Thursday, 21 June 2012

Double Coverage, Mercy Celeste

Terrific, really sexy menage with good writing and substance.

- Review by Kazza K

Personally, I don't get the need for high school reunions. I don't give a shit about the past, nor do I care about people I knew from school. I'm also not into jocks, so I don't much care for jock related stories either. So why would I buy this when the basic premise didn't fit me? Well, it's by Mercy Celeste and I do like her writing, so I thought - why not.

This book has a bitter undercurrent for the first half. What-ifs ruled. What if I fit in more and had more fun at school? What if I took a chance and climbed in the straight A's student window, having my wicked way with her?

I liked Kailey, liked that she was well educated, was at the school reunion to see what happened, have a bitch, feel superior (hello, well educated) and I liked her bitter, bitchy observations. Kailey's all grown up now, looking sexy, and it's time for her to use that sexiness for bedding men. I liked that she managed to get laid by not just one but two hot guys - a Kailey sandwich. I also liked that she wanted sex and didn't need strings attached. She's been hurt by her ex, you know the type, gets you to work your arse off to buy them an education, then does the dirty. Happened to a friend of mine, so that rang true for me.

Trig lived near Kailey when growing up; at that time she had braids, braces, was smart as a whip and gangly. She played ball with the guys on the block and learned how to throw a mean football. He liked her for her tenacity and the fact she was smart, she showed up a math teacher that had been giving him hell all year. Trig played football, injured himself then went  to college, now he's a doctor. He's also at the reunion.

Bullet is a pro football player with a touch of douchebag to him, a big touch actually. He's currently contracted for $6 million, he's good looking, has plenty of females after him, and says the most smarmy things. I found him hard to like; he’s not my kind of man, but he suited the book and the story to a T. I can handle a painful MC if the writing is strong, if the other MC’s are good, if it fits the story, which it did completely. Oh, and I did like his dirty mouth, he added an extra dimension to their triad.

Double Coverage is not a long read, but it is satisfying. I want to say - frigging hell! Mercy Celeste can write a sex scene or 10, she is unbelievably gifted in the literary sexual stakes. I liked the double penetration here, and I don't mean one up the pussy, one up the arse either. I have a few authors on auto buy, so to speak, that write the best sex, they never get it wrong. Mercy Celeste has joined that club.

All her books are different, and yet all good in their own right. The mark of a good writer. I thought Double Coverage had substance as well as erotic content. The writing started off snarky, bitchy, bitter (loved it), then developed into emotional connections, a secret love or two, and a nice happy ending, loved that too. I totally recommend it for anyone wanting a super hot, well written ménage with interesting characters.

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