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A Younger Man (Cabin Fever #3), Cameron Dane


They’re baaack….God I missed steaming cocks, taints and fluttering channels. With every flutter of a channel I know I’m reading the one, the only erotic writer extraordinaire, Cameron Dane!

- Review by Kazza K


I want to start by saying I have favourite writers. Who doesn't? Cameron Dane is one of my favourites. There are a few I'm rather fond of and you will find a few here on this site in my reviews; not all though. The reason they are my favourites is that I just seem to get their writing instinctively. Time and again they seem to write something I like, and I feed into their characters really well; no matter if they mix it up quite a bit or not. Most importantly, I find their writing passionate in some way or another. So having said that -


A Younger Man is about Noah Maitland, a secondary, yet memorable character from Grey's Awakening, Cabin Fever # 2). Noah had a strong interest in one of that books MC's, Sirus; he also came out and, with much soul searching, ended his 20 year marriage. I'm so glad he's back with his own story. The other MC is Zane Halliday, a young man who has lost his parents and is trying to keep his two younger (step) siblings with him against difficult odds. Zane is down on his luck and being evicted from his meagre accomodation when Noah first meets him, feeling concern for the young man and helping him out - because that's the kind of guy Noah is.

It would be easy to peg the two MC's as just too darn nice, but they are written so well that you can't help but really like if not love them both. Noah as this respectful, courteous, kind, family orientated 42 year old man, that has genuine fears about being gay. He doesn't know how to be with a man, tries dating, but finds it all too overwhelming. When he gives his affection he wants it to be real. He also worries about the impact it has on his family; not to mention his concern over growing desires for a 24 year old that is close in age to his own 19 year old son, Seth. Zane is this 'mature before his years' 24 year old that had nursed his ill step father from 15-19 and then continued to raise his siblings, Duncan and Hailey, whilst trying to hold down a job. He has put his life on hold to be responsible.

Cameron Dane has writen a contemporary novel here and subtlely touches on current issues, such as the difficulty one faces coming out, particularly when one has been married; and, most timely, marriage equality -

Sirus said in a raspy voice, “You’ve never called me your husband before.”
Defiant, almost angry sounding, Grey spat, “I don’t care what this state says, or if it’ll ever give us a paper that legally allows me to call you so.” He stalked Sirus, adding, “You are the person I trust and believe in most in this world; you are my partner for life; you own my heart, and that makes you my husband. Don’t ever forget it or think you’re getting away.”

It is not lost on me that this book is set in North Carolina.

There is a lot to love about A Younger Man; mostly it's the well written protagonists, Noah and Zane. There are other factors too, such as the love Zane has for his family mirroring the love Noah has for his, the constant awareness of the responsibility both men have to their families in their own ways. The understanding they both share of extened family - Zane's loss of his mother and step father and the struggle Noah is having to gain a solid relationship with his dad, a man he deeply admires, since coming out as gay.

Cameron Dane is a good writer and, for me, what sits her a rung above many in this genre is her ability to wring the very depths of the souls of her characters out on the page. Noah and Zane with another writer could have just come off as M/M versions of a Mary Sue, and that would have been awful. I like a flawed character and I like darkness in a lot of my books. A Younger Man, whilst having two antagonists in the background, and periods of self reflection from both MC's - Zane never having had the time to work out his sexuality before, and Noah dealing with his concern at wanting someone so young, so inexperienced - is a very sweet book at heart. The passion between the two men is palpable though - from when they are originally working it out, including glances, light touches, fantasizing, to when they do get together. The sex is plentiful and erotic to the max, Cameron Dane writes some kinky-arse sex at times but, let me say, very few writers can write sex as well as Cameron Dane. Very few writers can write as well as Cameron Dane full stop. I loved this book. Oh yes, April Martinez's book cover is just beautiful and fully reflects the book.

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