Thursday, 2 May 2013

Dirty Boys, Kyle Adams (M/M Romance - Love Has No Boundaries)

Another sexy short from my favorite short story author.

- Review by Cindi

Dirty Boys

I am a few days behind on reading this story.  It is no secret to all who know me well that I am a huge fan of Kyle Adams and I always, always read his stories on the day of release.  Unfortunately, other commitments and family prevented me from reading this one earlier. No matter. It gave me something special to look forward to.

This is a free short from the M/M Romance Group on Goodreads for the Love Has No Boundaries event.  For those not familiar with previous similar events of this group, a reader submits a photo with a quick letter in regards to it and an author will take that and run with it and write a story using both the photo and letter as inspiration.  The photo, letter and story are here.  Dirty Boys is Kyle Adams' story.

Devon is a garbage man and he has it bad for one of his customers.  Each Saturday (depending on the season) he practically drools over a man who does lawn work every Saturday morning.  Devon is too shy to speak to the man and even if he wasn't, he has no idea if he is even gay.  For a year he has looked forward to this particular stop so he can secretly fantasize about the hot man cutting his lawn... the man who at the moment isn't wearing a shirt.  His coworker, having watched his friend moon over the stranger for a year, finally decides to do something about it.  Not only does Devon get to meet the sexy stranger (who turns out to be Connor) but they get down and dirty inside Connor's home.

This is another amazing story by Kyle.  The characters are all wonderful and the sex is hot as hell as always.  It's sexy.  It's naughty.  It's classic Kyle Adams.  I absolutely loved it.


  1. That gif is perfect! Thank you for the lovely review as always.

    1. You're very welcome. :) I spent so much time looking for the gif that I forgot to add the cover. Oops! That has been fixed.

      Great story, Kyle. As always.

    2. Cover was here when I first saw it.

  2. Oooh, I MUST have my Kyle Adams fix. Thanks for the wonderful review, Cindi.

    PS: I LOVE that GIF - take if OFF!! Hehe

    1. I'll have you know that my original "Connor" pic was Matthew Bomer without a shirt on. You know that I feel that Matthew Bomer is the most beautiful person alive. ;) I saw the gif and it was more fitting. I will save Matt Bomer for another day.

    2. That was a hard choice for you. I know you Matthew Bomer love. Save him and whip him out at the appropriate moment :)

    3. There is no inappropriate moment for Matt Bomer. Just sayin'. :)

      When I saw this one (the one I added) I knew it was perfect so I didn't mind pushing him to the side.. just this once.. hehe

  3. Sounds great - will definitely read this one. I love down & dirty! :)