Thursday, 2 August 2012

Secrets, Skin and Leather, Sean Michael

WARNING - This review is littered with sex and sexual words and that's about it. If you are easily offended, don't read it. If you're looking for a fully coherent review, don't read it.

- Review by Kazza K

Never read Sean Michael before, will read again. Secrets, Sin and Leather is a Sexy, kinky, down and dirty read. While the review may seem random, it is the sex content as it happens in the book just stripped down to a word or words. Obviously there's more dialogue than I've indicated, but it's minimalist and the plot weaves around the sex. I really enjoyed it because it's kinky and it's passionate and I like people being able to be who they are. That's what this book is about, being true to who you are, and if that's a kinky sexed up gay man, or men, as in this book, then don't let anyone stop you being true to you. 

My Kinky-Arsed Review

High powered executive meeting, the bored head honcho, Dillon, goes to a club after, sees one of the other executives, Scott Daley, aka Dal in his kink zone, - now in a cincher, kohl, and nipple rouge - shaking his sweet arse. Dillon leaves without being noticed and plots another meeting on an island resort to get cincher executive, Dal, into his bed. They enjoy the resort, not the scenery, well, except to play with/pull perineum rings (aka guiche piercing), fuck, cum, fuck again, cum again, another cincher, nipple clamps, dick wand, fuck, cum, bite, mark, bite, fuck, cum, fuck, cum…shower, spiked glove, cum.
8 weeks apart, dark, smouldering eyes across business cocktail party, bathroom grope, limousine wank, suck, cum, arse finger, cum, fuck, cum – ‘weary, balls to bones.’

Now at Dillon’s beach house in Maine - “on my lap, baby. I’ll feed you”- *tosses away Dal’s "dull" contact lenses* - decadent lobster and champagne fuck-fest begins, dining room table perineum ring pull, fuck, cum….eat a piece of pineapple. Two weeks of holidays - “You’re mine for the next two weeks, and you’re going to need your strength.” Skin appreciation, biting, marking, nipple biting, cocks sliding, cum, oops, making “plans,” New England in November = “Queercicles”, shower together, clean each other, Dal has secret genital region tattoo, lets’ shave Dal, no! not yet. More skin appreciation, green leather corset and matching cock ring, mmm leather, blow job, walk on the beach, hands linked -  Dillon's falling -  clothes off playing with food seductively, mmm - strawberries, cream, hot chocolate and nipple play, leather, food and sucking on a  cock ringed cock, Dal bent over kitchen bench getting rimmed, Dillon stretching Dal, thinking of fisting, fuck, bite, play with leather, release cock ring, cum. Thinking about sex, nipple play, admiring bite marks, perineum ring pulls, shower, marking, cum, anal cleanse, fisting, fuck, cum – “Now you won’t ever forget me.” “No. No, I won’t.”

Last night of 2 weeks together, going to have dinner and dancing – white cincher, black pants, kohl, cock stirring – Dillon had ‘cum more in the last 2 weeks than he had in the last year.’(I don’t doubt it!) “Come let me feed you.” “Mmm. Am I on the menu?” (You’re kidding, me right? Of course you are Dal!) Shirt coming off between courses, lap straddling, eating food, licking fingers, salty Dal, hard cocks, cincher just below rouged nipples, nipple play, back arched, lip biting, cock lick, ball tugging, monosyllabic word exchange - “Good. More.” “Mmmhmm.” “Baby.” “Fuck.” Cock sucking, orgasm, black studded leather cock ring, dirty dancing with cock ring, white cincher, black pants, prominent bulge, rouged nipples, kohled eyes – big turn on. Nipple pinching, cock jerking, perineum ring tugging, (they’re both falling) “So you want a next time?” “Don’t you?” “Yes.” “Me, too, baby” – kissing, groaning – “I’m gonna fuck you over the couch, and then I’m going to take you to bed and fuck you through the mattress. Gonna feel me for days.” “Good.” Hands sliding over skin, leather and silk, rocking hips, arse arching, hands tied together, cock ring, seeping cock, tease, bent over couch, hands bound, white cincher, smell of leather, cock teased in the cock ring, rimming, fuck, cock ring too much, trying to get it off – “You. Don’t. Get. To. Come.Yet. Gonna. Make. You. Wait” – each work punctuated by a thrust, cum, more play, ride ‘em cowboy,  ‘want to come’, ‘hold on,’  “come for me.” End of 2 week holiday.

New year’s eve – guys catch up, ink, rings, leather, tequila, shirtless, cincher, public body shots, licking, kissing, exhibitionism, Dal busted by conservative client’s son, (oh, shit!) Back to Dillon’s, nipple play, grinding against a wall, into bed, double blowjob, corset rubbing, fuck, nipple play, cum, cum, nipple clamps, looking at Dillon’s fetish collection – corsets, cinchers – leather, lace, PVC, rubber, all in Dal’s size,( aww) - and  plugs of all sizes, scissoring, loooong, vibrating plug – “Damn. Damn. Dillon. Shit. I.” ‘Oh, goodie. Incoherence.’  Cock and ball ring – “Dance for me, baby. Show me how sexy you can be.” “Dance?” “Move for me, show me how the clamps and the corset and the plug and the cock ring make you feel.”  “So damned sexy.  And all mine.” I could do this all night. Watch you move for me until the sun comes up and makes the sweat on your skin shine.” BJ, cum, (the sub is falling) -“I love you” said to a sleeping Dillon – Dal leaves. Dal's in hiding, on a bender, private investigator (hired by Dillon). Plot! Words of commitment – coming out together, vanilla sex, “you are mine.” “Yours.”  Ungloved sex, orgasms, “love.” Sober Dal, more food in erotic positions, olive to mouth transfers, tzaziki fingers to mouth, offers to live together from Dillon, shave Dal’s pubes, tattoo worshipping, BJ, cum, fuck, tug, cum, declarations of “mine.” Finger fuck, corset, bite, sexy nipple piercing, handjob, fuck, tug, cum. Then -
 Epilogue *ahhh*

I loved it - sexy men, sexy sex, sexy kink, sexy words. I zeroed in on the sex, hence my sex filled review :) Recommended music for this book - Closer by Nine Inch Nails or anything by Dave Gahan.

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