Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The Delaneys at Home (The Delaneys # 5), Anne Brooke

My love affair continues.

- Review by Kazza K 

I seriously love this series, and I am in total and utter lust with Liam and his (OK, mine as I like to think of them), mischevious, dark twins, Mark and Johnny Delaney.

This time, with Liam having just moved in with Mark and Johnny, he's trying to find out where he sleeps, with whom, and establish the etiquette required by the Delaney's in their home. Johnny and Mark have 'researched' their lover, Liam, and discovered he has been less than truthful about his artistic leanings, so they invite his boss, Melissa, over to see how she can help them 'persuade' Liam to become more actively involved in painting. I'm growing rather attached to Melissa. I loved her 'okay, right, the boys are having oral in the back of a car I'm travelling in, where's the brandy' attitude.
Where else but this series could you have delicious dialogue such as -

“'Look at us, Liam". Mark demanded, and my eyes snapped up. Still, I couldn’t really focus and my gaze shifted from twin to twin, back and forth as if I were at a tennis match. Maybe what they said about cock-abuse and eyesight was true.'


‘Johnny’s tongue could have won Olympic gold if there’d been a competition for Best British Blowjob...’

All mixed in with a wonderfully British attitude, references to Casablanca AND Macbeth, combined with BDSM for good measure. What more could one ask for? Really!

A writer always runs the risk with this sort of series, using the same main characters, of them losing their appeal, or their personalities either devolving or becoming somewhat lobotomised. Never, ever does this occur in The Delaneys. Every book gives the reader just a little bit more of the respective characters personalities and needs, making you really keen on their individual nuances.

I always say the same about this series and the writing - it is witty, charming, clever and sexy. So much is covered in so few words. That's talent. The editing and grammar are perfect, you never have to double take anything.

Please keep writing about my lads, Anne Brooke, because I will follow them to the very end, and then some if necessary.

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