Saturday, 23 March 2013

Just Call Me Kris, Allen Mack

...a three-way frenzy of unrestrained sex, throats filled with cock. assholes stuffed, cocks bursting. Oh yeah, I love a kinky sex-fest ménage!!

- Review by Kazza K

Mike and Karl are together
So, hmm, the heading went in because that is what to expect in this short. Holy shit! it's hot. Sure, it is Christmas themed but I read this in March and I didn't care. Uh, uh, no way did I care.
This is a fun story which is pretty big on the sex and not quite as big on plot but it is surprising what you get out of the story.  Certainly enough is in place to enable you to like the MC's, know that the third brings a new found depth to this couple's bedroom that they can utilise later. So it makes it just that bit hotter. 
Mike and Karl are both doctors, away from home New Orleans and living  in New York. It is their fifth anniversary as well as Christmas Eve and they are both feeling a bit blue -
"I hate being away from New Orleans at Christmas time. And being here, with millions of people. when you don't know a single one of them...well, it makes you feel like an alien."

They may be away from home but they are expecting a gift from their good friends Bill and Hank. The doorbell rings and there is a very sexy southern Santa decked out in traditional gear and his sack of goodies in hand. The sack of goodies is pretty darn interesting and as the night wears on the sack :) gets used and the goodies get tried out, as does Santa, or as he says -
...and along comes Kris, mmm
Just call me Kris
So Kris and our anniversary couple, Mike and Karl, get down and dirty and deck the dirty halls as they smoke up their NY apartment in ways that I approve of.
I really like a ménage and I'll take it any way it comes but a good M/M/M is hard to beat. In Just Call Me Kris there were tongues, rimming, cocks, fingers, dildos, nipple clamps and BJ's left right and centre. Allen Mack knows his three-way action and I liked the rawness of it, it wasn't tame. These were three gay guys going at it. Thank you very much....

So...Mike, Karl and Kris make it a merry Christmas Eve
It was also funny in parts and I laughed out loud, as did my son when I read a few lines to him.  The prose could hit the purple side and I loved it. The characterisations were cute and funny. There was also a twist at the end which I liked, a lot. I thought is was nice and made for an interesting short read.
If you like a ménage, if you like enough character development to say, "okay, these guys are nice, let's get on with it now," then I recommend Just Call Me Kris. Sexy three-way action and fun reading. I will be looking for more now from Allen Mack.
This book was supplied to me by the author in return for an honest review.    


  1. This one is going on my list for sure. It looks very, very hot. Great review and I LOVE your pictures.. as always. ;)

    1. I had a ball reading this (and putting the pictures on)and it was sexy as....A fun, quickie, sex-fest, ménage. It suited me to a tee :)

    2. I just added it. With it being a quickie I should be able to get to it quicker than some of the others I've added recently.

      (Did I mention I love the pictures? hehe)

    3. Yes indeed. A nice sexy quickie :) Did I mention I had a helper for the photos tonight? :)

    4. I just read your email and it made me think what Z's reaction would be if I asked him to help me 'research' those types of pictures. I laughed. He would discover the art of the frying pan I'm afraid.. lol

  2. Your very descriptive heading definitely caught my So did the picture of Kris. What a lovely gift he would be. ;) Sounds like a fun read. :)

  3. Hi Lisa,
    I had a friend once who received a present of a guy with nothing on except a red bow wrapped around his cock and a bottle of champagne in his hands. Great gift! :)