Thursday, 28 June 2012

Escape to Love, Kimberly Hunter

Short, sweet, easy to read M/M.

- Review by Kazza K

This was a short but interesting read for me.

I want to go on record as saying I have a soft spot for a stronger male/damsel in distress male combination in some books, and I liked it here. I don't always want two alpha males in a relationship, that's not realistic anyway.

Rory was an older, blokey-bloke pub owner in Alaska.

Sebastian was a softer, young writer, whose ex was, well, a sadistic nutjob.

Basically, Sebastian ends up escaping said ex by going to Alaska, he has a connection there. Once he arrives he's none too well after a serious beating from his ex. When he arrives he's taken care of by Rory and the local doctor, not to mention some caring by the friendly locals. Perhaps they were all too concerned too soon, but sometimes I wish the world cared a little more than it does, so I'm not unhappy with the nice sentiment. Also, there is major insta-love here but I'm OK with insta-love, by and large - it does depend on the book, setting, writer.

Normally I would have a problem with so many gay friendly people in a small community, but it worked here, for me. I used to watch a show called Eerie, Indiana; the catchcry was something like "The epicentre for weirdness in the entire universe" - don't quote me. I feel this little Alaskan town was the epicentre for LGBT and tolerant people in the entire universe. What's not to like about that? It's a sweet idea.

That's what this book is, sweet. The characters are nice, there's one sex scene (I'm a perv, I tend to want more), which is well written.

On the negative side, the word "baby" probably did get tossed out there a bit too soon and, towards the end, too often. Sometimes the writing was a little stiff, editing should have picked up some typos. The book wasn't quite long enough - although that has a double meaning - I liked it enough to want to read more, but plot development became a little rushed near the end. Plus, did I mention I'm a perv?  Hint, hint, I wanted more sex.

I will certainly read more by Kimberly Hunter. It suited me after just finishing a YA book. I wanted something shorter, M/M, with sex, and I got it here. If you like a sweeter M/M book, you're looking for a shorter read, you don't mind insta-love, and you like a HEA, then Escape to Love is sure worth a read.


  1. Thank you so much! I appreciate the review!


    Kimberly Hunter

    1. I enjoyed it, liked the characters, could revisit these guys, this town very easily.