Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Favourite Books Of 2012

My favourite books released in 2012

-Kazza K

First of all, this list is my way of saying thank you to the authors who gave me reading joy for yet another year of my life. It's also for readers who are interested in comparisons or looking for ideas. This list has taken me days to compile - between work, I have been busy believe me, and my family, and doing other things with my life, I do get out and about :) However I love my reading and I love my books so here is my list. It was very hard for me to narrow this list down, good books were left off, and it feels tough pitting one book against another, especially considering they aren't all in the same genre. So bear this in mind with my list. I would also like to point out that I read a book every two days, sometimes more if they're shorter, so the amount of books I've read this year compared to the small amount on this page puts into perspective a) just how hard it was and b) just how many books I had to choose from.

I really cannot get over the quality of the books released in 2012. There have been some really good books come out over the last twelve months. The tussle for first place was unbelievable because the books I threw around in my mind were in the first four, but it was the book my heart always gravitated back to that took first place. Then I thought I wouldn't place books from the same author on the list, but Poppet stomped on that one with two, and it could have been three. I've also had to award an equal tenth place to two books as they both deserved top ten status, and I couldn't split them. I do have some favourite authors. The way I show my appreciation is I read a lot of their books and review them. Some are in the top ten some aren't. I have thoroughly enjoyed my 2012 reading year. I hope you enjoy my list and please feel free to comment. I'd like that actually.

I have also included one sentimental favourite to the list. It received 4 stars from me, but I have an emotional attachment to the book and my blog partner, Cindi, agreed a sentimental fave was in order - because pretty much all readers have one or two of them.  

The top 10 -

1) Beyond Complicated, Mercy Celeste - Contemporary (M/M/M)


Ahh, Beyond Complicated. My number one pick for 2012. It has had a new lease of life, thanks to its release on Amazon and a beautiful new cover to go with that. This book caused a bit of a rumble when it was released this year, for a couple of reasons - pfft. I don't give a tinker's cuss about those reasons.This is fiction, fiction at its finest. Besides the psychology in this book is sound and I will pick a book to pieces over that. BC is a story that is full of complications - two men who had once loved each other find each other again, with a big.... complication in the middle. A terrible baby mama, a young man that had to be mature before his years, and much, much more are all here. This is a fine piece of writing - the psychology, the eroticism, the character's, the name.... I love this book.  I love it so much I have three copies, including an autographed paperback that sits in a position of pride alongside a select few others. Mercy Celeste can write. I don't care the subject matter, she's very, very good. When she gets edgy she's very, very interesting; and her books/storylines, at times, can be different from the rest out there. When they're not different they're better than most. Plus her sex scenes are something else - fans? Ice? Not enough for a Mercy Celeste sex scene! And BC is bloody sexy. As for the controversy? Have a read and see what you think. When you're reading bear in mind all may not be as it seems. There's a difference between quasi and actual. That's all I 'll say. If you haven't had the pleasure of reading the passionate, emotional, tumultuous, yet ultimately hopeful journey that is BC, then read my review below to get an idea before you  grab a copy for yourself. If you like M/M, if you like a menage, if you're open and enjoy sexy, it's all here -

It is now available on Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/Beyond-Complicated-ebook/dp/B00AGFI0RE/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1355102177&sr=1-1&keywords=beyond+complicated+mercy+celeste

2)  Garnetville, E M Mispiel -  Mystery. Literary Fiction (LGBT) 

Garnetville: A Gay Novel

This is one fine piece of writing. It is humorous, it has young males down perfectly, it has small town living down perfectly. The mystery is amazingly well done, I dare anyone to work out 'whodunnit.' This is not some run-of-the-mill-mystery while some guys have a sex-romp throughout. It is an incredible piece of writing by a very talented writer. I have absolutely no idea who E M Mispiel is, but I can tell you what they are - a damn fine writer. This book is articulate, the dialogue amazingly good, it's incredibly funny at times, incredibly poignant at others, the mystery is rivetting, the relationships are funny, annoying, true to life. It also makes a sure point about small-minded people and their biggoted ways; and what a difference one person can make if they care. Just a brilliant piece of writing. If you want sexy M/M you won't find it here. The two MC's do have sex, once I believe, but it's off the page. It isn't meant to be about that. At. All.
I also have some very personal reasons for my love of this book. It actually brought my blog partner, and now very good friend, Cindi, into my life. I think I friend requested her on Goodreads after I read it and we haven't stopped talking since. Her family are like mine now, 9000 miles cannot change that fact. Apart from all this sentimentality (Aussies really don't do sentimental),  this is one fine piece of literature. If you like a mystery, you want a wonderfully written book, and you are open to LGBT writing, then grab yourself a copy of Garnetville. It is superb. My review link is below -
And Amazon -

3)  Heartstrings,  Eressë - Sci-Fantasy (Hermaphrodites/Mpreg)

Heartstrings (Chronicles of Ylandre, #4)

Eressë has never received under 5 stars from me, ever. She is a remarkable wordsmith. Her Chronicles of Ylandre series is meticuloulsy planned. Each book, roughly, takes place over the same timeline and the characters all interweave in this incredibly subtle yet intricate way. Astoundingly good writing is always a feature. It is a sci-fantasy/hermaphroditic/mpreg series which sounds awkward when I write it down, but awkward it is not. The language, world building and characters are all first class. If you haven't tried this series you're missing out on one of the very best series going around. I am always all over the lastest Chronicles of Ylandre book as soon as I know the release date. Heartstrings is about someone taking love for granted, someone allowing their partner to take liberties, until it's all too much. It's also about someone passing through the main character's lives who is only in it for a short time, but is the kind of person who is a huge catalyst for change between eternal soul-mates. I loved Heartstrings, it was emotional, beautiful, and I raced through it; then I was sad when it was over. I never want to leave this world after I've been let in by Eressë. My review is below -
And Amazon -

4)  Zauran, Poppet - Paranormal (M/F)

Zauran (Pravus, #3)

Zauran was a revelation to me. It is the third in the Pravus series and the best one, in my opinion. Zauran  concentrates a lot on the Neuri, and they are wonderful supernatural beings. Poppet is an unusual writer. She is lyrical, intense, dark, brooding, hopeful, sexy, and her writing is full of messages, which I love reading. Seeing in front of me. I'll be honest she has become one of my favourite authors. You never quite know what you have in store before a book, sure you have a general idea from the official blurb, but she just takes you on this massive emotional journey. Every time. If I want to think when I read, Poppet's one of my go-to's. If I want some erotic writing I know she'll give me that too. You can just have the paranormal element if that's what you want, the erotic component or, depending on how far you want to look, you'll find more. I always do look for 'more' in Poppet's books, and I find treasure. Zauran is too difficult to sum up in a few words so please read the review. My review is below -
And Amazon -

5) Songs of the Earth, Lexi Ander - Paranormal/Shifter/Mythology (M/M)

Songs of the Earth (Sumeria's Sons #2)

Lexi Ander has totally taken me by surprise. I had the first book in the Sumeria's Sons series, Twin Flame, in my TBR pile for a while, I just kept putting if off until I felt like a shifter read. Thank goodness I started reading it as I was transported by these endearing MC's, and the mystical/shifter component to this interesting place. The book is just terrific. Then I locked and loaded on to Songs of the Earth the minute it was released; and blow me down! it was even better than book #1. Songs of the Earth takes the lexicon, the world building, to another level, and the characters develop beautifully into so much more. There is a message about our Earth, the shifters know Earth is a wonderful mother. It is also a cowboy book as Tristan and Usha ranch together - shifter/mythological/cowboys and it works. I also love how these shifters have a strong physical bond, they need to connect with one another and live close to gain support and love. The sexual heat is off the charts, I called it love-making in my review, as that's what it was between Tristan and Ushna. It was beautiful, they're lovely together, and face meltingly sexy. The secondary characters are all so interesting, for varying reasons, and there is always action and intrigue. Where will it go to next? How much more interesting can it get? Based on where Songs of the Earth left off? Plenty. I know there is a third book coming out next year and I will grab it the minute I can. My review is below -
And Amazon -

6) Aaron, J P Barnaby - Psychological/ Disability (LGBT)

Wasn't this book out of left field for me. I can't remember how it came to my attention. I had never heard of J P Barnaby before Aaron and she completely blew me away. Like I said earlier about mental health issues - which is a big part of this book because of Aaron - if you do it, do it right; and this was done pretty darn right. There is a romantic quality to the book but I did not wish to put that in the heading as people may get the wrong idea about a book that is more LGBT fiction than M/M. The two MC's, Aaron and Spencer, were delightful, beautiful souls - one with severe trauma, left anxiety ridden and terrified, and one who is deaf, missing basic human touch and having difficulty with people seeing who he really is; beyond someone who is deaf. Again, if you are looking for a M/M sex-romp you will be disappointed. This book is about two young men finding some comfort in each other and being able to give each other hope and support. Spencer gives so much to Aaron and Aaron sees more than a disability, he sees a friend....and more. I guarantee you will want to hug the MC's and tell them it will be okay - only with Aaron it's not that simple. The writing is sympathetic, caring, and the characters wonderful. One of the most emotional, heartwrenching, difficult, yet glorious reads you will find. My review link is below -
And Amazon -

7)  A Younger Man, Cameron Dane - Contemporary (M/M)

A Younger Man (Cabin Fever #3)

For me, Cameron Dane cannot write a bad book. I just get her writing style. I was so glad to see Noah Maitland, from Grey's Awakening, get his own story; and even though the age difference between the MC's, Noah and Zane, is substantial it never seemed wrong or ridicuous. I know a few people felt a little let down by this book. Not me. Sure there was a different feel to this book - the sex more of a slow burn and the angst was not nearly as high as Ms Dane ordinarily does it. However I loved it, and as my blog partner will attest to I'm not big on families in my erotic reads. And there are two families here - Noah has his children that are older from his marriage, which broke down after he realises he has to be who he is, gay. He has a good relationship with his ex and children, which is always nice. Zane is young and has his siblings to raise after their parents died. I loved them all, I loved the writing and, yes, I know there was that carrot scene. I don't care! Cameron Dane is a boundary pusher and I love her writing. As I've said after nearly all of my reviews of her books -  she is like crack to me. My review link is below -
And Amazon -

8)  Sveta, Poppet - Paranormal (M/F)

Sveta (Neuri, #1)

Poppet, again! No surprises for those who know me. Sveta was an interesting read for me. I wasn't going to put two books by the same author on this list but I just had to include Sveta. Zauran was always going to be on the list because it just blew me away. Sveta is a paranormal book but tackles mental health issues as well. Particularly personality disorders, which is a tough subject to take on. It's one of those grey areas of diagnosis and people just don't understand them. Poppet does it so well, it is unbelievable... and, as stated previously, I'm a picky bitch when it comes to mental health issues in books. If you dare to put it in, get it right! Poppet gets it right. The Neuri are amazing paranormals, they are in sync with the Earth and believe in looking after it. They are also addicted to these women who have been surfacing that seem so alike yet come from different places. As you read Sveta you get a better understanding why. Sveta is a Neuri and his love for Bozena is incredible. He looks after her and her damaged psyche, he loves her unconditionally, and it's heartbreaking, beautiful, and sexy all at once. While this series is sexy it's never my main focus, it's a nice bonus, especially as it's written so well, but the story itself and the writing are where I get deeply invested. Once again I have to say that I cannot sum up Sveta here, it is too hard. I will say it's lyrical, because to me that's the best way to describe Poppet's writing in this series - it sings to you. My review/analysis link is below -
And Amazon -

9)  For Men Like Us, Brita Addams - Historical/Regency (M/M)  

For Men Like Us

I adored this period piece by Brita Addams. One thing I've noticed about Ms Adams is she mixes her books and style up. If you have read the Romeo Club series or An Evening at the Starlight, and then For Men Like Us you would not think it is the same author. The title was so fitting. I loved that. I'm obsessive about book titles and how they're tied into the story, the way the writer goes about it. Once again really engaging characters are to the fore in For Men Like Us, main and secondary. The book covers the period of 1814 through to an epilogue in 1820 so there is a nice build. It is set in England and it has romance, sexual heat, a mystery, some angst - both men have baggage for different reasons that relate to the Napoleonic Wars, particuarly the Battle of Salamanca. The basic premise is that Pres Meacham sells himself at a Molly House and Benedict Wilmot hires his services after waiting for him one evening; turning that into a standing arrangement. You know there is more to it and the reasons unfurl as the book progresses. This book has one of the best characters you will ever meet, Benedict Wilmot. I really liked Pres, but I loved Benedict.
Interestingly, For Men Like Us has the highest reader count of any book on this blogspot. It is huge! I hope it has meant more readers for this terrific book as I thought it delightful, sexy, endearing reading that captured the essence of the period well. My review link is below  -
And Amazon -

10)  The Delaneys at Home, Anne Brooke -  Contemporary D/s (M/M/M) - (Equal Tenth)

The Delaneys at Home (The Delaneys, #5)

My list would be incomplete without a book by one of my absolute favourites, Anne Brooke. I make no secret of the fact that I believe Anne Brooke to be one of the best writers around. I read another of hers this year, A Dangerous Man. If it had been released this year it would have been in the top ten as well. Alas it was released in 2010 which excluded it from this list. I am besotted with The Delaneys. I have a 'thing' going on with Liam and his lovers Mark and Johnny. Their relationship may have started out a tad rough, but it has blossomed into so much. Johnny and Mark are dominant, Liam submissive, but Liam has worked it all out and gets his desires met. I call them 'my lads.' And they are. As per usual with this series, the writing is clever, witty, sexy, beautifully put together - no errors in sight. If you haven't read The Delaneys and you like M/M/M,  a bit of kink, here is a cracker of a series. None of the ebooks are long, they are a serial really, but there is a tidy ending to each with a lead into the next installment. There is only one more, coming out next year, and the series is then complete. If you buy them now you will not have to wait long for the last one. This book continues following  the always interesting relationship of Liam and his pair of British gangster types (look up the Kray twins), and their adventures in sex, romance and shenanigans. My review link for book # 5 is below, however the rest are all reviewed on this blog as well -
And Amazon -

10) The Cool Part of His Pillow, Rodney Ross - Literary Fiction (LGBT) - (Equal Tenth)

The Cool Part of His Pillow

Rodney Ross's first book is amazing! When I say this book is LGBT literary I mean it is a literary work that just happens to feature a gay man as the main character. Someone, like you, like me, who has lost his long term partner, the love of his life in a accident, and is dealing with the grief associated with that from one year to the next. So it comes under LGBT for that purpose. If it didn't feature a gay lead I believe it would have attracted a wider audience - those who like intelligent word-play, smart dialogue, intense depth of emotions, with a strong narrative, and a real-feel. It is not a romance novel yet it does look at Barry and his partner, Andy's relationship of twenty-three years, amongst many other things. They were happy and comfortable until Andy's untimely and tragic death. Mostly it focuses on Barry, his grief, his family, and where he finds himself. There are lots of references to pop-culture, retro theatre, movies etc. Without a gay man narrating I believe The Cool Part of his Pillow would have been touted as 'the next big it piece' of fiction; those who don't like LGBT stories probably won't read what is essentially a lovely piece of writing. Which is their loss. One of my top ten of 2012. I look forward to Rodney Ross's next book, whenever that may be. My review link is below -
And Amazon -

The rest of my top books for 2012 are not in order. Thank goodness I did not have to rate them because the top 10 was hard enough -

Compulsion, Clare London - Contemporary (M/M)

Compulsion is one heck of sexy read, including sex with the chance of being caught/exhibitionism. Max is a troubled character dealing with a past that is haunting him. Seve is a sexy Latino nightclub owner that may or may not be....dodgy. All roads lead back to Compulsion, Seve's nightclub, and his family business.Will they just have hot sex or will they truly fall in love? Will Max work through his past and do the right thing? Just who is sexy Seve anyway? Excellent writing, great secondary characters. I loved it. My review link -

Hearts Under Fire (New Amsterdam #1), H.J Raine and Kelly Wire - Psychological/BDSM (M/M)

Hearts Under Fire
A seamless co-write by the above authors. It was a toss up between this book or Winter's Knight (book #2) as to which book made the list. Hearts Under Fire is a sexy, psychological, BDSM novel that has two very likeable MC's - both men have trauma in their past...and just who is the real Dom here? Clark the ex Special Forces man or Daniel who has made/makes a side-living out of being a Dom? Well written, interesting, flawed protagonists, good character driven story, some BDSM, sexy, romantic. Pretty much got it all. My review link -

Where There's Smoke, L A Witt - Contemporary (M/M)

Where There's Smoke
Politics, two closeted men - one a married, in name only, ex actor, from a poltical family, one a campaign manager that doesn't sleep with his clients. They meet when Anthony Hunter is brought in to run Jesse Cameron's campaign and sparks fly. Sexual tension , great chemistry, wonderful, strong alternating character POV. Sexy, intelligent, some politics, and all around good writing. I wanted to include Conduct Unbecoming, which I also loved, but Where There's Smoke just pipped it out. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this book. My review link -

Conversations With S. Teri O'Type, Christopher Allen - Satirical (LGBT)
Conversations with S. Teri O'Type (a Satire)
I just finished this book as part of a challenge, and because my blog partner would not allow me peace until I did. Cheers, Cindi! This a quirky, funny satire on what society often thinks is the gay norm. S. Teri O'Type is the epitome of the OTT gay stereotype as he guides Curt Child down the road to "Greater Gayness," with his gay doggie, Carey Grant. Lots of pop-culture references, lots of gay icons thrown into the mix, and a message about being true to who you really are. This book is an      intelligent, funny look at life and gay culture....or what people think it is...or should be. This is Christopher Allen's first book. What a debut - Dein Buch ist wunderschoen. My review link - http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/470253572

Fifteen Shades of Gay (For Pay), T Baggins -  Rent Boy/Escort, Contemporary (M/M)
Fifteen Shades of Gay (For Pay)
Do not be put off by this title. It has relevance to the book. This book is so much more than the just the title. It's funny, sad, clever, sexy and so much more. It is incredibly well written. It has terrific, strong characters, I loved Marie the sister of one of the MC's, Andrew Reynolds. She has stage three cancer and Andrew takes on a job as a gay male escort to pay for her treatment and the rent; even though it goes against his perceptions of himself. It is not your typical rent boy fair and it is an atypical romance. Cormac Donovan is Andrew's first client and the one he is meant for, but Cormac is buried deeply inside the closet as a Republican Senator. I loved both Andrew and Cormac. What a great character Cormac is, and I usually don't deal well with closeted protagonists. How will a gay-for-pay escort and a Republican Senator make it work? My review link - http://bookreviewsandtherapy.blogspot.com.au/2012/11/fifteen-shades-of-gay-for-pay-t-baggins.html

 Siren Unleashed, Sophie Oak - BDSM Menage (M/F/M)

Siren Unleashed (Texas Sirens #7)
Sophie Oak is always on pre-order for me. She is so very good at characterizations, superb actually. And I laugh out loud at more than some of the things she writes, that her characters do. Plus it's always sexy. This was my favourite SO book of the year. It is a menage, all her Texas Sirens books are. Sometimes it's more than just M/F/M, sometimes there is sexual fluidity, but this time it is strictly M/F/M. There is always a BDSM element, but it's BDSM light. There was a bit more depth to this story with Natalie having survived being kidnapped and held captive. The writing was humorous, as Sophie Oak is extremely funny, but it is tastefullly done. Natalie gets her sexy men in the shape of twins, Chase *yum*  (my paranoid favourite of the two) and Ben Dawson. My absolute favourite obsession, Jack Barnes, makes an appearance. My review link - http://bookreviewsandtherapy.blogspot.com.au/2012/10/siren-unleashed-texas-sirens-7-sophie.html 

  Gold Digger, Aleksandr Voinov - Contemporary (M/M)
Gold Digger
Aleksandr Voinov released a couple of very good books this year. Skybound being one, and Gold Digger being another. They both received 5 stars from me but I feel this is a wonderful piece of contemporary writing from Aleks Voinov. Sexy, smooth, great dialogue  - all the things I expect of Aleksandr Voinov were here in a lighter, brighter setting. Personally, I believe the best writers can mix it up, and that is what I got with Gold Digger. I thoroughly enjoyed Nikolai Krasnorada's character, liked his acceptance of his bi-sexuality. I loved Henri LeBeau, he just grabbed onto my heart as I read. Together they smoked up the book. Gold Digger -alongside Compulsion, and Beyond Complicated - wins sexiest book of the year. If you want a book with a global feel, sexy, engaging characters, and some business speak this is a great read. My review link - http://bookreviewsandtherapy.blogspot.com.au/2012/10/gold-digger-aleksandr-voinov.html

Mark of The Gladiator, Heidi Belleau and Violetta Vane - Historical (M/M)

Mark of the Gladiator

Mark of The Gladiator wrapped up Riptide's Warriors of Rome Collection very nicely. It was a strong, powerful piece of Roman history which made you feel a part of the life a a slave, a gladiator in Roman times. One who had to train women, gladiatrices, to fight not only other women, but potentially men. There was great passion, - I felt for the gladiatrices, how Anazâr, the primary character, came to feel about these women. Felix the brother of his wealthy Dominus, was a wonderful character as well and the feelings that developed between slave and a wealthy man were sexy and nice. There was action, intrigue, who was trying to kill Anazâr's master or his master's brother? Blame and accusations fly. Who did he believe and how, as a slave could he work out what to do? Could he help the gladiatrices? Could he gain his much desired, long lost freedom?  My review link -   http://bookreviewsandtherapy.blogspot.com.au/2012/12/mark-of-gladiator-heidi-belleau-and.html

Lothaire, (Immortals After Dark #12) - Paranormal Romance (M/F) 
 Lothaire (Immortals After Dark, #12)
Another pre-order series for me. From the front cover - the delicious Paul Marron was a perfect Lothaire - to the last page this book was unputdownable (new word?) Lothaire, the enemy of old, is a right bastard whose heart beats for a young woman from The Appalachians, Ellie. Ellie has been possessed by a royal bitch and Lothaire thinks his heart beats for bitchnails, not Ellie. Isn't he in for a surprise? My goodness the dialogue is witty, the sexual heat scorching and Lothaire meets his match well and truly; Ellie is no shrinking violet, she believes in herself. Kresley Cole did it again book #12 and still going strong. My review link - http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/263142091

  Blood Lust, Jessica L Degarmo - Dark Paranormal (M/F)

Blood Lust

Another paranormal. This one, however, is just a bit darker than Lothaire. Blood Lust is told in first person POV and details the life of a teenager, Elizabeth, who is going to school dealing with teenage life one minute and is an enslaved vampire, Nexess,  the next; now with a nasty master/gang leader, Antonio controlling her. There are some interesting parallels between dometic violence psychology and paranormal in Blood Lust. I loved this book, I'm looking forward to more of Nexess in 2013. A note of caution this book is a graphic read, just be warned. If you like a darker paranormal, if you like to let your hellacious side out, then read my review link and see what you think - http://bookreviewsandtherapy.blogspot.com.au/2012/11/blood-lust-jessica-degarmo.html?zx=4aace99ea473f6f0
  Born to BeWilde, G A Hauser -Contemporary (M/M)
Born to be Wilde
I loved this book. It's just a sexy, fun, kinky sort of read that tickled my fancy. I had never read G A Hauser before but Born to be Wilde just resonated with me. It was very sexy, I loved newbie prison warder and definite alpha, Mike McClintock. He does everything arse about face for someone in his position but once he has the hots for forbidden-fruit-inmate Jesse J Wilde, which is pretty much straight away, he looks out for him. Jesse was near the end of his prison term but the pressure was there to be caught in a jam by other inmates, possibly extending his sentence. The sexual tension was off the charts - looks, touches, little encounters - I just wanted them to get it on and when they did I nearly melted through the chair :). A nice, sexy book to round up this group and lead into my sentimental fave of 2012. My review link - http://bookreviewsandtherapy.blogspot.com.au/2012/07/born-to-be-wilde-g-hauser.html

My sentimental favourite of 2012 is -

 Saying Goodbye At Ocean Isle, Kimberly Hunter - Contemporary (M/M)

Saying Goodbye at Ocean Isle

Why is this my sentimental favourite of 2012? Several reasons 1) I know the reason this book was writen, and it's a lovely, fitting tribute. 2) I know the song behind this book, which is a fitting song. 3) I think it's a lovely book that made me sad, happy, sad, happy. 4) I actually cried when I read it. It was a good emotional, heartfelt read for me. I think that the sentiment of two men having lost their partners, so young, finding one another at a time when they are scared about moving on to the next part of their lives, knowing they are at the point when they need to, is so human and real. Sean isn't quite as ready as Laine, but both men need to live and love again. Will they be able to move forward and will it be with each other? Grief is never easy but it was sensitively handled by Kimberly Hunter, and so sweet. Below is a link to my review -



  1. What a great list of books. I have only read three of your favorites (two of them I absolutely loved) but I see several that I must add to my TBR list now. Thanks for taking the time to do this. I look forward to checking out some of these books. :)

    1. Thanks, Cindi. You read it!! I don't think it's long enough, lol. I'm going to make T-Shirts that say "I read Kazza K's Faves of 2012 and survived" :)I put a lot of thought into this list...a lot. There were so many that I could have added, and so on and so forth. What will Cindi like in 2012? I am waiting to see the list. It's interesting we only have three in common.

    2. It's a great list and I know a lot of thought and time went into it (trust me on THAT one... :) It is odd that we only have 3 in common as far as books read. I do have a couple of these on my TBR list. I just haven't gotten to them yet. And now (because of your post) I have several more added. I can't wait to check them out.

      My list will be posted later. I'm like you... it's very hard to pick favorites. :)

    3. I will wake up in the morning to your list *grins*. I know you have had FUN too, lol. It is hard to pick. Some good books out there.

    4. So many great books read this year. Mine will be up when you get up. :)... hopefully... *grin*

  2. Wow! 'Blown away' to be included twice, and both too difficult to explain why I'm there :D It sums up me trying to explain my work to people, in a nutshell 'it's complicated'. How can we summarise emotions, conflict, ego issues, indoctrinated loathing, all while falling in love with murders happening around a nightclub meant for fallen angels, in a war torn country with its own beauty and scars. I completely understand your conflict and wish I could make it easy for you, but I don't like easy, this is a tapestry with many threads and you are a weaver placing them together to glean the overall picture. Examining just the red thread reveals nothing :)

    Thank you, I am deeply honoured to be listed on your favourite list for this year. xxx!

    1. Poppet, I needed you to write the info for me, lol. That was great!I love your books, the list would not be right without them and your twobooks listed broke the rules! I think you'll like that :)

  3. Thank you so much, hon. You have the honor of being the first to list one of my books in anything. LOL! But I'm honored and grateful to have been a part of this. I'll be on cloud nine the rest of the day! Thanks again, hon!!

    1. Kimberly, I loved SGAOI It was the most lovely, thoughtful tribute. I loved how it/ the characters made me cry - who says that? Only a book lover! I'm expecting more now for next years list. No pressure, lol.

  4. Great lists here - thanks for all the tips! And lovely to have the Delaneys included - Liam sends you a big sloppy kiss, but Mark says that's okay - just this once :))

    And Garnetville is sooooo fabulous!!


    1. Thanks so much, Anne. I am very glad Liam was allowed, just this once, to give me a big, wet one. I will never wash my face again! - "thanks Mark" :) Looking forward to "my lads" visiting me, and spending time with me, next year one last time.

    2. I meant to say - yes, Garnetville is fabulous. Still hardly any ratings on it. Go figure.

  5. Kazza, I'm glad you FINALLY got the hint about Conversations with S. Teri O'Type (hehe).

    A big thanks for what you said in your thoughts about Garnetville. You now have an adopted family in the U.S. (we ARE sentimental in the south.. lol) A big thanks to Anne for that one too. She found me before you did. :)

    1. I had to read S. Teri O'Type, my life was in peril :) When I see you, in my Aussie accent, I'll say "hug my neck," then you'll laugh 'til you cry!

    2. Oh, there will be hugs. We are big huggers where I came from. Your poor family won't know what hit 'em. :)

      You had to read S. Teri O'Type to shut up your persistent and annoying friend (was I right or what????) lol

  6. Absolutely wonderful, thank you so much. And I am so happy that the book made it to you. Of course now I see several books that I need to pick up. Did I say thank you? Thank you :-)

    1. You're welcome, Mercy. BC IS the 'book of my heart.' I'm actually re-reading it at the moment. There are some really good/interesting/unusual books in this lot - I'd be weird if I didn't think so wouldn't I? :)

  7. I am so honored that For Men Like Us made this list. Thank you so much! I'm so happy that you loved Ben so much. He was great fun to write. You've made my day!

    I take it as a grew compliment too, that you have read other pieces and you can't tell they are written by me, because of varying styles. I strive for that.

    My very best, Kazza, and thank you again. Happy Holidays.


    1. Thanks, Brita. I loved Ben. Still think about him, you know a character is good when they stay with you. And, yes, your style is so diverse.