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Prize Package (2013 Daily Dose: Make a Play), Kyle Adams

Prize Package (2013 Daily Dose: Make a Play)
- Review by Cindi

4.5 out of 5 stars

"You won a day with a legend, the current champion of United Superstar Wrestling,  The MeatGrinder!"

Jason Smith has just been informed of winning a huge contest.  A huge contest that he doesn't remember entering.  

"MeatHeads" were what his fans called themselves.  I was now, like The Super MeatHead.  I don't think I'll be bragging about that title to anyone.

You see, Jason has a problem.  He enters every contest available without bothering to check out what he's actually hoping to win. The contest he just won?  Not exactly something he would be willing to participate in had he known what he was entering.  He has won a day with the MeatGrinder, the current champion of United Superstar Wrestling.  Part of the prize package includes an early release of the MeatGrinder's new Xbox game, tickets to the biggest match of the year as well as various other things that mean absolutely nothing to Jason. To say that Jason knows nothing about wrestling would be a major understatement.  But he actually won a contest, so that's cool, right?  And he has three weeks before he has to meet the MeatGrinder so he has plenty of time to learn enough about the sport to fake it before actually meeting the guy.  

Yeah, about that. :)  

It turns out that the championship wrestler is someone who Jason lusted after from afar in his college days.  Back then the man was simply known as Trent Peterson.  The same Trent Petersen who a shy college-boy-Jason never had the courage to approach and who starred in many of Jason's fantasies.  And now he's the great MeatGrinder?  How bad can the meeting be?  Go in and meet the guy and fake being a fan even though Jason was conveniently too busy to do his research.  He's just a dumb wrestler. How hard can it be?  The MeatGrinder, or Trent, turns out to be not exactly who Jason was expecting.  The faking being a fan thing?  Trent's not stupid and calls Jason on it almost instantly.  The interaction between the two is hilarious and later, sexy as hell.

"Time for a Scooby snack?  You're starting to get a little grumbly."

"First you try to weigh me down by giving me a brick for a controller, then you cheat and throw chairs, and now you seduce me, just to win a video game?  Is there no limit to your treachery?" I sounded outraged, but only because I hadn't thought of trying devious tactics like that first.

"... No offense, but your new name is kind of lame.  What's your sidekick's name, The CheeseShredder?"

"The Jason, my biggest fake fan.  XO Trent Petersen."

"Oh my, you big stud, your dancing boobs have enchanted me with your hypnotic sexual magnitudeness," I said flatly.

"First, I'm going to teach you how to Irish Whip someone."

"Oh, that sounds kinky.  I want my safeword to be peaches," I said, grinning.

"I have been craving this all day.  Now I don't know if I want to savor it like a fine wine or just devour it."

Whimpering, I pleaded, "Just suck me, please, I'm already so close."

This is your classic Kyle Adams short.  If you have read any of his stories before (if not, what are you waiting on?) then you know his hilarious personality.  This carries over to all of his characters in every story he writes.  I'm a total stalker fangirl of his and he is well aware of this fact. Prize Package has the funny one-liners that we have grown to expect from anything he writes.  Jason and Trent, while different as all get out, are perfect for each other. This doesn't have as much sex in it as one would expect from Kyle but what is there is hot and it's sexy as hell.  

Another great short by Kyle Adams.  I want to see more of these guys.

This story was provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange for a fair and honest review.


  1. I was actually laughing out loud at the quotes as I read your review. I have to get this :) Good review, funny as hell :)

    1. It's classic Kyle so you know it's hilarious. I laughed out loud a lot while reading it. :)