Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Center, Sean Michael

I do not always love the books I read. For every book I love there are 3 that I don't or haven't reviewed. I reviewed Center for feedback, it could/should have been better, IMO.

- Review by Kazza K



I'm not going to rate this book because I would not rate it well. Center is the amalgamation of two books - The Center of Earth and Sky and Painting The Desert. The second part was slightly, and I do mean slightly, more meaningful. However, both have big problems with dialogue -

"Oh...." "I need..."Love." included.

Which never made any sense, a couple of times, OK, after that....NO! I kept thinking "finish the fucking sentence."

I get really ticked off when people call erotica porn. This book is what gives people that idea, and that angers me. Erotica is storytelling with sex, and the people I read mostly write beautiful, fun-filled, exciting, interesting, sci-fantasy, paranormal, shocking, even literary books. Some of my favourites are in this very genre. Sean Michael had a chance here to write something really lovely but he didn't, he copped out, in my opinion, and wrote what amounts to porn. By the way? I'm not against porn, believe me, but I want to watch porn not read a script, albeit a long script.

Raine, Grey and Whit seem like nice characters, but none were fleshed out much. They could have been really memorable, this book could have been ethereal. The prologue is one of the most interesting pieces of writing I've read, otherworldly, with a transmundane feel. I thought we may just go somehwere new, different. But. No. It just went into sex scene after sex scene - fuck, eat, sleep, fuck whilst eating, sleep fucking, fuck fucking, and eat, sleep, fucking some more.

On GR the reason I didn't rate this book was I would have rated it at 1 star, and I fought with that because of the prologue and the time spent in the desert, and, well, I did finish it after all. 

If you like a LOT of menage sex, twincest, just sex in general, food with your sex, sex with your food, and minimal dialogue - here's your book!

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