Thursday, 16 May 2013

Andrea at the Center, J P Kansas

A full-on erotica, not romance, this book caters to many varied erotic/kink tastes.

-Review by Kazza K

Andrea at the CenterAndrea is kidnapped whilst out jogging.....beware the white van. When she wakes up she is greeted by strangers in a place she is unsure of. The Centre. She's told that she won't be harmed, in fact she'll be happy. That a note has been left, in her hand writing, to make sure the people in her life believe she has gone on holiday, to find herself. At first she is scared but soon she starts adjusting.

Emmy is her appointed Big Sister, the person who helps her find her way and help ease her into life there. Pretty soon they forge a strong connection including sex. Shortly after meeting Emmy, and their initial time together, Andrea has a long photo shoot in various sexual poses, initially timid and then enjoying the flirtation with the camera, feeling like she is a temptress and hot. Before you know it Emmy videos Andrea masturbating and then Emmy and Andrea together. Then they are off to the Centre's sexy strip club - each night features different strippers  - men for women, women for men, women for women, men for men, a free for all.

Everybody at the Centre works. Initially Andrea works in the library, then in a barbershop. She goes from sharing a room with Emmy to a dorm, and further, but they stay attached. There are two groups within the Centre - voluntary and involuntary - those who choose to be there and those who are kidnapped, like Andrea. I must say that Andrea takes to her new 'life' like a duck takes to water. Meanwhile she has dreams about Michael, that also feature others. They become more intense, in depth, and titillating as time progresses. Andrea at the Centre is a purely erotic piece of writing. It is not a romance. It has something for everyone -



F/F - sex, self masturbation, mutual masturbation

M/F/F - everyone all in



Cross dressing

Spanking - the naughty office worker, other women, Andrea, men

Fetishes - foot fetish, urophagia. and more

Toys - ben wa balls, double phalluses, strap-ons- women on women, women on men

Mistress/slave - collar. leash, group humiliation

My only issue is that I just wish the world cock was used instead of penis. This book is erotica and the use of the word penis always stood out as too formal to me -

She looked up to see Kurt holding his erect penis as he spanked her.

For me, at the heart of the story is the fact that sex can be liberating for a person or it can be something to make a person uptight, rigid and bound by a society's conventions. One thing is for certain, Andrea had grown by the end of the story, irrespective of what you think has occurred. And she was looking at things, people, with a new perspective.

I'm a bit unsure how to rate Andrea at the Centre. It certainly caters to a variety of sexual tastes, desires, taboos even, and it delivers a full-on piece of purely erotic writing. I would have to say that while there are different couplings - it most certainly is a sexually fluid erotica read - it did have a leaning towards F/F content. It isn't easy to write over 200 pages of sexual experiences, all a bit different, catering to varied tastes, so for that I will give it
4 sexed-up stars


  1. This looks interesting in a hot, super sexed up kind of way. ;) Great review and pics, as always.

  2. Super-sexed that's a good descriptor. It's got it all! Thanks, Cindi :-D