Friday, 8 March 2013

The Vampire's Partner, Benjamin Cole

I guess I should start with Jeremy. Everything for me starts with Jeremy. It seems like my life started with him.

Review by Kazza K
Just because I like Ian Somerhalder.
 And vampire is the common thread.
This is a short ebook. MLR Press have a vampire theme going on and I've bought a couple of them. Although I wanted more length - this is very short - I really enjoyed it.
I have not heard of Benjamin Cole before, there is nothing on MLR Press and he is not on Goodreads so I shall review the Vampire's Partner here.
The narrative is through Tom's eye's. His partner of eight years, Jeremy, is out of town so Tom goes out for a drink at a local bar and is literally mesmerised by a man he can't remember, waking up in a motel room with puncture marks to his neck and inner wrist. He's also feeling the worse for wear. When he checks with the motel clerk he discovers he has been out cold from Wednesday to Friday with sixteen missed calls from Jeremy.
And....Jeremy is a red head :)
From here it's a journey of becoming aware of what he now is, a vampire, and how to deal with it. He's been turned and left to his own devices. Why he was turned, as opposed to just a snack or drained dead, is covered. The vampire of Tom's world is described - he can handle small amounts of sun, it makes him lethargic (homage paid to the original vampire novels), he seems to be able to eat food, he craves blood, but mainly from his partner, or what he would consider to be his type.
There's not much else to say without covering the whole book but suffice to say there is one sex scene, Tom and Jeremy are determined to make it work, and it ends on a positive.
I would love to see Benjamin Cole revise this and make it longer. It could/would make for quite an interesting novella, for example. There is much promise in his writing. This book was edited very well, including grammar and typos. The writing was concise and I liked it. It was quite sensual and interesting but way too short for what I wanted it to be and for full characterisations. I hope this is the start of an interesting career for Benjamin Cole or, if this is a pseudonym, I would like to know what other name he writes under. Consider my interest well and truly piqued.



  1. Great review. This sounds like a good short but one that could do with more details maybe. I don't remember the last book I read that wasn't on GR and I'm really big on checking out new authors before I read their book so I would have hesitated on this one. You've got me interested though. I may have to check this out.

    Love the pics. ;)

    1. The book is very short and hard to write much about but the author is interesting. For the page count they covered things well but it couldn't be fully fleshed out. So much more could have been explored in a longer ebook. I just threw some semi-gratuitous pics in. Is it wrong that my son and I both drool over Ian Somerhalder? :)

    2. You and that boy of yours both have amazing taste. :)

      Do keep sharing your semi-gratuitous pics... hehe

    3. I will keep sharing. I must! lol