Friday, 14 December 2012

Love Beyond The Curve, Kate Patrick

The full-figured lovely gets her hunk!

- Review by Kazza K

My Charlotte
This is a very sweet, down-home, true romance. Featuring a nice heroine and a charming leading man, who become friends first, then work their way through to more over many months.

Charlotte Hamilton is a paediatric nurse who has just moved to Memphis for work. She meets her landlord, Reed, later - her acccomodation had been made on her behalf. She is a full-figured lovely who likes herself but has been hurt by others, including catty women, and men who love her personality and looks, but don't want to be seen out with 'the bigger girl.' I liked Charlotte, but she frustrated me from time to time as she vacillated between confidence and insecurity at her weight - however in this you-can-never-be- too-thin culture we find ourselves in I empathised.

Reed works in construction and in the beginning has a girlfriend, Candace, who is the stereotypically thin gym-junkie. She doesn't like his down-to-earth manner, ideas, and friends. They both come from well-to-do families, and Candace is a snob. Reed likes to socialise with his construction crew, they've worked together for ages and they all get along. Charlotte fits right in as she is comfortable being 'one of the boys.'

...And Reed
When Reed has a workplace accident, Candace is nowhere to be seen but Charlotte steps up to the plate. As Reed gets to know Charlotte more he starts to fall for her. First as a friend, then as much more. And he just loves her curves, finds them soft, enticing....including her full breasts. I loved the way Reed set about "courting" Charlotte, to let her know he finds her sexy, and incredible....inside and out. He knows she is insecure and an old fashioned kind of 'gal and that he has to date her and show his sincerity, that he won't just have sex and run. That he won't just cast her aside for a thinner model. So he leaves her a letter on her car asking her out -

Dear Charlotte, Would you please do me the honour of accompanying me to dinner this Saturday evening at seven o'clock? If you find it agreeable, I would like to conclude out date with an evening of dancing. You may let me know your decision by calling me at 555 5455 at your earliest convenience. I will be anxiously awaiting your reply. Sincerely, Reed Jackson.

Love Beyond The Curve is definitely a romance novel. It is not erotic or particularly explicit, however it does have some sexy moments. It is lovely for women or men looking for respectful, truly romantic reading. It is a slow burn to their actual loving relationship and full sexual encounter but it is a very sweet, fitting moment. There is also a message - love who you are, respect yourself, and take a chance when it comes along. I have to admit there was one line in the book that was special to me - "you are all woman." I'll say no more :) If you like true romance, if you want to root for the full-figured woman and the hunky, caring man you definitely should read Love Beyond The Curve
Love Beyond the Curve


  1. How refreshing to see a book where the female main character is not skinny and 'perfect'. This looks like a really good one. Great review.

    1. Thanks Cindi :) It IS nice to see. Like you, I like all representations in books. How anyone could actually see the woman I put in as 'my Charlotte' above as anything but sexy is beyond me. But some would call her fat nowadays *shakes head*