Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Dating The Delaneys (The Delaneys #4), Anne Brooke

It gets better and better with The Delaneys and Liam.

- Review by Kazza K

I swear I will never look at Four Weddings and a Funeral the same again. I've heard of making out in the back row but, bloody hell, the Delaney twins, and Liam, take it to a whole new level. Nothing like having sex in a movie theatre and taking an armrest off a chair to make sure your menage is accomodated - 'I smiled up at the Delaneys. Sod the film. This might just be my best date ever'. I agree Liam.

The twins are attempting to date Liam, Johnny has to keep reminding Mark "we're on a date". As of the end of The Art Of The Delaneys we know a six week dating trial period's been tabled; to see how things work out. The Delaneys "don't do love" so this is their way of reaching out, caring. I love the subtle, yet unique, little personality traits of Mark and Johnny - Johnny more tactful, Mark more blunt, Johnny more responsive, Mark more reactive and high maintenance in a minimalist way. I do love them. Liam works hard, but he gets his rewards - 'Sexual punishment versus a date with the twins followed by sexual punishment. As Melissa liked to say, it was a win-win situation.'

Dating the Delaneys got me back into a pet love - exhibitionism - God bless you boys (and Anne Brooke). BDSM was at the fore, as well as some good old, mind blowing, M/M sex. The fourth installment continued to be witty, sexy, charming, wicked and nothing if not very interesting. Please let there be more of my lads, I love them. Goodness knows what will happen at tea with mum.

PS: Saved it until the fourth book was read - I loved the covers on every installment, clever, fabulous.

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