Sunday 9 September 2012

The Truth About Butterflies, Anne Brooke

Another short, yet fine LGBT read by one of my favourites, Anne Brooke.

- Review by Kazza K

The Truth About Butterflies consists of  two individual stories combined in one book. It is an LGBT short work. Mostly when I review LGBT it's for male/male romance/erotica, or fiction. This time it's female/female, and that's refreshing. I don't know that the same size market exists for female eroticism or fiction as does for men, there are reasons for that, but that's not the point here. The point  to me is that it's been a long time since I can remember reading about two women that are main characters being together sexually, F/F is usually a throw away, or used for some add-on titillation. I'm not saying the books aren't out there, it's just that they haven't crossed my path much. That's a shame because, when it comes to sexuality and sex, I'm very open. And when it comes to something well written I just enjoy it.

This is not a very long ebook, but it's really inexpensive, so, while the two stories are very short, it's Anne Brooke. She does short very well, she does long well too :) However, not as many people can write short and make it feel longer, if you catch my drift.

Butterfly Girl

I laughed as I read this one, because of the social media aspect of the story, how it does intrude on relationships. Then again, it also allows people to meet others, as it does the two MCs, Abi and Tina. Abi is bored, gets a new computer, Bill, the husband, is not as attentive, Abi gets caught up online....meets Tina; who says all the right things, God where are you Tina? Seriously, there are days when I want my very own Tina.

After a rough day at the office -

Hi there, just back from work, DREADFUL day, don't ask! Abi typed. How are you?

A few moments passed and then came Tina's reply: Poor you, so sorry to hear that. I'm fine, babe, but tell me what happened. I want to know.....Tina typed: You sound so rough. Would you like some gentle kisses?

Ahh. Music to another woman's ears!! And, really, that is what I got most out of this book. How nice it is to have someone who listens, cares and takes the time....everywhere

This book is cyber conversation and cyber sex, and yet it's lovely, sexy and warm.
Truth or Dare

Suzie and Kate are good friends. They are out for a few drinks together when Kate creates an opportunity to let Suzie know something about herself, something that may go one way or the other, but she goes for it anyway as she'd like to know. Kate wants to be with Suzie sexually and hopes it can come to fruition.  Both women have something private to share during their own reveal in 'truth.' I like the fact that neither woman spoke disdainfully of their respective partner's, and, yet, both women want to share something more together. Kate's married, Suzie's engaged (both to men). These facts do not bother me and I found this little story real, sexy and also engaging. When Suzie asks Kate what her 'truth' is

'All right.' Kate pauses....'The biggest regret I have is this: in all the time I've known you, I've never seen your breasts, or touched them. I'd like to do both.'

Suzie takes her glass, places it to one side. She gets up and stretches out her hand to Kate. 'Please,' she says, 'come home with me.'

I would like to read more LGBT literature featuring women. I hope I have the opportunity to do so, as I don't think same sex attracted females/lesbians get a good deal when it comes to erotic books, works of fiction, or movies for that matter. I feel Anne Brooke gives them a lovely voice here in the Truth About Butterflies.


  1. Gosh, thanks so much, Karen - really appreciate this! :))


    1. You are most welcome, Anne. I truly enjoyed a change of pace, and, as I said, I'm open in my reading. I believe in sexual equality, freedom, and fluidity. You always write an interesting, well thought out story (or two). Without generalising, the characters' voices/action/feelings in this book were so very female.