Sunday, 24 February 2013

Fitting In, Silvia Violet

If Mason were in porno, the cops would cuff him and drag him to a back room where they would proceed to plow his ass until he couldn't stand up.

- Review by Kazza K

Fitting In is an interesting, engaging, sexy M/M/M about two men already in a relationship and what happens when they meet a lonely sci-fi, chemistry loving nerd. As a book there is nothing new about the premise, but it's charming and I enjoyed myself immensely reading it yesterday. I didn't want to put it down which says a lot for my enjoyment of the book.

Mason works at a bar called Nathan's as assistant manager. He wants to (continue to) study chemistry but can't because his parents want him in law or medicine. When he tells them he is gay, at nineteen, they withdrew his funding for university. He has to leave uni and now he works to save and go back to Duke University in the future. He likes science, he likes sci-fi and he's used to being alone. I liked Mason. He's open about his sexuality, he refuses to allow his family to set him up on dates with 'proper' young women they have picked out for him. He makes it clear that being gay is not a phase, it's his sexual orientation. He is open and honest about who he is in spite of his family's negativity. He is also lonely. He tried a three-way relationship before which ended with one of the guys getting jealous and warning him off. He tried dating an older man but, once again, it didn't go well. The older man bailed on him when things got tough with his university funding and his parent's. So love and relationships haven't been so good for Mason.

One night when Mason is working at Nathan's in walks two very hot men. They're in cop uniforms but Mason thinks they may just be too hot to be cops -

They were one hundred percent fantasy material. he hoped to hell they were strippers, and they'd be willing to do a private performance for him.The taller of the two men was big enough to bench press Mason. His shirt looked like it might burst open at the seams, and Mason hoped it would.
His partner looked younger, like he hadn't been out of the academy for long, but he was just as ridiculously hot as the bigger man.

They could play a scintillating game of good cop, bad cop, and Mason would love for them to play it with him.

Gray and Jack are the cops he's referring to. They're come to Nathan's to talk to people about a robbery a couple of businesses over. To see if anyone heard or saw anything. Gray and Jack appeal to Mason a great deal but he feels they're probably straight, just partners on the force. After they come back a couple more times he believes they are more than law enforcement partners, that they're lovers. He's envious at the little covert looks they give each other and how in sync they seem. He notices them because he likes to stare and fantasise about a Gray, Jack and Mason sandwich. But Gray and Jack seem to be flirting with him. Could that be right? Could these two super hunky men be interested in him? What if they are? I mean, it could only be a one night thing? Right?  Wrong!

Gray and Jack turn up one night when Mason is closing up and 'arrest' Mason, taking him back to their place for some discipline. He's a very bad boy. He's been holding out on Gray and Jack. They've noticed him looking but he hasn't said a word to them. They've given him enough signals but he's held back from doing something they all know he wants.. Gray is a Dom and he likes to take that role seriously. Jack is a submissive switch. I really loved Gray and Jack - they are hot, hot , hot, alpha, yet sensitive all at once, pushing my buttons. With Mason thrown in as the third, the sex is smokin' -

Gray smiled. "Would you like it if I just took control and didn't give you a choice?"
Mason didn't hink his dick had ever been that hard. For years he'd fantasized about having a man dominate him, control him, punish him.

And when Mason is, err, 'arrested' -

"Have you been a bad boy?" Gray asked, leering at him, a parody of every cop-themed porn scenario Mason had ever seen. "N-No, sir." Gray raised a brow. "Don't lie to me, boy."
"I think he's been very, very bad," Jack purred, nestling his hands on Mason's hips and pulling him back so he could feel Jack's erection.

There is some angst in this book. Enough to have kept me interested and on my toes. I like menage with some emotional tug. Admittedly this mainly came from Mason, who really struggled getting his mind around the fact that he could be in a relationship with Gray and Jack. That he was coming between a committed couple and he was just going to be warned off like he had been before. Or worse still, he would come between a happy couple. He kept this to himself and pulled back because he just couldn't bring himself to talk to his lovers. He didn't want to guilt them and make them feel responsible. Gray and Jack never gave him cause to feel this way. However, he'd been burned before. I liked the fact that there were no instant declarations of love here. It took them a bit of time to admit how they all felt for one another. There is also the problem that Gray and Jack are closeted. They are partners on the force and know that they will be separated and have to put up with crap from their colleagues if word gets out that they're not only gay but lovers as well This also causes some introspective moments.

Reading Fitting In reminded me just how much I like M/M/M. How much I enjoy M/M/M with BDSM thrown in. I like it. A. Lot. The BDSM was good. There was spanking and power exchanges and Mason got to let go and have mind blowing sex. I want a decent story to go with the BDSM as well and I got that. I have read more psychological books, more intense books, but this was a nice, easy, sexy read. This book has a mystery going on but, really, the mystery is a secondary part of the plot. It's sign-posted pretty quickly who is involved in some way or another in the robberies, and to be honest it is more of an afterthought. It's still there but the characters, their lives, their relationship, and the sex really drive this story. And for me that is fine, fine, fine.

Before I finish I want to say one negative thing. I love book covers. I'm a cover fetishist. I will buy a book off the strength of a cover, ebook or not - this cover makes the book seem cheap and cheesy. Just ignore the cover here because the writing is much better than it is.

I really enjoyed Fitting In. The first person POV from Mason worked well, I never felt that I was missing anything major just being in his head. I actually read this ebook in a matter of hours and it is around 180 pages. So I felt invested in all the characters from the very beginning. I recommend this book for lovers of M/M/M and lighter BDSM, hot sex, cops (always a good thing for me in M/M), a bit of a mystery, some emotion, and very likable characters.  


  1. I'm totally with you on the cover. The other photos more than make up for that. ;)

    Now I know I HAVE to read this. A nerd? Who went to Duke? 2 cops? If I didn't buy this last night (I don't remember), I'm about to. I really, really want to read this. Great review (as always) and great visuals.. hehe

    1. The cover is ordinary. There are some amazing freelance cover artists out there these days.... I recommend Fitting In to add to your ever growing TBR pile. I thought a bit of eye candy was required, he he.

    2. This is a must read for me after reading your review. I added it either yesterday or today. I will read it as soon as I finish Dirty Secret I think.

      I love the eye candy. Very fitting to the story it looks like. ;)

      (You know my shallowness when it comes to covers.. lol)

    3. No, not shallow, cover fetishist like myself. An appreciative cover-lover :) Glad you have it too!

    4. There are times I don't even notice the covers but then there are some that stand out (like the books I'm reading now). This one does NOT stand out.

      I just bought it. I'm thinking next on my list. You know me and nerds. ;) (... and bad ass cops)

  2. Great minds must think I just saw this one a few days ago and was thinking about getting it. Now, I definitely will. :)

    Thanks for posting more eye candy. You started and ended my day with some very hot pictures. Much appreciated. ;)

    1. I've read more plot-intense books than this, but it's really enjoyable, easy to read, and sexy. And I liked all the characters :) And the eye candy is my pleasure, Lisa *winks*

  3. I'm totally appreciating these pictures even more now that I've read the book. :)

    1. He he. I'm glad you read it. The photos do make sense. A sexy book need a sexy picture...or ten :) And I had to have a guy with chest hair in there

    2. These photos would make sense regardless of what the book is about... hehe

      Oh, you know me and chest hair. Thank you for that one for sure. ;)

    3. Of the ones you posted, the one of 'Mason' on his knees is my favorite. I can so picture that from the book.

  4. Love your review Kazza... and OMG, I am coming over here more often for those photos! Now that third one would have made a great cover:D

    1. Thanks Monique. I agree that third one would have made a great cover. Lord, anything other than the real cover is a step up, lol. I love doing the, uh, research involved in getting the pictures :) I don't know how to put them on GR and the way the flaggings are going on there lately I'm happier doing them here :)