Friday, 20 July 2012

Pure Sex, D J Manly


Think I just found another great writer in one of my favourite genres. Loved this book.

- Review by Kazza K

Second D J Manly ebook in twenty four 24 hours for me and I'm totally impressed.  The writing is quite concise yet conveys real feelings.

Pure sex is about Lance, an escort of sorts, who signs a contract with older, rich men to be their sexual partner for a stipulated time period; with the understanding that he provides his service with no love attached. In return he has life's luxuries and comforts come his way. It's all quite official and detached, as Lance does not think much of love and its associated problems. His contract has worked well enough before with an older gentleman, Freddy, who has recently died. Now Lance has to move on and Freddy had suggested Jackson Scott as a potential candidate for Lance's particular skillset and requirements.

Jackson Scott likes attractive men and likes Lance's proposition of sexual favours for a nice lifestyle in return; after all Lance is a very attractive and sexual man. Contract done, but Lance gets a lot more than he bargained for. Jackson is all about partying hard and owning his contracted boy-toy's arse, he makes Jackson feel like a whore and gets him to do anyone, anyway, anytime he likes. All except Jackson's favourite employee and more than occasional favourite Top, Tobias.

Tobias Naso gets paid well by Jackson, needs the money to help care for his sick grandmother who raised Tobias and his sister, Marina. Tobias well and truly earns his money looking after all and sundry - from making sure Jackson gets his orange juice on time, to helping with company work problems, and partying with those Jackson finds it amusing for him to party with.

I liked this book on several fronts. First the sex is just wow, and there are no restrictions/limits. These guys fuck around. Jackson has the money and the ability to have gorgeous men around him and he does so. He makes no excuses for utilising his wealth for what he wants.

Second, I liked the reality of the situation. Lance feels he has control, he doesn't. The man with the money, the house, the lifestyle always calls the shots, no matter how much Lance may feel otherwise. Toby and Jackson clearly highlight this point when Toby discusses his growing feelings about Lance to Jackson -

Toby "I'm not his type. I can't keep him in the lifestyle he's been accustomed." Jackson "And I can, so I win."

Lance's situation becomes complicated because he starts to feel something for Tobias. The feelings are reciprocated, but there is angst attached. Lance is not at all certain what love feels like and doesn't know how to proceed, Tobias feels claustrophobic, caught between his loyalty to Jackson, need to take care of his grandmother, and feelings for Lance. Jackson just plays the men and has a bit of fun.

I actually liked all the main players in this book. Whilst the writing was nice and simple the characters were anything but. They were multi-layered. Yes, it's easy to dislike Lance because of his mostly detached, arrogant manner, but I found him sympathetic. He did not have a track record of ripping off his partners and his childhood was not nice and shiny. Jackson is who he is, if I could have gorgeous bodies around me whenever I wanted I might just do that too. Tobias is a very likeable character stuck in a 'better the devil you know' kind of situation. Tobias added a much understood, human element into the mix.

The only thing that let this book down was the end. In spite of the positive outcome it was rushed. Pure Sex is a steamy read with really interesting characters. Highly recommended.


  1. Thank you so much. I am pleased and humbled that you like my work.

    D.J. Manly

    1. You're very welcome. I've only read two of your books and thoroughly enjoyed them both. It seems there is a fair sized catalogue of your works out there. I have now bought several more on the back of Pure Sex and The Pro. I look forward to reading them shortly.



    2. The Pro and Pure Sex are really old in Publishing has my newer stuff...You might like the Melting Ice series at Mojocastle...

      Yep. I've been around awhile!
      lol D.J.

    3. I don't mind when they're written, just that I like them. You were spot on though, I had bought Melting Ice. It's my next book to read, the series sounded right up my alley when I read the official blurb. I also bought My Father's Lover, sounded interesting/quirky.
      I'm glad you've been around awhile, gives me a few books to read. I've been around awhile too :)