Monday, 31 December 2012

Quid Pro Quo (Market garden #1), L A Witt and Aleksandr Voinov


Jared wanted to look, to see the two of them in the mirror, all tangled up in mutual cocksucking ecstasy.

- Review by Kazza K

Quid Pro Quo by L.A. WittYep, I think that heading sums it up. Sexy as fuck. This book is not huge on plot, it's not meant to be, but there's just enough for the reader to be invested in the MC's. Jared works at Market Garden, a club that caters to an upmarket clientele looking for attractive men. Men you pay for sexual encounters. It's a slow time of year, economy doesn't help, and Jared, whilst feeling the financial pinch, gets some time to admire the gorgeous and self-assured Tristan one of his...colleagues.

While Jared and Tristan are having a conversation, a john approaches and wants them both for the night. The john is dubbed 'rolex' for the watch he wears. Tristan is happy to show him a sample of what to expect, for a fee -
"Like that?"
The man smirked and nodded. "I do, yes. So do you both fuck and get fucked? Because I will happily pay for both."
"I go both ways." Tristan looked at Jared, that eyebrow arched again.
Jared nodded. "Same."

...and Tristan certainly makes him pay for the services the john wants and, as a bonus, both Tristan and Jared are quite up for getting it on. Score!

If you like the following -

Rentboy stories



Guys fucking and negotiating all at once, all kinds of hot I'm here to tell you, where someone has to hold off on a climax and is begging for it *fans please*

Very well written sex scenes/Good quality Erotica

Interesting characters

You're not looking for a rentboy happy ending everytime. You're satisfied with a mutually sexy outcome

A quality short read.....

Then definitely read Quid Pro Quo because it is holy shizemballs hot! and had lots to keep me flying through it. Hope there's more.


  1. This just went on my list. I can't wait to read it. I love L.A. Witt but I haven't read an Aleksandr Voinov book since an excited reader ruined a series for me (I'm still cussing that 'excited' reader). I love rent boy books and voyeurism. Definitely my kind of story.

    I love the pics you added. HOT! ;)

    1. Two very good exponenents of the written erotic word -meaning bloody sexy writing, lol. Mmm, I thought the pictures apt. Get it, Cindi....You know you want to...:)

  2. Love the review Sweetie... and no picture police to interfere with the lovely view!!

    1. Thanks Monique. You're so right, bugger the picture police :) Mind you, I would like to be more...artistic with my picture use, *grins*