Monday, 3 September 2012

Once in a Blue Moon, Kimberly Hunter

This book and I got along really well. It ticked all the right boxes for me. Small, sweet 'n' sexy.

- Review by Kazza K

You know how sometimes you just read a book and it clicks with you? You're in the mood for something and for some reason, maybe lots of little ones, it just tickles your fancy?

Well, that happened for me with Once in a Blue Moon. It just ticked some boxes I needed ticking and it just pushed some of the buttons I had exposed at the time.

I needed something short, and it's short, something sweet, and it's sweet, something sexy, and it's sexy, something with nice MC's, and they were. I liked Nikolas and Devon. It is a short read so there wan't lots of shifter info - but I didn't want that. It was just right for me and my mood.

Devon was a take charge guy, Nikolas needed someone to take charge and help him understand his cat nature, what it was to really be a shifter; and a mate as well. Neither of them wanted to be alone anymore - one was scared, one had just about given up - then they found each other.

I just kept going "aww" I also felt the heat between them so it was an interesting combination of "aww" and "mmm, mmm" going on in tandem :)

Once in A Blue Moon is a really nice little ebook that I recommend for something short, sweet, and sexy.


  1. Thank you, hon! Nik and Devon were a joy to write. Glad you enjoyed their journey. Maybe one day, I'll write a follow up. ;)


    Kimberly Hunter

    1. I did enjoy them. They were so nice together. A follow up? No complaints here :))