Saturday, 23 February 2013

Take It Off (Market Garden #2), L A Witt & Aleksandr Voinov

"Nothing weird. You guys know I like to watch.' He leaned closer, flattening his palms on the table. "And give some orders along the way." Oh. Hell. Yes! 

- Review by kazza K

Here we are back in the upmarket little piece of sex-on-earth known as Market Garden. Where your  money you can get whatever your kinky, sexed-up little heart and mind desires. This time around it is Tristan's POV. Last book it was Jared's. So you get to see what's going on in Tristan's head this time.  There are a couple of things  going on, Tristan is interested in more from Jared that just john-sex. He is thinking he'd like to get those sexy noises Jared makes and his sweet arse all to himself on occasion and see where it goes. He likes the sex he's having with him for johns, but it seems more than just a fuck. But, hey, fucking is pretty damn fine too.
Rolex from Quid Pro Quo is back, and he wants things kinkier still -
"It's a rematch then? Rolex pushed his tongue against his teeth. "Yeah. In a manner of speaking."
 He may be paying high prices, he may have been taken aback by how much he paid last time, but he gets one hell of a show both times. This time he likes giving Tristan a hard-core tease using Jared and he gets off seeing Tristan hot and ready to pop. This also gives Rolex a bit of his control, too.

It's all good kinky, voyeuristic fun. I like that Jared has taken on a very sexy persona and he is the one asking for the money this time. While Tristan is hot and bothered just thinking about Jared's new found confidence, with just that nice amount of sweet seductiveness thrown in to ramp it up. It's like they're totally into one another. It's sexy with a hint of sweet, mmm, mmm what a combination!
So, Jared and Tristan were both strippers, dancers, can use a pole. Rolex likes the sound of this. He can use it to his sexual delight  and, for a fee per item, he gets Tristan to sit in a chair and get the sexiest show on earth while he watches and gives directions to Jared to dance and Tristan to  take the sexual seduction. He gets to order the fucking the way he likes it. It was H.O.T.  No disputing that fact.

Two of the best (erotic) writers are writing this series so you know you are guaranteed something a bit more than just garden variety sex. Oh, it is pretty much one long sex scene, but there is more personality coming out now. This makes it sexier. It is cleverly written, each book gives you more and gives you individual insight. Please, please give me Rolex's POV on a hook-up. I'd love to know what's going on in that voyeuristic mind.  I really like him, and that is odd given he is a really light- on character...and yet not. You have to read it to see what I mean. Mind you, you may be too busy drooling all over your e-book reader to notice anything but the awesome sex.
You know what I'd like? I'd like to see this series end up with Tristan, Jared and Rolex together. That would be a delightful outcome because I actually like all three of these characters. Rolex is a dream john. He is the perfect catalyst for these two guys to be together. Yum. Bring out the  next of yesterday, please. L A Witt and Aleksandr Voinov you're doing it all right :)


  1. I do so love your adult reviews. ;) I have had the first book on my TBR shelf for awhile now. I need to bump both of them to the top. I love the pictures and this looks like something I would love. I love rentboy books... as you know.

    (Did I mention that I love the photos????)


    1. It's a tough job but someone has to find those pictures and put them on *swipes brow with hand* I had some really good ones that I just couldn't!! I tried so hard to make them fit :)
      I really, really recommend this series. These shorts are white hot. I mean look at who writes them...together.

    2. Good point on the authors.

      Yeah, such a difficult job looking for pictures of naked men. I'm sure it just killed you having to do the ... uh... research... hehe Save the other pictures for another review or share them with your blog partner/friend. ;)

      I just bought Quid Pro Quo. Once I finish the two Rhys Ford books I will jump into the series. Maybe tomorrow or Monday? Depends on how fast I can read and review the Rhys Ford books.

    3. It is torture. Nobody understands, he he. I will send you some nasty pictures. I'll be incredibly surprised if you don't like them...a lot :)

  2. Can't wait to read this one! I really enjoyed Quid Pro Quo and am looking forward to more stories from these two. They never disappoint.

    I noticed the next book (If it Flies)features a different couple. Nick, the rentboy, is also a Dom. I'm not going to complain because I enjoy reading stories with bdsm, but I hope we will still get to read more about Tristan and Jared in the future. Another plus, it will be released March 11.

    I must agree with the pictures. Nice way to start my day. ;)

    1. I have book #3 on pre-order. Nick is mentioned briefly in this one. I like BDSM, too. Oh yes I do! :) I'm in the middle of reviewing a MMM BDSM I just finished and really enjoyed. I'm glad you are a fellow picture connoiseur. I liked putting them on, he he.