Thursday, 21 March 2013

Our Young Adult LGBT Blog Spot is Now Here.

On Top Down Under Book Reviews is proud to announce it now has a sister review spot dedicated to LGBT YA books and readers.

Both Cindi and I, Kazza K, felt it was time to give LGBT YA books their own spot. A safe haven with age appropriate books, reviews, pictures and, most importantly, a safe place for readers of YA LGBT books to be. We know there are quite a few YA book sites out there but this is specifically targeted at LGBT readers. Often the YA LGBT books are thrown in amongst books meant for an older readership, and that has certainly happened here as well. But not any longer! Now these YA books will have a place all of their own with a connection to a Facebook page where people can chat and look at pictures, jokes and some current and important topics. If you click on Kazza K or Cindi's picture on Greedy Bug it will direct you to Greedy Bug's Facebook page.

If you are interested in LGBT YA books you can go to Greedy Bug book reviews or click on the link on the side of the screen with the smaller banner photo and it will take you directly to Greedy Bug Book Reviews.

We are very excited to extend our book review blog site to embrace Greedy Bug Book Reviews. We hope you choose to join us there and please, if you are interested in LGBT YA books, join us as a member. Or just pop on in. We wold love to see you there and hear from you.

Just remember Greedy Bug is in its infancy so bear with us while we build up our YA site and add more books and current topics


Cindi and Kazza K


  1. And a big thank you to YOU, Kazza K, for all your hard work in getting this going. :) I am excited to be part of it.

    1. I am terrible at technology - I will NEVER create another blog, lol. You are very welcome and I am glad we are both on board about keeping YA apart from adult books.