Friday, 7 December 2012

Pet Peeves, Rude People, Rants and (of course) More College Football

Sarcasm, a couple of rants and a tad of bitchiness.

- By Cindi

I'm bummed. :(  No college football to look forward to this weekend.  Of course after Alabama's game last week against the Georgia Bulldogs in the SEC (southeastern conference) championship game,  I think my old heart needs a break. It got down to 5 yards and 5 seconds.  Oh my Gawd!  It was one of those games that made me wish I had never become a fan.  No matter.  The 'Tide won it (eventually) and they will be playing in the National Championship game against Notre Dame in a few weeks (5 days before my birthday.  Hopefully I can say "Happy Birthday to me!" after that one).  There is the Heisman trophy ceremony Saturday night so I guess there is that even if there isn't a 'Bama guy in the running.  Hey, we take what we can get.  I hope to see Texas A & M's quarterback win it this year but it's unlikely to happen regardless of how amazing he is on the field.  They say he's too young.... he's a freshman and no freshman has ever won.  So what!  He's a phenom and deserves the trophy.  If you know anything about college football this year, I'm sure you will agree.  This kid is the sole reason for Alabama's only loss of the season.  He is simply amazing. 

Rude people......

I just got a rather nasty message on Goodreads in regards to a book I read and reviewed a few days ago.  Apparently the book was so offensive to this reader that they felt the need to criticize me... a complete stranger...  for saying it had laugh out loud moments in it.  Yes, the book was offensive.  It was disturbing.  There are things in it that will make you cringe and say "I could have gone my entire life without reading that!" but it's not real.  It's fiction, people.  Get over it.  Seriously.  I don't feel the need to justify my tastes in books or anything else.  I'm a grown up.  I can make the choices of what to read all by myself thank you very much.   Normally I would ignore a message like that because I thought it was silly.  Of course I had to respond to this one.

Me:  Did you actually read the book?

Him/Her (I have no clue):  Well no but I've read the reviews on here and they show that this book is reprehensible!  

Me:  Hmmm.. okay then!  Come back to me after you read it then we'll discuss it.

No response to that one.  

 I also received (several weeks ago) a message on there from someone who said "I would love  to be your friend on Goodreads but I am offended by the types of books you read...." along with a long, drawn-out message on why this person was offended.  Hmm... so, why send me the message?  What am I to do?  Stop reading the books I love because one person (that I do not know) is offended over it? I think not.  Here's a thought... before criticizing me and telling me I'm going to hell over what I read?  Get your facts straight.  I have been taught that my God loves everyone and that He is the only one who has a right to judge.  Not you.  Not me.  Do not quote religion to me.  You do not know me or what is in my heart.  For you to condemn someone over who they choose to love means that you are the one with the problem. I was raised in a very homophobic home.  I've heard it all and I have no desire to hear it again.  If my mother hasn't changed my views in the 40-something years that she has been trying I think it's safe to say that a stranger will not be able to do it either.

(Funny how that one still bugs me all these weeks later.  Yes, I know the person who sent that message won't be reading my little rant but I feel better after typing it. :) )

Since I'm on a roll.........

I have three grown sons (24, 21 and 18) and no, none of them are gay.   I would still love my child if one came out to me.  Good parents love their children unconditionally.    I read gay books because I enjoy them.  I discovered them after reading a straight series that had a gay couple in it.  Shortly after, I found Zathyn Priest and Sloan Parker and the rest is history.  I prefer them over the straight books because I got sick of whiny, helpless females in books.  After reading hundreds of those the LGBT books were a breath of fresh air.

Pet peeves ....

I will definitely not go back to 'that author' after I read three of her books in a series and I got invested in the two main characters (a male and female) and their relationship only to have the author throw in the male main cheating on the woman... with her best friend.  I would have to read three more books in the series to get to any type of resolution.  I refuse to waste my time and money.  And no, I will definitely not be reading any more... ever.. by this particular author.

I don't like series that focus on the same couple throughout.  I have read a few that I have loved (if T.J. Klune or Zathyn Priest writes it, I'm so there) but most fall flat to me.  I got involved (recently) in a very popular m/m series only to find out that there will be 9 books in the series total.  9?  What in the hell will there be left to say in that many books?  I've read 6.  I agree with maybe one more. I  can't see myself getting through 9 books without getting frustrated and bored.

I don't like cheating books.  I don't like books that glorify sexual assault.  I don't like books where children are abused in any way.  If it is part of a back story, fine.  I don't need to read the details.

If you are going to write a book with southern-speak in it (one of my biggest pet peeves) keep the y'alls and reckons to a minimum.  Don't write it where it looks like a Hee Haw version of Gone With The Wind.    

Just because.....

I love getting comments and messages from authors.  It shows that they care enough to read the reviews that I type.  If I don't like a book, I try to be as fair as I can be in my reviews without being mean.  If I am confronted (rudely) by an author about something they do not like in a review, it's a given I will never go back to that author's books... regardless of how highly they are recommended or if that particular author was a huge favorite to me before.  Reviews are opinions.  That's all.  I give mine.  Send me a private message or an email.  Do not blast me publicly because I did not like your book.  If I am incorrect in regards to facts in my reviews, I will gladly go back and make changes.  If an author simply does not like what I had to say?   I won't be changing it unless the review is out of line in some way.  

Because some rude person has had the nerve to imply otherwise.....

I do have a life away from my Kindle and laptop.  I am just lucky enough to have all the time I want to read.  I worked my ass off to get to this point so I am enjoying it.  I am not lazy and I do spend time with family and friends.  I do not neglect my sons or my husband because of my reading habits.   I am lucky enough to be married to a man who encourages me to do what I enjoy the most... read.  He does not work locally so I have plenty of time to do so.  When he's in town, it's a sure bet that my Kindle and laptop will remain turned off. 

Now that I have ranted and raved a bit (funny how one message from a total stranger can set me off) I hope that everyone has an amazing weekend.


  1. I hope they didn't say anything to you about the time you spend reading. You do heaps with your family, nuclear and extended, and then some. I will keyboard-slap them :) I read a lot too and I work two businesses (Yes, semi-retired) but I've still managed to interview staff for an international company this week, see clients, and read/review. Like you, Cindi, I am capable of many things - we're women, lol, have a brain, and have good families that support our obesssion, er, hobby. I love how you snuck football in here as well :)

    1. The hubby is glad I read. He doesn't worry so much about me being bored while he's away. The boys are basically oblivious because of their social lives. My mom has made many comments and so have a couple of others because I read so fast. They assume that nothing else gets done because I can knock out a book or more a day when I put my mind to it. There's only so much to do when you are usually the only one at home. :)

      It was the "Do you not do ANYTHING other than sit in front of that laptop or your Kindle???" that inspired that particular paragraph.

      Our football season is not officially over yet so of course I had to mentioned my beloved Alabama Crimson Tide.

    2. How dare someone judge you! I am incensed on your behalf.

    3. Don't be. I'm not. You know enough about my family to know that this stuff doesn't phase me much anymore.

    4. I don't care.....if anyone is going to insult you it will be me *grins*

    5. True. You are the only one allowed. And that goes both ways. :)