Saturday, 16 February 2013

Snowfall (Foster Siblings #3), Cameron Dane

"Happy Valentine's Day, Christian."

"I love you, Jonah."

With those words given to Jonah, whispered so sincerely, Jonah could see his whole world - his only future - shimmering in Christian's gaze. 

- Review by Kazza K
They say you always remember your first. Well, A Fostered Love was my first Cameron Dane book and my first M/M book. I've been in love with her writing ever since. So, yep, I guess that saying is true then.

Christian Sanchez and Jonah Roberts have been together four years since they (re)connected in A Fostered Love and became lovers. You can read this as a stand alone but having read A Fostered Love will help make this a better read. It's not terribly long but it's good reading. A great combination of very sexy and very sweet. With Cameron Dane's trademark prose and intense passion.

Snowfall is simply what the official blurb tells you. Jonah has never seen snow. Christian wants him to. Has reservations to take Jonah to Wyoming as he's noticed every time something comes on with snow in it Jonah mentions it. Bad weather makes it impossible for this to happen. Christian feels sad that his plan has not been able to come together, he loves his man and wants to do something nice. It doesn't matter They make their time together for Valentine's Day special as they know each other so well - their likes, their favourite foods, their sexual turn-ons...

The journey was what made it good. I loved seeing how Christian and Jonah are together. I'll tell you one thing they are freaking sexy together!

The books starts with a bang -

Biting his lip to swallow down a moan, Jonah Roberts tried to focus on the alarm clock on the stand next to his bed. Right then, though, his partner, Christian Sanchez, pressed a final kiss to Jonah's bare lower belly, moved ever so erotically lower, and pulled Jonah's cock into his amazing mouth. Once Christian did that, Jonah lost himself to anything but pleasure....
"Christian..." Even as Jonah tried to sound stern, he spread his thighs and lifted his hips, offering the man more of his stiff cock.... 

Finally lifting his gaze, Jonah ordered, "Watch us.""Look at me taking you."

As if someone had thrown kerosene on them and lit a match, Christian and Jonah went up in flames together. They kissed with brutal, violent need, and Christian tore at Jonah's belt and zipper as fast as his clumsy fingers would let him....
There is quite a bit of sex interspersed with the disappointment Christian initially feels at the cancellation of plans, through to the Jonah's creative idea. It's just a nice, angst free, sweet, sexy as hell time. And I loved it all.


  1. I have to read this soon. I enjoyed the first one and would love to see these guys again. Great review, as always. :) I LOVE the pics.

    I didn't realize that A Fostered Love was your first M/M.

    1. It sure was, and I have loved Cameron Dane's work ever since :) I'm re-reading A Fostered Love at the moment. This short story got me in the mood.

  2. Nice to be in the company of another Cameron Dane fan. :) I know some people don't like her writing style, but I have always enjoyed her books. Like you said, this one was very sweet and sexy. :)

    1. I am a Cameron Dane addict, Lisa. I love her writing -fluttering channels and all :) This was so sweet.