Wednesday, 19 December 2012

My House Boy Elf, Kimberly Hunter

Just what I needed going into Christmas. Something light, bright and sweet.


My House Boy ElfVincent and Wesley run House Boy Services and a client of theirs, Donovan Eliot, needs their house boy assistance at his gay club, Sakura, for the busy holiday period.  More than running a house boy service Vincent and Wesley matchmake using the magical Snow Crystal and they know Donovan needs some love in his life. Donovan Eliot lost his partner, Garrett, three years ago and the two match-makers see a special someone for Donovan amd that special someone works for House Boy Services, Trace Moore.
Donovan is a self-made man and the moment he sees the sweet Trace, complete with nipple ring under his sexy elf costume, he is smitten.
Trace Moore is approached by Donovan and, spurred on by a friend, Donovan makes a move on sweet, tempting, sexy Trace.
Of course Trace reciprocates the mutal feelings of attraction, and then some..
It's insta-lust/love, it's a short story - I didn't want to be bogged down, I wanted to cut to the chase. These two sweet men did cut to the chase, but Donovan was being extra romantic before the....main event.
My House Boy Elf is only about 30 pages so there's not a lot of room for full character development, but there's just enough to make it sweet, cute and lovely. There's also a nice HEA. And in a world where things can be harsh it was exactly what I was looking for leading into Christmas. I got a big serve of sweet pudding here with Donovan and Trace and I couldn't have been happier.


  1. This looks really good.... like what I'm looking for right now. Great review.

    1. Thanks. I kept it to a minimum, lol. It's cute and just plain nice.

  2. Thanks, hon! Glad you liked it. My pub wanted something short and sweet for their tryst line. This was what I came up with. ;)