Friday, 31 May 2013

In Search of a Story, Andrew Grey

"He's searching for a story but finds so much more."

- Review by Cindi

In Search of a Story

Brad Torrence is one story away from being fired from the newspaper where he works.  He has been given one chance to find the story before he finds himself in the unemployment line.  Not long out of college, he knows even landing the newspaper job in the first place was a major stroke of luck with the state of the economy.  What happens if he loses it and is forced to move back home with his parents?  Desperate, he scans the classified ads of the paper and comes across one listing brand new baby items for sale.  Taking a chance, he calls the telephone number in the ad with hopes of doing a story on a mother mourning the loss of her child.  Having watched his mother and the aftereffects of three miscarriages after Brad was born, he knows he can go into this (hopeful) story with sympathy and compassion.  What he doesn't expect is to speak to a father who lost a child before birth, not a mother.  An interview is set up with Cory Wolfe and the story takes on a life of its own.

Cory Wolfe is an anesthesiologist at the local hospital.  A smart child growing up, he was able to skip grades and move onto college and then medical school having gotten his medical license at a very young age.  At twenty-six he is a year out of school and is settling well in his position at the hospital.  Professionally all is going perfectly for Cory.  Personally, he is devastated over the loss of his son Adam who died before birth along with the baby's mother who was Cory's best friend in the world.  Under pressure from his family months later, he places the ad in the newspaper to sell Adam's nursery items.  Receiving a call from a reporter surprises him but he takes a chance and offers to meet with him.  Brad turns out to be compassionate and kind and allows Cory to discuss his losses without the pressure reserved for his overbearing family members... family members who mean well but could never understand his loss.  

Brad digs into Cory's life but in a kind way.  Before long Cory has unloaded it all and feels better for it.  The two men meet up again before the story is published and from there a tentative friendship begins.  It doesn't take long before they are a couple in a sense.  Days and nights are spent getting to know each other both in bed and out and they gradually get closer.  Unfortunately for Brad, Cory is close to being offered an important research position over a thousand miles away and this leaves Brad in doubt of where he stands in the other man's life.  At the same time, Brad is in the midst of a dangerous story that will reveal things publicly that could ultimately get him killed. There is doubt from both men about the other.  If Cory is offered the research position where does that leave Brad?  Will Brad survive if he keeps digging into things for his story that a lot of people wish to remain hidden?  Both need to be resolved before Cory and Brad can even consider taking their relationship a step further.  Unfortunately, it takes a violent act in order for this to happen.

This is a nice story.  I have discovered that I can jump into any Andrew Grey book and know that I will end it pleased with the outcome of the story and with a smile on my face.  In Search of a Story is no exception.  Brad and Cory are perfect for each other and I enjoyed watching them find their way and ultimately their happily-ever-after.  Another entertaining read by Andrew Grey.

My rating:  4 out of 5 stars

This book was provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange for a fair and honest review.


  1. When I first started reading the review I was horrified about the premise that a reporter had contacted someone from a classified about losing a child. But then, as I read your review, I saw it is about much more. Great review, Cindi :)

    1. Thank you. I admit to be a little nervous at first as well (for the same reasons) but it was written beautifully and with such compassion in regards to the loss. It is a very good book.