Sunday, 16 September 2012

Got Lemons? Kimberly Hunter

Sweet, sexy characters. An angst free zone.

- Review by Kazza K

This is a sweet, sexy, feel good, contemporary, short read that just picked me up and made me feel happy.

Noah has the hots for the mysterious Marcus. He even manages to get him to go out after work.

Marcus is getting along with Noah until he gets...nervous.

Marcus actually has the hots for Noah, but he's worried he's too old, that they work together, and that he will get hurt, again.

The story is light and breezy. I laughed in a couple of places.

It's sexy, I liked them together. Older man/younger man, tick.

It has a happy ending, although I would have liked a small epilogue.

Kimberly Hunter always writes nice characters that are romantic in nature. She is my go-to amongst the angst :)


  1. Sounds really cute and the cover's lovely - one for my list, thank you! :))

    1. Kimberly Hunter writes a sweet character or two. It was nice to be in an angst free zone :)
      Of course I'll then go back into the angst's a cycle, Anne, lol.

  2. Thanks, hon! And you are my go to for great, honest, reviews. Huggles!

    1. Cheers Kimberly :) They need a sequel by the way. Just trying to make your life busier.