Thursday, 13 June 2013

Like A Prayer, Pelaam

-Review by Kazza K

Like A PrayerLike A Prayer starts on Keiran and Lucas's fifth wedding anniversary. Keiran looks like he will be spending it on his own because Lucas's father, who doesn't approve of Keiran, has called Lucas away, yet again, on a special occasion. Keiran looks back on how he met Lucas through to current time.

Detective Inspector Kieran Gallagher is a shifter, a bear shifter, and he has been brought into a case when a local young woman has been murdered. It looks like an animal but they believe it isn't just an ordinary animal, rather a shifter. So Keiran is the go-to guy on the case. Meanwhile Keiran's secretary, Imogene, is listening to a pop song on the radio and Keiran likes the voice he hears, even though he's more of a classical man. Imogene convinces him to go to a concert to see the band and it's love at first sight when Keiran spots Lucas, the band's singer. Likewise there seems to be an attraction from Lucas but Keiran isn't sure. He can't get close enough to know if Lucas is even a shifter but he feels he is his mate.

There have been eight different murders in the towns that the band has been in over the last eight months, so it seems there may well be a connection. Keiran doesn't want to get involved with a potential suspect but his shifter senses tell him Lucas is innocent and his shifter also wants Lucas in the worst...or is that best?...possible way.

So, with his mate desires reigning over his police ones, Keiran asks Lucas out for lunch. When waiting, Lucas is alerted to the fact that the lunch he's going out on with Keiran could be more about an investigation than a date. He gets upset and leaves. Keiran can't let that happen, Lucas is definitely his mate, so he turns up with the song Like A Prayer - Lucas sang this at his concert and Keiran loved his version. -

Keiran had no singing voice, but he had memorised the song. He mouthed "I heard you call my name, and it feels like home."

For a moment Lucas didn't move. The he took a couple of hesitant steps forward, and finally ran for the stage, leaping with grace and agility to stand and face Keiran.

"I hear you voice, it's like an angel sighing." Keiran mimed more words. He held out his hands, and willed them not to shake.

Lucas took them in his, and pulled Keiran to him. Before he could speak, Lucas kissed him; hard, possessively, passionately. Keiran opened his mouth for Lucas's questing tongue, and wrapped his arms tightly around Lucas's lithe frame.

And, yes, Lucas is a shifter, an artic fox shifter, to Keiran's bear.

Overall -

I have a soft spot for shifter books and I thought this very sweet. If you like shifter books without information overload, something that is light, fun, nice, quick and easy to read; with mandatory use of the word mine, a bigger bear of a man with a lithe, smoother, younger partner, and some nice sex with no condoms...hooray for shifters, and a HEA, then Like A Prayer could just be for you.


  1. I've had the song "Like a Prayer" stuck in my head all day. Now I know why. I must have seen this on the blog earlier without realizing it.

    The story looks good. I love the shifter thing and the fact that there is an age difference. I LOVE the picture of the guy with the long hair (you know me and the hair thing).

    Another great review, my friend.

    1. As I read this I kept driving myself nuts singing Like a Prayer. As I was reviewing it was the same, and now I'm back I'll sing it again..."When you call my name...." GAH!!
      He is a cutie all right :)