Thursday, 28 March 2013

Relatively Speaking, Allen Mack

Relatively Speaking
Cute cover.

Sexy, short 'n spicy!

-Review by Kazza K

I think I should use a pictorial review format here as there's not lots to say about Relatively Speaking that the official blurb doesn't cover. However, there is plenty of viewing material, but I must behave :)

Dan's nephew's college room mate is coming to New York for two weeks. Dan has volunteered to let him stay with him and his partner, Greg, until Curt gets settled. Greg doesn't think it's a good idea. He thinks Curt is probably straight and they will have nothing in common. WRONG!! You know where this is going, right? Sexy college guy + two guys who like a third, yep. It was all good, dirty fun.

Dan and Greg are a pair but they like a third 
The guys Dan, Greg and Curt end up getting it on. Greg and Dan are in a long term relationship but they like to spice it up with a third if they find one that is both their type. I like a liberal attitude in my ménage reading, where no one feels like a third wheel, pardon the pun.. Dan is older, more bearish, than Greg, and Curt = yummy twink third. Normally Dan is all about the twinks and Greg is all about the more mature man. But Curt is cute, he is hot, he likes being naked, and he is up to the task at hand. No complaints from me. If you look at my Goodreads shelves I have my fair share of M/M ménage books on there. Why is that? Hmm, Kazza is all kinds of pervy.

Curt likes being naked and to join in.
Dan, Greg + Curt = fun ménage.
I enjoy Allen Mack's ebooks because he uses terminology I like, he infuses his short stories with a load of raw sex and the characters are more than two-dimensional. They don't come off as either sleazy or dull. They have fun, everyone is happy, and its sexy. Not always easy to do with what is intrinsically a short fuck-fest.

If you're looking for declarations of love and romance then Relatively Speaking is probably not for you. If, however, you are like me and appreciate some short, spicy man-ménage, then this is a good short to read and I recommend it to you. I had fun and it picked me up.


  1. Sounds great! Love those pics too - it's really spiced up my day! :)

    1. Good to hear, Anne, I really did had to behave with my review pics :)

  2. I need to stop reading your reviews... lol. Every time I read a new one I am adding yet another book to my ever-growing list. I HAVE to read this one. Especially after the too serious stuff I've read this week.

    The pictures? As always. Perfect. ;)

    1. Oh and Kazza? No need to behave on our account. ;)

    2. It is only about 5000 in the word count stakes so it's quick and sexy. I HAD to behave, I should send you the pics I wanted to use, they your face, lol

    3. You "should" send me the pics you wanted to use? Kazza? Seriously? LOL

      (Send me the damn pictures! lol)

    4. You asked for them so nicely, so I must send you some. I already sent you one last night (my time), he he. Remember Mr Jock Strap?

    5. Do I remember him? Hell, I'm thinking of making him the wallpaper on my laptop.. hehe

      What a good friend you are. :)

    6. LOL. He would make a great laptop wallpaper. Oh yes he would *waggles eyebrows*