Wednesday, 20 June 2012

I love the Sydney City Roosters

By Kazza K

I have supported the Sydney City Roosters for over 40 years, through the good and the bad. This year the not so good, but I live in hope. I become a passionate maniac when we play, as does my daughter, and if we lose, my son, husband and my daughter's partner all retreat for a while, until we pull in our horns.

We are the glamour side of the NRL and much maligned at times because of it, people love to hate us. In the second picture is the fabulous Anthony Minichiello, my favourite player and, so far, a lifer for us. He is supporting breast cancer awareness with the pink on our jersey. A very worthy casue and I'm happy the boys get behind it. Also, looking at the Jersey, I always find myself laughing at the Roosters major sponsor, Steggles, its business is the sale of chicken meat. Hmmm, not so good given the way the guys are playing this year.

Go the mighty red white and blue Roosters.


  1. Yes, both Dad and Mick yesterday where hassling me gently (and later not-so-gently) to turn the game off :(