Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Kazza K Book Reviews Changes Are Coming

Some Exciting News

This blogspot is going to undergo some changes as of next week. First of all I'm going to be joined by a good friend of mine, Cindi. Cindi is from America. I'm from Australia, which I think adds so much dimension to our experiences, tastes and ideas. Second, we both love reading, we both love reviewing, and we have the same philosophy on honest, insightful and fair reviews. We mainly read within the same genres, but we are quite diverse in who/what we read, we have books that are different, we have books that are in common. No matter what, we love books and we compliment each other. This joint blogspot gives us more scope to cover more books with our own style and flair. Together we can review more often, than I could alone, and add some different flavours and feels to our reviews. We believe that this will help build this review site into something bigger and even better.
Previously I've had a philosophy of always buying every book I read, rated, and reviewed. I felt my reviews would be few and far between, but that hasn't been the case. I read a lot and I review a lot. Cindi also reads a lot and she reviews a lot. Now this review site will be open to ARC's from publishers/writers who would like a comprehensive and honest review on their books. In a short period of time kazzakbook reviews and therapy has gained a good size audience, even though member numbers are small, the book look-sees are large. We will be building membership now as well.
We are open but our tastes are primarily influenced by erotic, sexy/romantic writing. Which encompasses, M/F, paranormal, UF, sci-fantasy and everything incorporated under the GLBTQ umbrella. Between us we read ALL in the GLBTQ genre - M/M, F/F, trans, bi, menage and gay-lit. We do not limit reading to M/M only.

So, as of next week, kazzakbookreviewsandtherapy will become On Top Down Under Book Reviews. Cindi and I feel the name is strong and it reflects many things - our geography and the open nature/fluidity of our blogspot and our reviews.

Thank you to my members for your support. Thank you to the people who come in and read my reviews. I hope you continue to support On Top Down Under Book Reviews and Cindi and Kazza K together.





  1. Thank you, KazzaK! I am so excited over this new venture. I can't wait to join forces with you and I thank you for allowing me to share in your love of all things written.

    (.... I'm loving the picture, by the way)


    1. Glad you love the picture. I thought it very apt. I'm very much looking forward to you, my fellow book loving friend, being on board as well. Our reviews, life observation and differnt use of the English language will kick arse/ass - see - LOL.

  2. I am very much looking forward to this exciting collaboration between the hemispheres! Welcome Cindi :)

    1. Thanks for the welcome, Pandorash8! I am really excited to be joining forces with my best reading buddy.... who just happens to be across the world.. :)

  3. Yay! Dual hemispheres. It is exciting. Two fabulous, kinky women, lol.

    Cheers, Pandorash8