Saturday, 8 September 2012

My Body Is Special, Cynthia Geisen and R W Alley

My Body Is Special: A family Book About Sexual Abuse is a timely book with good, positive words and illustrations. An excellent resource to know about.

- Review by Kazza K

Because this is an adult blog with adult material I have not linked this. I have simply added it to this blogspot for those that read it and may be interested. If you come in off Google, or any other search engine, just be aware there is some adult content on here, do not look around if that would offend you.


This little book is a wonderful resource. First of all it helps teach children about personal boundaries. It also reinforces, or teaches children about who they can talk to if they aren't sure or, goodness forbid, if something has happened. It also deals with the extremely important issue of not allowing children to blame themselves. I can't stress enough the importance of that message.

With some chapters such as -

You Are One-of-a-Kind

Safe, Loving Touch Is Always Shared

Safe, Loving Touch Is Not a Secret to Keep

People You Can Talk to

Touches Are Messages

Touch is NOT for Hurting

Don't Blame Yourself

God Loves Every Part of You

- it covers a perfect array of subjects in this tricky and sensitive area. The book is written and drawn in such a way as to not put ideas in children's heads, or to scare either. My Body is Special is positive, and while it mentions God it does not preach. I feel it is a perfect tool for therapists working with pre-primary to primary aged children and for parent's alike.

NB: Always assess the age appropriateness of material in relation to your child, and their own sensitivities/ability to process information, before you read something to them. You know your own child better than anyone else. Also this is just a book review and my personal thoughts as a parent nothing more


  1. So agree - this is an excellent message for children - and indeed all of us - to hear. Many thanks for this, Karen.


  2. I have needed to use this little book recently, thus the review. It is a wonderful way of 'speaking' to children so they don't feel interrogated or fearful.