Tuesday, 4 June 2013

The Gifted One, Jacob Z Flores

-Review by Letti.
The Gifted OneMatt’s life has been plagued with misfortunate events and many of those were catastrophic. Being born the seventh son of a seventh son, his destiny was written, he become a key player, and someone who is important to the Grand Design. Because of that importance he was granted a protector the Archangel Gabriel. Gabriel has been by Matt’s side since the very beginning but has rarely revealed himself; Gabriel’s sole purpose was to protect his ward and let the Grand Design run its course.
But things begin to change when Matt is tormented with nightmares; he knows that the dreams are the key to unlocking his past. He suffers from dissociative amnesia due to a traumatic and stressful incident that transpired on his tenth birthday. Birthdays aren’t agreeable with him, because his potential resonates strongest on that day.
This is an enchanting tale of good vs evil, Angelic Forces vs Demonic that interweave basic Christian Mythology. At times it was so engaging I could hardly tear my eyes away from the words, I was sucked into Flores magnificent world. Certain parts of the book were heart-rendering,  where my soul literally felt like it was being ripped out of me, during that moment I cussed Mr. Flores for capturing that heinous moment. And FYI that is something no mother should every read.
There was an array of characters some I grew a connection with, and others were a bit obnoxious but to be honest we all know a Ms. busy body like Dee, the girlfriend you love to hate, and the flirtatious Shane.
Matt and Gabriel relationship was something of pure beauty and love. When they say love can conquer all it rings truest for these two. But one thing that didn’t sit well with me was how fast their love for each other seemed to be, and in the beginning I found myself starting to doubt it. But as the story progressed I took it for what it was, love at first sight, stemming from the familiarity on Matt’s part.  Gabriel’s love for Matt I could believe, because he was always there.
There were some parts that did irk me -
“No more cursing”
“The cursing tarnishes the experience”
“I know your anger was born from concern, but I do wish you would stop cursing”
See where I’m going with this? Yeah that got me cursing like a sailor. Then at times It felt like being reprimanded by my mother - I swear I had to remind myself Angel, Angel, he’s a freaking Angel. But as you read further and further, there were some heart stopping magical moments
“Your flaws and imperfections make you beautiful”
“I only wish you could see yourself through my eyes. Then you would know how beautiful you are. How special you are, not just to me but to everyone around you.”
Wow! That simply took my breath away.
This is not an erotic romance, there is only about two or three scenes that go into all the hot and heavy sex, but it really is a fun story that will have you guessing, and getting aggravated and then sighing. The ending is not what I expected and I do have mixed feelings about that, but I’m hoping for a sequel to follow and so I can see what’s going on in the heavens.  4 Stars.


  1. Thanks for you lovely review of The Gifted One Letti. And thank you for taking the time to guest review for us :)

  2. You are welcome Kazza, believe me when I tell you it was no hardship, I enjoyed doing it and look forward to guest reviewing for you and Cindi again

    1. We look forward to that too. I love the cover on The Gifted One, it looks so good up against your review :)

  3. Your right it does... There is just something about that cover. It's hot,sweet, sexy and beautiful at all at once.

  4. Great review, Letti, and thanks for being a guest reviewer. :)