Thursday, 6 September 2012

An Evening at the Starlight, Brita Addams

A short but poignant read. Brita Addams has written a really beautiful story.

- Review by Kazza K

I stumbled across this book because I looked back at a couple of reviews I'd written previously, to see what else some of these writers had out that I might like. I noticed this short ebook and it sounded nice.

John and Chrisite's marriage has hit a brick wall, Christie cheated 2 years ago when John was overseas in Iraq. Understandably he's hurt, struggling to get through the pain of betrayal. Yet, he still loves his wife, his childhood sweetheart, wants to be with her, wants his marriage back on track again -

I know she's sorry - God. she's said it every day with everything she does for me...

If someone has been hurt by cheating in a relationship the person hurt often wants to move on with their partner but feels stupid or weak for not leaving, for still wanting to try to make the marriage work again. That's certainly the case here with John in relation to his feelings about Christie and their marriage. He loves her but is in limbo not wanting to leave but not knowing how to make it work again.

I can't bring myself to leave her, even if we live like this for the rest of our lives....My hands itch to grab her, hold her, and screw her brains out until we both forget, but I can't

One night, after Chrisie tries to reach out again, to be physical with John and John can't allow himself to, he heads out for some thinking space. He ends up at his "little haven", aka his local bar, the Starlight. Bud, the owner, knows John and knows about John and Christies' troubles. Bud is a wise man and rather than giving John the usual marital 'advice' he proceeds to tell John a story of enduring love, sadness and, most important of all, something that John can relate back to his own current situation and life.

The story that Bud tells is set duing WW2 and is about Royal and Doe, who are very much in love, the kind you know lasts forever, if allowed. It is painted beautifully by Brita Addams. They were in love during another time, another period of war and the relevance of their lives and what John is going through is not lost on the teller of the story and the listener. I don't want to say anymore because reading this story is a joy.

I recommend you read the dedication and note from the author at the beginning; that alone had me tearing up. I can't believe that no-one has rated this book. Having now read it I can't believe that this ebook seems to have slipped through the literary cracks, and escaped the notice of readers. It may be short but it's beautiful.

An Evening at the Starlight is very romantic, but there is no great, sweeping declarations of love, no sex, no antagonists, no earth shattering moments between characters. It's a quiet, graceful ebook that is about life, love, forgiveness, knowing that we may not always get another chance with someone that we care about, and letting the people we love know that we do in fact love them; mistakes and all. Highly recommended reading.

An Evening at the Starlight

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