Friday, 12 October 2012

Demon Love, Jack Greene

Just a fun, sexy, delightful read. My first time with Jack Greene was fun!

- Review by Kazza K

Two college guys, Lucas and Trevor, decide to cast a spell after Trevor has been given a spell book by a little old lady in Little Korea, a la Gremlins. Who hasn't wanted to do a little spell dabbbling when they were younger? Trevor is straight, Lucas is gay, they are best friends and go to the same Californian college.

First of all, I had Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure deja vu moments with the dialogue. The writing was perfect for nineteen year old guys, with their often random nineteen year old thought processes -

"Look. This one says you can legit call up a demon. Rad."
"Freals? Lemme see." Trevor gabbed the tome from Lucas and peered at it. "Sweet. Says the demon has to do your bidding and shit. That would be intense."
Lucas laughed. "I'd have him terrorize Dr. Owen. That asshole hates me, man."
"Just 'cause you won't suck his cock," Trevor teased.
"Ew! Don't even say shit like that. I totally got a mental image... Nasty"
"You'd get an A," Trevor offered, shrugging his shoulders.
"You suck him off then," Lucas responded, still grossed out.

Their youthful enthusiasm, banter and references to pop culture seriously made my day -

"So I Googled Demons last night."
Lucas raised an eyebrow. "Okay."
"Yeah, it's totes awesome. If you can call up a demon then it's your slave. Has to do whatever you tell it."
"Where'd you read that? Wikipedia? Lucas snorted
"Fuck off. There are lots of sites. You should check it out."

"Look we can do it this Friday, it's the thirteeth! That should help."
"Hey! Maybe I have a hot date or something," Lucas objected.
"Yeah right," Trevor snorted.
"It could happen!"
Trevor crossed his arms looking skeptical. "Do you?"
"No," Lucas had to admit, "but you don't need to assume."
"Whatever. Look I'm a loser, too. No date."
"Perfect," Trevor enthused. "Now we have to say the incantation."
Lucas  peered at the book. "Dude, if this shows up on YouTube you're fucking dead."

So, long story short, the guys do indeed conjure up a demon. One that, for reasons you can read, bonds with Lucas. The demon is smoking hot. Everything Lucas wants in his (wet)dream guy the demon has, and them some.

The book now shifts focus to Corson, the demon, and Lucas and their growing relationship, with moments of Trevor thrown in. Corson is a cross between a cheeky, sexy demon, and I Dream of Jeannie. Anything Lucas desires, Lucas can have - cars, money, trips to Bali, great sex (although I wished for more). Just full-blown, terrific escapism.

There is one other moment with another demon, but mostly it's a character and relationship driven contemporary story. It's funny, there's never a dull moment, it's a bit cheesy, the 'L' word gets thrown out there, but who cares? I didn't. I really had fun reading this book. I could read about Trevor and Lucas as friends, and Corson and Lucas's relationship again. In a heartbeat.

College guys are not usually my first choice in books. But, seriously, I'm glad I stumbled upon Demon Love. This is my first Jack Greene read, and if this is anything to go by it won't be my last. Great, fun, quick reading, and a wonderful pick-me-up. It honestly made me laugh and feel good.

Here's my vote for Corson. What's not to like :)


  1. Oh, this looks perfect! I love the quotes and your Bill and Ted reference. I have to read this soon. It looks like exactly what I'm looking for right now. I love the pic! :)

    1. I NEEDED this book today, or yesterday now for me. It was fun and just a pleasure to read. I like the pic too, The one I really wanted might have had me banned *big grin*

    2. I personally think that you should send the pic that might have had you banned to your blog partner so that she can see how "bad" it is... :) For a second opinion of course.


    3. My 'blog partner' received one of the photos in her email already - happy, full-mast guys they were and all :) But my favourite is even yummier, he he.

    4. And what a nice picture to wake up to..! Feel free to send your favorite... any time. :)