Sunday, 23 September 2012

Holed Up, Hank Edwards

My first time with Hank Edwards...and I had fun!

- Review by Kazza K

This is my first Hank Edwards book and overall I enjoyed it. I do like a witness protection style book and there was plenty to like here.

Basic premise is that one guy, Mark, overhears a terrorist plot to blow something up, in Chicago, on Valentines Day. He just doesn't hear where or what is targetted. He informs the FBI, and ends up under the care of Special Agent Aaron Pearce. Pearce has flown in to Chicago from Washington DC to protect Mark. They smell a rat in the FBI ranks and it works out from day one that they need to change plans on the safe house and where they're going to hide out.

The 2 MCs, Pearce and Mark, were not necessarily the easiest characters to like straight off the bat. They were both sarcastic, Pearce being pretty cocky as well. The dialogue was fairly good, there were some funny lines, and I did enjoy their snarky banter. They fell for each other pretty quickly, but I don't mind that, there were no verbal declarations of love, but you knew where it was going.

I had a couple of niggles, especially to do with one of the bad guys, but not enough to spoil the overall fun I had reading Holed Up. The book was fast paced, easy to read and, mmm, mmm, it was sexy. I do like some dirty talk, and a sex scene, or two, or three....and Hank Edwards appealed to me here.

I would say it ended too abruptly, but I see there is a sequel so I'll get that and read on. I'd like to see how the guys are doing.

A good, light, fun, sexy read, with a great cover.

                                                                  Holed Up by Hank  Edwards      


  1. I LOVE that cover! It definitely sounds like one for me :)


  2. It's a fast, fun read. Definitely a nice cover. I am a sucker for a good cover :)