, 51%, and Michael (jnr), 49%, and they must both work it for 2 years in order for the inheritance to be binding. The MC's are shocked, but Anthony will not allow the club to be sold and wants to ensure Daniel and Michael's legacy lives on, so he's resigned to work with Michael (jnr) to make sure of this. Obviously, Michael (jnr) now has to work with the "freaks" and is none too happy about this deal. In true Michael (jnr) fashion he does not understand the opportunity presented to him, how wealthy being an owner of Impressions makes him, let alone caring about his father's legacy, or becoming something better.

As they all live in the house together and work together, and despite all the evidence to the contrary, Michael (jnr) often lets Anthony know that he thinks Anthony has been nothing more than "a sex toy for two dirty queens," and, as a relationship (of sorts) develops between the two MC's, he constantly thinks Anthony is fucking Jason, who is keen on Anthony, but Anthony only sees him as a brother. Michael (jnr) also disrespects Daniel and Michael's bedroom. So, Michael (jnr) = quite the arsehole. How the hell is this going to work? You figure the two MC's are going to get together, but arsehole Michael seems like an insurmountable hurdle. Well, there are times when D J Manly shows you that Michael (jnr) is a scared, unsure, insecure, manchild, who has missed time with his father and doesn't know how to deal with this; a by product of his upbringing. You can also see him learning the ropes at Impressions and he does his job. He's starts being accepted more and more by the staff, seeing them less and less as "freaks,"and more and more as people, a step in the right direction. This is aided by viewing home movies his father kept and, after a visit by some of his friends from NY, you can see that he doesn't believe everything he used to. Plus, there is an affection developing between the 2 MC's, apart from Michael (jnr's) Anthony-induced-insta-lust, and some interesting fucking, there is something more taking shape. Michael starts to like his father and what he was, little by little. Don't get me wrong Michael is still difficult until near the end, but that's pretty damn realistic, people do not suddenly change overnight, and Michael's a 'work in progress.' However, over a period of months, after working closely with the people his father loved, who are like a tightknit group/family, there is real growth from Michael (jnr). If you ask can that happen? The answer is - yes, if someone opens their eyes and wants it to, if they challenge and change their beliefs.

The performers that work at the club are wonderfully supportive in that way that people are when faced with discrimination and adversity. Working day-in and day-out with them has a positive effect on Michael (jnr). When clubbing together one night, Hollio's wife, Tracy, has a chat with Michael (jnr) which he discusses later, after digesting it, with Anthony -

 "Tracy told me something else." "What's that?" "Well, she said that trying to fit in, by being like everyone else is not acceptance, it's submission. Do you believe that?" "Yeah I do." "I'm beginning to believe it, too. My father was a rebel. He didn't care what people thought of him. He respected himself and he was...beautiful." Michael's gaze searched Anthony's face. "Yes he was," Anthony replied. 

What a turn around, finding the positive in his father and questioning the idea of being true to you as opposed to 'fitting in.' There's a lot more to this book and character development but it's taken me forever to write this, so my advice is to give the book a read. I know Michael (jnr) elicited some strong, negative reactions from readers, I get it, BUT, isn't that the role of a good writer? To pull emotions and passion out of the reader about a character - good or bad? Also, Michael's character was a real catalyst for getting some issues out there that need to be voiced and sincerely thought about as a society -

Michael (jnr): "We (gay men) need sex and variety."
Anthony: "Well, talk to those men out there who want to get married. What do you think the fight for equal rights is about, Michael, so that we can fuck strangers every night in a dark room?"
Michael (jnr): "Youth is important in the gay culture, and male beauty.
Anothony: "Oh fuck, spare me. I've been out there. It's okay if that's what you want. That's not what your father and Daniel were about. They loved each other. They were faithful to each other."

I'll finish this review with something that tickled my fancy and summed up the growth of Michael, without giving a spoiler. Read the book and see -

"Why do I feel as if I'm in 'The Crying Game?"' (Anthony) whispered, pressing his lips to (Michael's)neck. "The what?" 'I'll rent it. I knew you didn't get out much."

 I'll end this review as I started, Well, didn't I just I love this book.....

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Betrayed: A Cyn and Raphael Novella (Vampires in America 5.5), D B Reynolds

As good a paranormal series as you will read anywhere by anybody. D B Reynolds Vampires in America is a must buy for me.

- Review by Kazza K

Please note that is a novella (5.5) that forms part of a series. While it could be read as a standalone, not as much enjoyment would come of that. I recommend that you start from the beginning, Raphael, if you want a good look at the Vampires in America series. It's great reading.

Well, I'm going to start by saying that Raphael is my favourite paranormal character, against some stiff competition; but nobody beats this brooding, strong, charismatic Vampire Lord, in my eyes. He acts like a powerful vampire should, and he loves like one too. Raphael and Cyn are a power couple and they are off the charts sexy. There is some face melting sex in this novella. Raphael's PI partner, Cyn, is good by herself and even better with Raphael attached, mmm. Cyn stands toe-to-toe with Raphael and comes off well because of it. Cynthia Leighton is no shrinking violet, she knows how to handle herself, and a gun, and she doesn't hold back from either if she needs to; much to Raphael's consternation.....and pride.

In this book, Raphael and Cyn are in Colarado when someone takes a sniper shot at Raphael. It seems everyone suspects who is behind the 'hit' pretty quickly; all fingers point to Klemens, a power hungry Vampire Lord from a neighbouring territory. In ViA the vampires have territories and guard them fiercely, it is not unheard of for them to want to poach someone elses territory, if they feel they can. Time for the crew to pull back to their home territory so they can plan and regroup. Naturally, Cyn is worried about Raphael, as she is nothing if not protective. On top of that Cyn feels that he is now keeping something vital from her and possibly setting himself up as bait for the unknown sniper. But Raphael will do what Raphael will do. Will Cynthia deal with this, or will it put a dampener on their relationship? I like the way things finish here, both in regards to Raphael/Cyn and Lucas. I cannot wait for Lucas, his book has interesting, roguish vampire, and intrigue stamped all over it. Plus, you just know Raphael and Cyn are going to be in the mix with their tumultuous, passionate relationship, yay.

I really like the vampires in this series, there's a relatable aspect to them but they are pretty unforgiving and they exercise their power quite ruthlessly when required. Raphael is 500 years old, exceedingly powerful, and a wonderful political player; and these vampires are political, they are wealthy and mix business in the human world as well as having their own council. D B Reynolds walks the line of UF/paranormal/contemporary romance perfectly with the Vampires in America series, it's one of my must reads. There is always a mystery and the MC's storylines are well developed and strong.

Betrayed acts as a fine lead in, or prequel, if you like, to Lucas, the next in the Vampires in America series. As the title states, this story is centred primarily around Raphael and Cyn, with  Duncan's replacement, Jared, and the next protagonist, Lucas, interwoven just enough to titillate. Looking forward to Lucas - bring it on!

Broken, Sage Whistler

First book by Sage Whistler and I liked it. But it is what it is, twincest. If that theme bugs you then it's probably best to avoid.

- Review by Kazza K

I don't really go out of my way to read twincest. However, 1) I'm pretty broad minded in what I read and 2) I see it as what it is - fiction - so I can read it with no issues.

I enjoyed the book overall. It was a nice, easy read for me whilst feeling unwell. I know this is twincest, but, to be perfectly honest, it reads just like any other M/M to me.

Tristan is back after 7 years away from Gabriel, to live with his brother and get on his feet. The brothers never stopped talking, even though Gabriel was tossed out of home by his father when he came out at 17/18. Tristan loved his brother but didn't do anything about it. Basically the book is about the bond the twins have, even while apart, in this case with a little more than standard brotherly love. Gabriel is in a band, Tristan is out of a job, wife and money, so Gabriel helps out finanically. Tristan helps out emotionally, as Gabriel isn't approved of/supported by their other family members.

Broken is a really easy book to get through, the characters were nice, the sex was good. The primary focus was on the 2 MC's Tristan and Gabriel, with some other brief appearances by secondary characters. The mother was a pain, but hey, you get that in real life, and the other female character, Marilyn, had her shit together, so that all balanced out.

If you're after a M/M, with a bit of a twincest kink, something that's easy to read, not too long, not too short, and is pretty sexy, with a rock band theme, then I would recommend Broken.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Chasing Bliss (Nights in Bliss, Colarado #7), Sophie Oak

I love the Nights in Bliss, Colorado series. Sophie Oak certainly knows how to write a humorous, sexy, and entertaining book with truly endearing characters, and she's done it again.

- Review by Kazza K

Well, it's Sophie Oak, it's Bliss, so you just know it's going to be good...and it is. More than a few quotes make up this review.

This time around the kinked up trio of MC's consists of Gemma Wells, a blackballed  lawyer from a high powered law firm, with an arsehole ex, what else? and the hot mechanics, Caleb Sinclair and Jesse McCann, introduced in Pure Bliss.

Caleb and Jesse are still working at Long Haired Roger's and have discovered that they fit right into the vibe of Bliss. Jesse rolls with it, Caleb fights it somewhat. Gemma turns up in Bliss with her mother, who has previously lived in Bliss and is recovering from cancer, and her mother's nurse, Naomi. She starts out working at Teeny and Marie's, then Stella's and, through a series of 'unfortunate *cough, cough* incidents,' lands up working for Nathan Wright, at the Sheriffs office.

Of course the three MC's have their individual baggage, but I must say Emo of the year goes to Caleb (or Bare-Chested Ape Man as Gemma originally refers to him). Holy shit! he has a lot of "I'm not good for her" moments and inner monologue. Lots. Of. Them.
During one of his, lighter, introspective moments -

'"You look morose again". Jesse stared at him, a frown on his face. Great. Now he was Morose Bare-Chested Ape Man.

Jesse is the talker here, in this triad, he makes things happen through honest communication, irrespective of what it is. Perhaps asking about Gemma's ex, Patrick, during their first sexual encounter may have been a bit much, in my opinnion, but he is nothing if not consistent. You have to love Jesse. His upbringing hasn't been perfect, he met Cade in a foster home, he's been in juvie, but he believes in getting words out there. Thank goodness, because Atlas-Complex Cade and Ice-Princess Gemma would never get together without Jesse as a conduit between them all.

Gemma doesn't believe in love, you can't plan it, people die on you, they hurt you, they do unpredictable things that don't fit into her whiteboard driven matrices of control. So, Gemma has big walls up and comes across as aloof and unapproachable. When she sees Jesse and Caleb, and realises there's a mutual attraction, she rationalises it -

Maybe she could just play around. Not for forever. Forever was an idiot's dream. But she still had needs. Lots of dirty, filthy needs.

Gemma had always been on a diet to fit into power suits and the lifestyle she had in Manhattan. My favourite activst, Nell, constantly visits Gemma with pictures of people hurt in a case Gemma was invovled in previously, to get Gemma involved in the good fight, and, because it's give Gemma muffins -

Cam snorted and reached for the muffin. Screw her diet. How many calories could it really be? It was vegan. "Get your own muffin-making stalker."

Of course Jesse and Caleb are interested in a menage, that's how it's done in Bliss, and of course there's always someone else thinking about hitting on the pretty new woman in town -

The last thing he needed was Ty trying to hit on Gemma. He doubted it would work. He was pretty sure Gemma was interested in what he and Cade had to offer, but he was a very straightlaced man. He believed in tradition and that meant no fourths.

I also want to say that I loved the pamphlets Mel and Nell were handing out. If you are a reader of the Bliss series you will know Mel as the wonderfully paranoid, moonshine making/drinking, alien conspiracy theorist. His pamphlet is titled -
You've Been Probed. What to do Next.....

And Nell as the protesting, vegan, cruelty free, activist. Nells' pamphlet is titled  -
Eat Vegan or Die Horribly.

Yes, these are just a couple of the wonderfully colourful crazies of Bliss. If it existed I'd be on the next plane.

This is book #7 and Bliss is still going strong. Yes, it has some similarities in the writing, but that is wonderful, because the writing is great and there are always well painted yet subtle nuances to the MC's, and a little more is revealed about existing characters or added on. Henry, for example,  just keeps getting more and more intriguing. But mostly the we-are-family feel of Bliss is always the highlight - for a while you can be part of somewhere nice, where you are given a second chance, and people genuinely care for one another. There are a few more interesting characters touched on here that you just know are going to get books and the series will continue, so, yay!

A friend of mine, on GR, just recently gave a review where she liked the book a bit more because of the MC’s name, Liam. I thought that was nice, to have that association. Well Purplegirl, I now feel like that about the name Cade. I've now met a few fictional Cade's I really like. I loved Cade Sinclair, every time he was on the page my chest felt pressure and I wanted to hug him, slap him or do something perhaps a bit more R rated to/with him. Angsty-Cade, who loves to feed his woman, as well as sex her senseless, is my kind of man. Plus, Jack Barnes gets a mention, if you've ever read my Texas Sirens reviews before you will know I'm happy dancing right now.

Chasing Bliss is another great book in an equally great series and I can't recommend it highly enough.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

MORE, Sloan Parker

I read this a while ago BUT I am now keenly awaiting a copy of this in paperback to add to my favourites, so I thought I would add it to my blog spot while I wait.

- Review by Kazza K

When I first started reading this I thought, oh here we go first person from one character only, not going to be for me. I was wrong, it definitely was for me. Once I started getting into it I thoroughly enjoyed the book's unfolding from Luke's perspective. I think had it not been from his perspective I may not have grown to like him as I did.

Luke did not start or end as my favourite character, which could have been an obstacle as it was his POV that we saw the story through. It wasn't though, he definitely did grow on me, and I loved seeing him get what he actually needed, not what he thought he needed or his father wanted to fuck his head up with. For a while Luke could be angry, I thought I was reading the start of one chapter over as they both started with front door slamming and key tossing, but no, Luke was just frustrated and uptight. Having to watch over your shoulder, retrace your steps all the time and not being able to get close to others would definitely do your head in. Having a father such as his would make the stoutest of individuals angry and disillusioned.

There is much more to the other characters than we see in "More". Richard, for all his confidence, bravado and caring, needs to have his feelings shared more indepth. Matthew for all his giggly, sweet, funloving ways has more emotional depth to share with us as well. Having said that, you do get to know quite a bit about the other two in the menage through good writing and Richard's ability to get a conversation going with Luke and Matthew.

This menage really works and is as sexy as hell. It is sweet, interesting, all the characters are nice in their own ways. I read the book quickly, enjoying Luke, Richard and Matthew's growing relationship. The sex scenes never got tiresome for me, and the storytelling was never compromised because of the frequent sex.

Goddamn it! Richard is a fabulous character, I loved him. He was prepared to talk and to listen. No matter what Luke's father threw at him. I was so glad he never took it out on Luke or Matthew. He really wanted this relationship, you could just feel his heart bouncing off the pages. Richard is one of my all time favourite fictional characters.

Matthew is a real conduit between everyone, making things happen. His loving enthusiasm is infectious to the other two (older) men. Life had thrown him a couple of curve balls,but he was so youthfully upbeat and positive.

I also thought Walter was a fabulous friend and secondary character. He gave Luke good advice, never having some secret agenda. Walter would make for an interesting read in his own right.

Luke's father was a right bastard and the dynamic with his wife, Luke's mother, was typical of a dysfunctional marriage. Once again well written.

Terrific book, sexy as all get out (lord, sizzling kissing), endearing MC's, just great menage reading all 'round. I'm glad to hear that Sloan Parker is writing Walter's story, can't wait to hear whether Richard and Matthew get their own as well.

For Bird Lovers. King Parrot.

Local birdlife and the story of a King Parrot that has made our family part of his.

- By Kazza K

I am very blessed to live in a country where we have magnificent bird life. I live on bushland and, as a consequence, have many glorious birds in my area. Apart from the standard Sulphur Crested Cockatoos and Galahs, both quintessentially Aussie, we have many other birds of great interest.When we bought our current property, 7 years ago the garden was predominantly boring green plants and palms, with 2 glorious Camelias, a Bouganvillea and a climbing rose. We decided to keep some of the plants, including the 4 I just mentioned, but replace the rest with natives - to attract birds . Wherever we buy I always native-a-fy our garden, to make sure that we leave a legacy of a nice habitat for the local birds and other creatures, and I'm here to tell you they appreciate it. I do make sure we have a mix of non-natives and natives, if I love a plant and it's hardy, suits the area I'm in, I'll put it in, but the primary emphasis is always on natives.

For the keen bird lover I will note the birds that we have here, that I see everyday in my garden or bush wanderings - they include -

Noisy Minors - Cheeky little devils that divebomb other birds that dare come onto their turf

Eastern Rosellas - Shy, beautfully marked birds

Rainbow Lorikeets - Beautiful, funny, but the noisiest damn buggers

Yellow-Tailed Black Cockatoos - Not as often as I would like, they make a mournful cry

Wattle Birds - We call them 'Poocack" birds because they seems to be crying out 'poocack, poocack, poocack' in rapid succession.

Kookaburras - Well known for their laughing calls

Whip Birds - They sound incredibly like a (melodic) whip being cracked

Bell Birds - They make beautiful pinging sounds

and two of my alltime favourites

Gang Gangs - To see them is to love them. So curious, so unusual looking, they sound like creaking doors

King Parrots - Just beautiful, quite a large bird with a high piping call.

So, on the King Parrots, we have a colony that live in the bush here all year round, so we are quite used to them, but about 7 or 8 months ago we had a male come by and show a bit of interest in our plants and then our birds. He decided that he rather liked our natives and then he decided he was interested in our aviaries. In the aviaries we have Cockatiels and a Budgie. He liked the fact that they seemed to have food-on-tap. Then one day he flew up to my husband, who was outside working on our pool at the time, and called out to him, to give him some of the food-on-tap as well; that's what we gathered anyway from his body language and persistence. So we took some seed out for him and he was most happy to dig in. He started coming by here and there over the period of a month after that, but then disappeared for months, came back again and did the same again, this time for a bit longer. Now he's back once more, and he's been busy as he's bought his mate and his daughter with him to meet us and to get some seed as a family unit. Below are some pictures of the King Parrot, eating from a plate that I held out to him, and his family eating from a plate I placed on the top of a step pier in the garden. To be clear this is a wild bird, he is happy, healthy, an absolutely beautiful specimen of a bird, and lives in the bush. He doesn't rely on us as a food source rather he chooses to share some time with us and have a bit of a feed, as he knows we are all softies and we won't hurt him. What a beautiful gift, that he trusts us and chooses to spend a bit of time with us. We know he is wild and we don't encroach on his space, if he wants to come closer to us we let him, if he wants his space we respect that. We let him dictate the contact. He is a proud mate and parent and I'm so happy he has a family now and we get to see them up close and personal. I am tickled pink to think that he has adopted us as his honourary family. I hope you enjoy the pictures below.

This is the male with his daughter.

This is the male eating from a plate I'm holding

 This is the male in our Grevillea Superb

Friday, 10 August 2012

Not a Shred of Evidence, Anne Brooke

I found this book laugh out loud funny. It's short but packs a punch.

- Review by Kazza K

I must start by saying that I do just get Anne Brooke as a writer. She is clever, witty, can be dark, and writes a mean sex scene (no sex here). Quite a talented writer. I am random, this book is random, we clicked! So here is the review -

F.U.C.K. M.E, what a girl has to do to work in S.H.I.T., battle an old C.O.O.(T) and deal with C.R.A.P. in the office, all whilst pulling smiles from various places, including bins and drawers, and dealing with D.O.O.M., H.E.L.L. and P.I.S.S. along the way. All to get a blasted pay rise!

Someone has carked it in the offices of Grabbitt, Nickett and Leggatt and it’s up to office Hag in Training, Fallon Ursula Candida Katie Miriam Evans, to help her boss, Roger, out and solve the real problem at hand, her pay. It’s not cheap to pay for catsuits, nails and dry cleaning.

The tomato ketchup note may have pointed the finger at someone, but who can tell? It’s frightfully hard to decipher the machinations of the modern office at he best of times, let alone management’s memos. So what could be taken from this piece of rambling about the death of the C.O.O.(T)? -

‘Yes, he’d stopped breathing by the time I took my hands from his throat.’

Really, this information goes above ones pay scale and one only gets paid so much. After all there’s, literally, not a shred of evidence anywhere.

This is a delightfully satirical piece of writing from Anne Brooke. - modern ergonomic workspaces included. It’s quite British, ‘transfers to the Slough office’ included - hello David Brent a la The Office. However, the information is transferable to any country and is easy to relate to for anyone who has worked in an office, near or far. It’s relatable to anyone having to deal with people in an office.

Here are a few lines that tickled my fancy –

'Morning, Roger’ I said – ’Lovely day.’ The only answer was a moan. Well, sometimes a moan is the most communicative sound bosses produce, apart from the odd groan or peculiar snorting noise, so this wasn’t unusual.

No answer. I kicked again. I wasn’t that concerned as a lifetime of office experience had shown me that the longer one kept from meeting management of any kind, the longer one was likely to survive.

‘Easy Rog,’ I replied with the confidence that comes from being a woman and therefore always being in the right.

‘Be careful,’ I said, deepening my voice in the manner of great women everywhere.

This ebook is a very short piece, about 11 pages. Don’t worry about the word count because Anne Brooke always packs quality into every word. I found it to be laugh out loud funny and just a fun read. I know these characters because, like most people, I’ve worked with them at one time or another. Have a read and have a laugh at your boss or co-worker, they won't know.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Thicker Than Blood, Avery Vanderlyle


I really do believe that this is an interesting book. Well worth the read if you like a bit of technical substance in the framework of an LGBT book.

- Review by Kazza K

David sipped his bitter home-brewed ale and watched the bravest woman in the world dance. Ayana’s tattoos glowed yellow in the dimness, tribal shapes and animals prowling on the canvas of her chestnut skin.

Fourteen years ago the NanT Corporation developed nanotechnology-enhanced tattoos, including those with hologram emitters, then they added anti-aging bots to their repertoire, then intellectual nanobots –increasing memory, intellectual endurance, and decision making skills. People in positions of authority clamoured for the products. Within a few years, people with NanT implants started behaving erratically or becoming ill. After The Crash, as it was labelled, most of America’s leaders were dead and those that were left were disoriented; martial Law was enacted. Typically, chaos ensued, looting, violence and the government was overrun by those seeking power, including religious factions; who gained territories. During this period people learned that some children had inherited nanobots from a parent, and they were targeted by those fearful of what they may become. People with nanobots went into hiding, including one of the MC’s Dave, who had his bots passed on biologically via his mother. Now, 14 years post The Crash, he runs a bar with his brother, Rich, and their cousin, Chip. That is how David comes to meet the nano-tattooed Ayana.

Ayana has a brother, James, who is now falling prey to the NanT nanotechnology and is dying. Ayana and Yan, Ayana's scientist lover, have an idea to get some of David’s naturally resistant, inherited nanobots into James; to, theoretically, help him reboot his bots and restore his health. In the process James develops an insta-attraction to Dave. Ayana, Yan and James want David to accompany them to MIT to access their laboratories to help James and, via him, others with their ailing nanotechnology.

Thicker Than Blood is a difficult book to review and classify. It is multi-racial, it is LGBT, but it is also a dystopian, sci-fantasy, biotechnology themed book; complete with some, basic, sex. I know bi-sexuality is touted as being in the book and it is, although that is somewhat of a stretch; as Ayana has a female partner, and a blowjob for David's nanobots is more about a barter than her sexual orientation.

Given the constraints of size, being a 30 page ebook, it is pretty well written. Avery Vanderlyle has done a good job with the technicalities of nanotechnology, of where the characters are and why, of the society they now live in. I liked the fact that more than just lip service was paid to their dystopian society, there was some tension and a fair look at Ms Vanderlyle’s created society. Money is no longer the currency; useful items are bartered in exchange for something you need - fuel, cigarettes, oil, airtime minutes for the phone, batteries, weed, food, alcohol etc. The part that was lacking was the sexual attraction. It book was simply too short to flesh that out well. It was also too short to help grab emotional investment in/or give you full attachment to the characters. Having said that, I am interested in their journey and their plight; although I would have liked a particular character to have stood out for me.

This book seriously had the potential to be a real knock-out if it was closer to, if not a full size book. The ending is not going to please everybody; it literally ends mid journey for James, David, Yan and Ayana. So, I'm going to be presumptuous and believe that Thicker Than Blood is book 1 of a series, because, surely, it cannot be left where it was. I do recommend this book to those that don't mind something a little different, and fancy a bit of science with their LGBT.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The Reluctant Dom, Tymber Dalton

This book covers so many emotions. Tymber Dalton nailed it.

- Review by Kazza K

I posted this review on GR ages ago and I kept meaning to post it here because I love it and I like to put my favourites on here -

I have wanted to read this book for ages, my new Kindle let me do just that. There were a myriad of reasons I wanted to read it, it sounded interesting and, for both personal and professional reasons, it seemed a must read. I can see from the comments that it can be a polarising experience, for me it was a beautiful book. The story outline has been well covered by others, this is my spin.

Yes, it is about BDSM, yes, it is erotic in content, yes, it is about a woman who has suffered past abuse, yes, it is about friendships. Most of all it is about love, deep, longlasting love and selfless sacrifice. Seth and Kaden's friendship has spanned 40+ years, which in and of itself is amazing, seeing how easily people can cast aside friends. Kaden has always been there for Seth, through 3 marriages/divorces, through the melt down of the construction industry, which affected Seth both financially and personally. So, Kaden has always been supportive, Leah has also been along for the journey for the last 20 years of her marriage to Kaden. She looked after Seth post hernia surgery, post marriages, she used to enjoy riding on the back of his bike, before one of Seth's wives made sure she took that pleasure away. Basically, crisis or not, Kaden and Leah were always there. Now Kaden is dying and Seth, although very unsure of his friends (Master/slave) lifestyle, is asked to step up to the plate, actually he is shown how and why he has to step up to the plate, then he truly understands what is required. He reluctantly, at first, takes the ball and slowly starts to run with it; and then continues; after a few doubts. It is beautiful how you discover that Kaden, though the materially and professionally successful one, has highly valued his friendship with Seth, Seth never asked for money, never expected Kaden, although a Lawyer, to handle divorces for him, he always saw Kaden as Kaden - his friend, not as a meal ticket or social ladder. As Kaden stated "he could be a bum and Seth would still love him as a friend," it was never about what he could get out of him. I loved seeing the relationship develop between Kaden, Leah and Seth as a caring, loving menage. I loved that Seth never thought that it was OK to just 'jump' Leah and have sex with her, she was his dearest friend's wife, and he had strong principals. As the story unfolds we learn that Leah has always loved Seth, he has "starred" in some of her naughtier fantasies, she never believed Seth's wives were right for him. Kaden made sure Seth knew this and that Kaden was more than OK with it. Seth needed to know this, hear this to start on the journey of creating a strong, physical/loving bond that Seth needed to have with Leah to keep her on an emotionally even keel. It was both a turn on and a frightening feeling for Seth to be desired by this (amazing) woman, he does not want it, though, at the expense of Kaden's life; it is handled tastefully.

I must stress there is a slow coming together for Seth with Leah. The sex is never gratuitous, the feelings the three have for one another are beautiful and heartfelt, it just felt right. Even though the subject matter is sad, death is never at the top of most people's to do list, it is not bogged down in misery or self pity. Seth has realistic moments of grief and confusion, Kaden is true to life in his characterisation, that he has to control everything to the end, and beyond; but in the nicest, most caring of ways. Seth is very much needed for Leah after Kaden's death, as is Leah for Seth, they are both losing a massive part of their lives and a huge hole is being left in their soles and psyche.

Here I would like to put my two cents worth in about concerns re: seeing BDSM as a cure for past abuse. This book obviously is not a psychiatrict or psychological manual, it is a fictional piece, but I have to say that it covers abuse, and the use of BDSM as a therapy, well. I do understand the dynamic of abused children/youths who are now adults, and there is no perfect model for how you deal with someone wading through this complex and far too common problem. Counselling, when you see the right person, and sometimes medication, can most certainly help people, but everyone is different. The BDSM in this book was on the lighter side and Ms Dalton addressed the fact that there are people who abuse the practice. However, Kaden was far from an abuser, he used routine and structure to help Leah's anxieties - an excellent practice. He also used other methods to help, such as swimming, emotional release, eg crying at appropriate times, and diversion. He learned all he could to help his wife, he knew her triggers better than others could have, as he loved her deeply. There is no investment like love to guide you. He made sure, while setting Seth up as Leah's new Master, that Seth learned all he could in a short timeframe to take over. Seth understood his best friend, also knew Leah, as much as one can not living with someone prior, and what he didn't know he would learn; as he, too, was emotionally invested, and was a good, caring man. Kaden ultimately left Leah in the right hands, a great sacrifice given the fact he was dealing with his own mortality. Excellent writing.

I liked who the "Reluctant Dom" was, it says so much when Tony has his first person chapter near the end. This book is not an easy read, the "heartbeat, Kaden's dying" eerily permeates most pages, but it is an honest, heartfelt read, one where you feel deeply for the characters. I must say I just loved Kaden, couldn't help it, and I really had such soft spots for both Seth and Leah as well. This book is not bogged down in the mire of death, rather it is about true love and enduring friendship, these are beautiful things. Thank you Tymber Dalton, The Reluctant Dom was a wonderful, heartfelt read

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Tommy's Blind Date, Anne Brooke.

A short yet incredibly charming, sexy read. Anne Brooke knows how to grab you with so few words. 

- Review by Kazza K

Tommy's Blind Date is such a relatable, feel good read. If it had a cheek I'd want to pinch it :)

Tommy Godolphin (love the last name) has been on some typically crappy blind dates, but his latest, with Hector, is particularly craptacular. Hector, at twenty two, is 1ten years younger than Tommy and turns up tanked and looking like he's had a roll or two in the hay, putting the same clothes back on after each tumble. Hector gave off a clear 'this is a sleazy pick-up not a date' vibe. I loved the dialogue and quick wit displayed by Tommy, particularly when Hector impertinently asked -

"What do you like to do in bed?"

I smiled right back at Hector. "In bed I like reading the papers and drinking tea. Preferably The Gurdian and English Breakfast. You weren't expecting sex were you? I haven't done any of that messy business since Y2K. So passe, my dear. Another drink?"

Hector gaped at me. "You're joking, right?"

Yes, Hector, he was.

After Tommy's latest blind date fiasco Jacob, Tommy's best friend since school, suggests they go out on a 'blind date.' It's to rate it, see what could be happening that's less than stellar, to see how Tommy acts when out. Tommy figures it's unusual but not a bad idea. He agrees, and this is when the book really gets interesting.

This little story it utterly charming, neither Jacob nor Tommy are anything but ordinary blokes -

I stared at myself, taking in my receding fair hair and the slight softness of my stomach. Blind dates? Who the hell did I think I was kidding? No wonder Hector hadn't been interested.

I won't deny that I love a good alpha, kick-arse, strong lead as much as the next person. However, I also have a great love of everyday characters as well. Those I can relate to, that seem like real people with smarts and humour, who don't have tickets on themselves. Both of the MC's here fit that to a tee.

Once again Anne Brooke shows her superior writing style; she is the queen of how, when done right, few words are required to pack a punch. This book may be very short, but it's witty, sweet AND steamy - believe me when I say I felt the passion reaching out and grabbing me solidly, in all the right places, from my Kindle. I highly recommend Tommy's Blind Date to all M/M and open minded readers. Read it and see, I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

I'll leave this review with Thomas's words, yes Thomas, to sum it up.

I felt desired beyond measure. I felt free.

A Younger Man (Cabin Fever #3), Cameron Dane


They’re baaack….God I missed steaming cocks, taints and fluttering channels. With every flutter of a channel I know I’m reading the one, the only erotic writer extraordinaire, Cameron Dane!

- Review by Kazza K


I want to start by saying I have favourite writers. Who doesn't? Cameron Dane is one of my favourites. There are a few I'm rather fond of and you will find a few here on this site in my reviews; not all though. The reason they are my favourites is that I just seem to get their writing instinctively. Time and again they seem to write something I like, and I feed into their characters really well; no matter if they mix it up quite a bit or not. Most importantly, I find their writing passionate in some way or another. So having said that -


A Younger Man is about Noah Maitland, a secondary, yet memorable character from Grey's Awakening, Cabin Fever # 2). Noah had a strong interest in one of that books MC's, Sirus; he also came out and, with much soul searching, ended his 20 year marriage. I'm so glad he's back with his own story. The other MC is Zane Halliday, a young man who has lost his parents and is trying to keep his two younger (step) siblings with him against difficult odds. Zane is down on his luck and being evicted from his meagre accomodation when Noah first meets him, feeling concern for the young man and helping him out - because that's the kind of guy Noah is.

It would be easy to peg the two MC's as just too darn nice, but they are written so well that you can't help but really like if not love them both. Noah as this respectful, courteous, kind, family orientated 42 year old man, that has genuine fears about being gay. He doesn't know how to be with a man, tries dating, but finds it all too overwhelming. When he gives his affection he wants it to be real. He also worries about the impact it has on his family; not to mention his concern over growing desires for a 24 year old that is close in age to his own 19 year old son, Seth. Zane is this 'mature before his years' 24 year old that had nursed his ill step father from 15-19 and then continued to raise his siblings, Duncan and Hailey, whilst trying to hold down a job. He has put his life on hold to be responsible.

Cameron Dane has writen a contemporary novel here and subtlely touches on current issues, such as the difficulty one faces coming out, particularly when one has been married; and, most timely, marriage equality -

Sirus said in a raspy voice, “You’ve never called me your husband before.”
Defiant, almost angry sounding, Grey spat, “I don’t care what this state says, or if it’ll ever give us a paper that legally allows me to call you so.” He stalked Sirus, adding, “You are the person I trust and believe in most in this world; you are my partner for life; you own my heart, and that makes you my husband. Don’t ever forget it or think you’re getting away.”

It is not lost on me that this book is set in North Carolina.

There is a lot to love about A Younger Man; mostly it's the well written protagonists, Noah and Zane. There are other factors too, such as the love Zane has for his family mirroring the love Noah has for his, the constant awareness of the responsibility both men have to their families in their own ways. The understanding they both share of extened family - Zane's loss of his mother and step father and the struggle Noah is having to gain a solid relationship with his dad, a man he deeply admires, since coming out as gay.

Cameron Dane is a good writer and, for me, what sits her a rung above many in this genre is her ability to wring the very depths of the souls of her characters out on the page. Noah and Zane with another writer could have just come off as M/M versions of a Mary Sue, and that would have been awful. I like a flawed character and I like darkness in a lot of my books. A Younger Man, whilst having two antagonists in the background, and periods of self reflection from both MC's - Zane never having had the time to work out his sexuality before, and Noah dealing with his concern at wanting someone so young, so inexperienced - is a very sweet book at heart. The passion between the two men is palpable though - from when they are originally working it out, including glances, light touches, fantasizing, to when they do get together. The sex is plentiful and erotic to the max, Cameron Dane writes some kinky-arse sex at times but, let me say, very few writers can write sex as well as Cameron Dane. Very few writers can write as well as Cameron Dane full stop. I loved this book. Oh yes, April Martinez's book cover is just beautiful and fully reflects the book.

Still Battling Glass (Battling Glass # 2), D J Manly


- Review by Kazza K

Still Battling Glass picks up where Battling Glass left off. Half human/half vampire Emilien has been living with his human lover, Carl, since they survived a battle with Emilien’s power hungry, spiteful father, Alexander.

Emilien and Carl have now been together for 30 years. Carl is 57 and increasingly maudlin over his mortality. Carl is aging and generally not in peak health, whilst Emilien stays permanently locked-in to his immortal age of approximately 25. It’s also hard for Carl to endure people commenting on his attractive “son” when Emilien is his lover. Emilien being Emilien believes it’s best to let Carl be on his own, to move on without him, because he’s taken enough happiness from Carl already. At this point I was ready to jump into my Kindle and slap Emilien and say “communicate; you don’t leave your depressed partner, it’s not cool, Emilien.” However, Emilien is nothing if not constant in his model of behaviour - perplexing and, at critical moments, uncommunicative, yet, paradoxically, kind and supportive of those who he sometimes knows the least about eg Stoner and Mickey, two down on their luck characters; Stoner, a petty thief and Mickey a 14 year old from a troubled home. Don’t get me wrong, Emilien does care about those he knows/loves but he sometimes struggles to truly empathise or see the big picture.

Alexander is back, again. He’s over his truce with his son, Emilien, and wants to exact revenge. Alexander does not want Emilien rallying the “vampire nation” behind him. Ironically Emilien has never wanted to lead anyone. At heart he’s always tried to keep a low profile and fit into his human side, not be a leader of vampires –

“You are a God,” Bradock whispered. There was a reverence in his voice, “You are a gift to us all.”

“It seems to be my fate,” Emilien said, trying to keep the bitterness out of his voice. “I am destined either to be exalted, or to be deemed worthy of death. It’s ironic really, since all I’ve ever wanted to be is an ordinary man.”

Alexander has summoned dark forces to battle Emilien, and those on his son’s side, this time around. Alexander is using fellow crony/council member, Wolfgang, and a new dark presence, Neil, to find Emilien, who, because he’s hurting after leaving Carl, has resumed a pattern of previous self-destructive behaviour – drugs and random sex.

Along with Emilien and Carl everyone left from book 1, Battling Glass, is back - Nathan, Vanessa, Harmony makes an appearance, and Francois, ahh Francois, and some newcomers including, Mickey, Stoner, Bradock, Neil, and a few helpful humans. There are also other vampires in the background with their own agenda, all regarding Emilien.

I really have enjoyed this series. It’s interesting, as in Battling Glass I did not have much love for Carl and I still loved the book. Here, in book 2, I empathised with him immensely. I felt more connected to him, his personality was more fleshed out, albeit in a sadder context. He has had it tough, he can’t let anyone know what Emilien is; he can’t work or connect with others in order to continue being in a relationship with Emilien. They have also needed to keep on the down-low from Alexander. For love, Carl has given up much, and now he is older he's struggling to face his aging appearance against a young, gorgeous partner. He thinks about his mortality versus his partner’s immortality. Carl also knows that Emilien has had needs that only Francois has been able to fulfill, so he has had to share him over their 30 year relationship; which hasn't been easy. So my appeciation of Carl's character grew very much in book 2.

Francois proves himself to be a loyal friend, lover and ally, yet again, and my love of Francois continues in book 2. Francois does a lot of the hard work in helping a rather helpless Emilien when he needs it, including protection of Mickey, whom Emilien has taken under his wing. Nathan is as charmingly socially aware as before *sigh :(* and, I personally love Vanessa, have a huge crush on her, she’s witty and tough, yet it’s balanced with a conservative compassion, DJ Manly has written her words so well, she has some of the best lines in both books. Vanessa is just as much the survivor here as she was in book 1–

“Whose lapdog are you now?” “No-one’s!” She met his gaze. “I like winners, you know that. Are you on the winning side, Alex, or losing?”

Both Battling Glass and Still Battling Glass look at humanity, what it means, what form it comes in. Both books also look at what/who constitutes family and love. The main characters are gay, however there is much sexual fluidity within all the characters, which I like, they’re vampires after all, or, at times, fringe dwellers. I love D J Manly’s take on paranormal, it’s dark, there is some interesting, yet easy to digest world building carried on, great characters and, where book 1 contained historical elements, Still Battling Glass is primarily contemporary with a quasi-gothic feel. There was also a much stronger erotic current this time around as well. This book wrapped-up any questions one might have had from book 1. Although it finishes the book off nicely, the epilogue leaves some possibilities to move on if the author so chooses. I hope so. Terrific reading.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Secrets, Skin and Leather, Sean Michael

WARNING - This review is littered with sex and sexual words and that's about it. If you are easily offended, don't read it. If you're looking for a fully coherent review, don't read it.

- Review by Kazza K

Never read Sean Michael before, will read again. Secrets, Sin and Leather is a Sexy, kinky, down and dirty read. While the review may seem random, it is the sex content as it happens in the book just stripped down to a word or words. Obviously there's more dialogue than I've indicated, but it's minimalist and the plot weaves around the sex. I really enjoyed it because it's kinky and it's passionate and I like people being able to be who they are. That's what this book is about, being true to who you are, and if that's a kinky sexed up gay man, or men, as in this book, then don't let anyone stop you being true to you. 

My Kinky-Arsed Review

High powered executive meeting, the bored head honcho, Dillon, goes to a club after, sees one of the other executives, Scott Daley, aka Dal in his kink zone, - now in a cincher, kohl, and nipple rouge - shaking his sweet arse. Dillon leaves without being noticed and plots another meeting on an island resort to get cincher executive, Dal, into his bed. They enjoy the resort, not the scenery, well, except to play with/pull perineum rings (aka guiche piercing), fuck, cum, fuck again, cum again, another cincher, nipple clamps, dick wand, fuck, cum, bite, mark, bite, fuck, cum, fuck, cum…shower, spiked glove, cum.
8 weeks apart, dark, smouldering eyes across business cocktail party, bathroom grope, limousine wank, suck, cum, arse finger, cum, fuck, cum – ‘weary, balls to bones.’

Now at Dillon’s beach house in Maine - “on my lap, baby. I’ll feed you”- *tosses away Dal’s "dull" contact lenses* - decadent lobster and champagne fuck-fest begins, dining room table perineum ring pull, fuck, cum….eat a piece of pineapple. Two weeks of holidays - “You’re mine for the next two weeks, and you’re going to need your strength.” Skin appreciation, biting, marking, nipple biting, cocks sliding, cum, oops, making “plans,” New England in November = “Queercicles”, shower together, clean each other, Dal has secret genital region tattoo, lets’ shave Dal, no! not yet. More skin appreciation, green leather corset and matching cock ring, mmm leather, blow job, walk on the beach, hands linked -  Dillon's falling -  clothes off playing with food seductively, mmm - strawberries, cream, hot chocolate and nipple play, leather, food and sucking on a  cock ringed cock, Dal bent over kitchen bench getting rimmed, Dillon stretching Dal, thinking of fisting, fuck, bite, play with leather, release cock ring, cum. Thinking about sex, nipple play, admiring bite marks, perineum ring pulls, shower, marking, cum, anal cleanse, fisting, fuck, cum – “Now you won’t ever forget me.” “No. No, I won’t.”

Last night of 2 weeks together, going to have dinner and dancing – white cincher, black pants, kohl, cock stirring – Dillon had ‘cum more in the last 2 weeks than he had in the last year.’(I don’t doubt it!) “Come let me feed you.” “Mmm. Am I on the menu?” (You’re kidding, me right? Of course you are Dal!) Shirt coming off between courses, lap straddling, eating food, licking fingers, salty Dal, hard cocks, cincher just below rouged nipples, nipple play, back arched, lip biting, cock lick, ball tugging, monosyllabic word exchange - “Good. More.” “Mmmhmm.” “Baby.” “Fuck.” Cock sucking, orgasm, black studded leather cock ring, dirty dancing with cock ring, white cincher, black pants, prominent bulge, rouged nipples, kohled eyes – big turn on. Nipple pinching, cock jerking, perineum ring tugging, (they’re both falling) “So you want a next time?” “Don’t you?” “Yes.” “Me, too, baby” – kissing, groaning – “I’m gonna fuck you over the couch, and then I’m going to take you to bed and fuck you through the mattress. Gonna feel me for days.” “Good.” Hands sliding over skin, leather and silk, rocking hips, arse arching, hands tied together, cock ring, seeping cock, tease, bent over couch, hands bound, white cincher, smell of leather, cock teased in the cock ring, rimming, fuck, cock ring too much, trying to get it off – “You. Don’t. Get. To. Come.Yet. Gonna. Make. You. Wait” – each work punctuated by a thrust, cum, more play, ride ‘em cowboy,  ‘want to come’, ‘hold on,’  “come for me.” End of 2 week holiday.

New year’s eve – guys catch up, ink, rings, leather, tequila, shirtless, cincher, public body shots, licking, kissing, exhibitionism, Dal busted by conservative client’s son, (oh, shit!) Back to Dillon’s, nipple play, grinding against a wall, into bed, double blowjob, corset rubbing, fuck, nipple play, cum, cum, nipple clamps, looking at Dillon’s fetish collection – corsets, cinchers – leather, lace, PVC, rubber, all in Dal’s size,( aww) - and  plugs of all sizes, scissoring, loooong, vibrating plug – “Damn. Damn. Dillon. Shit. I.” ‘Oh, goodie. Incoherence.’  Cock and ball ring – “Dance for me, baby. Show me how sexy you can be.” “Dance?” “Move for me, show me how the clamps and the corset and the plug and the cock ring make you feel.”  “So damned sexy.  And all mine.” I could do this all night. Watch you move for me until the sun comes up and makes the sweat on your skin shine.” BJ, cum, (the sub is falling) -“I love you” said to a sleeping Dillon – Dal leaves. Dal's in hiding, on a bender, private investigator (hired by Dillon). Plot! Words of commitment – coming out together, vanilla sex, “you are mine.” “Yours.”  Ungloved sex, orgasms, “love.” Sober Dal, more food in erotic positions, olive to mouth transfers, tzaziki fingers to mouth, offers to live together from Dillon, shave Dal’s pubes, tattoo worshipping, BJ, cum, fuck, tug, cum, declarations of “mine.” Finger fuck, corset, bite, sexy nipple piercing, handjob, fuck, tug, cum. Then -
 Epilogue *ahhh*

I loved it - sexy men, sexy sex, sexy kink, sexy words. I zeroed in on the sex, hence my sex filled review :) Recommended music for this book - Closer by Nine Inch Nails or anything by Dave Gahan.