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Darian's Angel (2013 Daily Dose: Make a Play), Sabine Cross

Darian's Angel (2013 Daily Dose: Make a Play), Sabine Cross

- Review by Cindi

*** This review is one huge spoiler. ***

Darian's Angel (2013 Daily Dose: Make a Play)

1.5 out of 5 stars

Darian Levesque is talked into going to an equestrian event with his coworker, Gerry.  Gerry had an extra ticket and no one else wanted to go so Darian was elected.  

"Ironic, given he was a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police force, but Darian didn't really like horses.  They smelled bad and intimidated the hell out of him."

(Wrong profession there, buddy.)

Gerry is a jerk.  He's constantly hitting on every female in sight.  To get away from him, Darian excuses himself to go looking for a drink... an alcoholic drink.  Instead he stops outside of the stables to watch a rider on a big brown horse.  Darian is so taken with the rider that he immediately dubs him as "my angel" in his head.  Then he sees a female cozying up to the man and assumes she is his girlfriend. Dejected, he leaves the event.

Three months later, Darian and Gerry while on patrol, are caught in a scuffle with a group of men. Darian comes out of it with a bruised face and other minor injuries but Gerry needs a trip to the hospital for scraped knuckles (yes, this warranted an emergency room visit apparently).  Leaving Gerry in the care of a nurse, Darian walks outside and is approached by a man in a wheelchair. This man turns out to be Liam Grayson, the man he dubbed "angel" a few months earlier.  Darian is unaware that only minutes after he ran from the stables the first time he saw Liam, Liam and his horse were involved in a horrific accident during the course.  Liam speaks to Darian and Darian is just about to try (I say "try" because he's very shy) to have a conversation with the man when the woman from before makes an appearance again.  Dejected yet again, Darian heads back inside the hospital but not before he tells Liam that he's hot.

The busybody sister (Paulette) hears this and takes it upon herself to do a little bit of matchmaking for her brother who has obviously fallen in lust with the stranger.  Thanks to Paulette, the two end up back outside together and the story takes an odd turn.  Paulette goes inside but doesn't disappear.  She loudly outs both men to total strangers from a window on the second floor. This isn't the odd part.  Below is the odd part.  Bear in mind that Liam and Darian are both dreadfully shy toward each other and can barely get out a word in order to say "Hi".

"You can hit me if you want for asking, and that's okay, but...." He trailed off.

He saw Darian's throat bob as the man's voice dropped low, gravelly.


"But---" Liam reached and gently stroked the bruise on Darian's face, bouyed by the feel of the warm skin beneath his fingers.  "I really want to suck your cock."

As is probably expected, this little turn of events forced this little story to take a nosedive for me. Granted, I am totally aware that folks hook up quickly all the time but did I mention the downright shyness of these two guys not thirty seconds earlier?  Then suddenly Liam telling this man that he wants to suck his cock?  Oh and he does too... sucks his cock I mean.  Darian can't shove that wheelchair to a dark corner in a parking garage fast enough.  Darian may not be very bright but he's not stupid.

Liam's hands, still on Darian's ass, kept him close, and Darian knew he was lost.  He would never find his way back from this young succubus.

(Correct me if I'm wrong, please, but is "young succubus" not exactly what should have been used here?)

So there's your story.  Two guys kinda/sorta meet, they barely say two words to each other and then suddenly Liam is sucking Darian off and they are making plans to give each other a call or whatever it is they plan to do.  Perhaps Darian will reciprocate next time?  Perhaps they get married and live happily-ever-after?  I don't know because it ended shortly after Darian came down Liam's throat.  

There is talk in the story about Darian being an older man with black hair with streaks of gray.  He even refers to himself as an older man.  However, if his actual age is given I missed it.  Liam is twenty-five if you're wondering.  

Overall, I am unsure of how I feel about this.  As I said, it started out well but took a major nosedive.  Throw in the busybody and annoying sister and the constant use of "my angel" in Darian's head and this story really did not stand a chance for me.  Maybe had the two main characters actually met before my Kindle Fire said 50% or maybe if so much time was not given to the sister and the obnoxious coworker I may have enjoyed it more.  As it is, I have to say this is one I probably should have passed on.

This story was provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange for a fair and honest review.


  1. Oh dear! It ended after the BJ spurt? Maybe it is for me, LOL.

    1. Funny girl. The hubby (who never pays any attention to anything I put on here) saw something I had in my original review and informed me that it was too harsh so I removed it. He then turned that one thing into something naughty. I will have to share that with you privately. I'm married to a total perv. lol

    2. You have a critic :) Hmmm. I will wait to hear this *raises one eyebrow*

    3. For some strange reason he got over my shoulder as I was getting ready to hit "publish" and said "You aren't leaving that in are you?" Pfft! He was probably right though. I'll send you a message about my perverted husband.